Citroen C5 (X7) – fuse and relay

Citroen C5 (X7) presents the 2nd generation of the C5 model range. Generation 2 was produced in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. We present information on fuses and relay for Citroen C5 for two generations with a detailed description of all circuits. Let’s show the cigarette lighter fuse.

Citroen C5 x7

The purpose of the elements in the boxes may differ from the one presented.

Engine compartment

The two main boxes are indicated in the figure.

arrangement of blocks under the hood c5 2nd generation

Main box – PSF1

Photo – diagram of the upper part

photo block diagram


  • F1  20A Multifunctional electric motor control
  • F2  15A Buzzer
  • F3  10A Front / rear washer pump
  • F4  10A Headlight washer pump
  • F5  15A Fuel pump
  • F6  10A Air flow meter – cornering lighting – dynamic headlight adjustment module – diagnostic socket
  • F7  10A Shift lever lock actuator control relay automatic transmission – computer and electro-hydraulic unit automatic transmission – electro-hydraulic power steering
  • F8  20A / 25A Starter control
  • F9  10A Two functional contact of the brake system – clutch pedal limit switch
  • F10  30A Control of the multifunctional electric motor (EW10A – fuse for the solenoid valve for purging the gasoline vapor canister)
  • F11  40A Front climate control system blower
  • F12  30A Windscreen wiper
  • F13  40A Intelligent service module
  • F14  30A Not used
  • F15  10A Right high beam headlamp
  • F16  10A Left high beam headlamp
  • F17  15A Left low beam headlamp
  • F18  15A Right low beam headlamp
  • F19  5A Multifunctional motor control
  • F20  15A Multifunctional motor control
  • F21  10A Multifunctional motor control (coolant fan relay fuse)

photo – diagram of additional elements (side)

photo diagram of the additional block


MF1  50A Block engine cooling fan (for DT17 – 20A injector additional heating – Climate control – fog lamp)
MF2  80A diet (BFH5 and BFH12)
MF3  80A mechanism of the electric steering amplifier (for DT17 50A block electrofan)
MF4  80A diet BSI
MF5  80A ESP power
MF6  40A ESP power
MF7  20A Active suspension with adjustable damping
MF8  80A BSI power

Additional box – BFDB

It is located near the battery. To get to it, you need to remove the battery and release the 2 latches on the sides. It contains high power fuses.

battery pack

  • F1 40A – Suspension Pump
  • F2 70A – Pre-post – heating
  • F3 60A – Electro fan 2
  • F4 80A – Relay protection blocking module 3
  • F5 30A – Trailer

On the right is yellow, in more detail:

battery block-2

  • F6 25A – 12V sockets
  • F7 15A – Fog lights
  • F8 20A – Additional heating of injectors (diesel)
  • F9 30A – Electric handbrake

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

They are located in the same way as in the first generation, on the left in the dashboard and consists of 3 separate elements: BSI1, BH12, BFH1

Photo of the block in the cabin Citroen C5 2 generation


General scheme c5 2nd generation


Box BSI1

F1  15A Rear wiper (station wagon)
F2  30A Relay for locking and super locking door locks
F3  5A Airbags
F4  10A Automatic transmission control – Protection blocking module 3 relays – Self-dimming rearview mirrors
F5  30A Front windows – Sunroof – Driver’s door control panel
F6  30A Rear power windows
F7  5A Glove box lighting – Front and rear lights – Front and rear directional lights – Vanity mirror
F8  20A – Car radio – CD changer – Tire
pressure monitoring system – Power boot lid processor
F9  30A – Cigarette lighter – Front 12V socket
F10  15A – Alarm – Steering wheel keypad, lights and wiper switches
F11  15A Ignition switch
F12  15A – Driver’s seat adjustment memory – Instrument panel – Seat belt warning display – System calculator air conditioning
F13  5A service panel – engine compartment fuse module PSF1 – airbag calculator – Air conditioning control panel
F14 15A – Hands-free kit – Hi-Fi amplifier – Parking aid – Passenger seat adjustment memory unit – Trailer switch unit –  Rain / light level sensor – Side path monitoring
F15 30A Lock and super lock relay for door locks
F17  40A Rear window with Heated – Heated Mirrors


The fuse number 9 – 30A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Box BH12

  • G29  not used
  • G30  5A Heated mirrors
  • G31  5A Precipitation / light level sensor
  • G32  5A Seat belt not wearing indicator
  • G33  5A Anti-dazzle door mirrors
  • G34  20A Sunroof blind (sedan)
  • G35  5A Unit for lighting and storing the position of the outside mirror of the passenger
  • G36  30A Electric boot lid (station wagon)
  • G37  20A Heated front seats OR 25A Electrically controlled driver’s seat – driver’s seat adjustment memory unit
  • G38  30 A Power driver’s seat OR 25A Heated driver’s seat
  • G39  40A – Power Passenger Seat – Hi-Fi Amplifier
  • G40  3A Trailer switch box

Box BFH1

G36  15A Automatic gearbox AM6 / 30A Automatic gearbox AL4
G37  10A – Daytime running lights – OBD2 connector
G38  3A ESP system
G39  10A Electro-hydraulic suspension
G40  3A Brake pedal contact

If you have something to add – write in the comments.

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  • X7 3L HDI Maxifuse for Suspension Pump in PSF1 – MF3
    X7 3L HDI is not maxifuse Suspension in BFDB

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