BMW X2 F39 (2016 – 2022) fuse and relay

The BMW X2 F39 represents the 1st generation of the BMW X2 model range, which was produced in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022. In this post we will present a description of the fuses and relays of the BMW X2 F39 with fuse box diagrams, their locations and photo examples of execution. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

BMW X2 F39

The purpose of fuses and relays may differ from those presented and depend on the year of manufacture and the level of electrical equipment of your car.

Passenger compartment

Fuse and relay box

Inside the car, the main box with fuses and relays is located behind the glove compartment, on the passenger side.





30 –
31 –
3240A Body Domain Controller
3440A Fan output stage
3550A Body Domain Controller
375A Parking brake button
385A Siren with tilt sensor
395A Roof function center
405A Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
415A Instrument cluster control unit
425A Remote control receiver
4330A Roof Function Center
4420A Right headlight
4530A without electromechanical parking brake: Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
40A with electromechanical parking brake: Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
465A Natural vacuum leak detection
4730A 2015–2016: Longitudinal torque distribution.
20A 2016-2022: Left headlight
4830A Selective Catalytic Regeneration (SCR) Control Unit
495A Electric exhaust flap, electric auxiliary heater control electronics No. 2
505A Radiator shutter actuator, catalytic converter sensor (except PHEV)
515A Fan Base
525A Electrochromic interior rear view mirror
535A Automatic air recirculation control (AUC) sensor
545A Electromechanical power steering
554A Reversing camera, parking assistant
565A Longitudinal Torque Distribution, Vehicle Sound Generator (PHEV), Vehicle Sound Generator No.2 (PHEV)
5810A Steering column switch
595A Camera-based driver assistance system
605A Additional optional system
6120A Head unit (radio or navigation system)
625A Front interior lighting, rain light, solar condensation sensor, vanity mirror lighting, third row interior lighting, trim strip lighting, interior trim lighting, door trim lighting
6320A Trailer socket
6520A Front cigarette lighter (12V socket), socket (under glove box)
6620A Electric fuel pump control electronics
677.5A 2015–2017: Outside mirror (front passenger)
5A 2017–2022: Outside mirror (front passenger)
685A Touchbox, controller (CON), USB hub, USB charging connector No. 3
697.5A 2015-2017: Outside mirror (switch block – driver’s door)
5A 2017-2022: Outside mirror (switch block – driver’s door)
705A Luggage compartment light, glove box light, rear lid button on the inside of the rear lid
717.5A Instrument cluster control unit
725A Electric fan cut-out relay
5A Fan >400W: Built-in power module
7310A Driver’s Seat Back Adjustment (Valve Block), Driver’s Lumbar Support Valve Block, Driver’s Seat Back Width Adjustment Switch
747.5A Gasoline (TU): Turbocharger coolant pump
7510A Front passenger seat backrest adjustment (valve block), passenger lumbar support valve block, passenger seat backrest width adjustment switch
765A 2015–2017: Front interior lighting
7710A Nitrogen Oxide Sensor Downstream Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Converter
7815A Selective Catalytic Regeneration (SCR) Control Unit
795A Base, Wireless Charging Accessory Tray, Wireless Charging Accessory Tray Antenna Booster
805A Front interior lighting
8115A Electronic transmission control
825A Selector level (gear switch)
835A 2015–2016: Digital engine electronics.
7.5A 2016–2022: Digital engine electronics.
845A with manual transmission: clutch module
5A with dual clutch transmission: dual clutch transmission control unit, dual clutch transmission relay.
855A Electrochromic interior rear view mirror
905A Automatic tailgate release
9210A Optional optional system
9420A Remote control electronics for seat back release
9530A Seat adjustment switch block, front passenger side
9610A Trunk/tailgate lock
975A Auxiliary control unit
1005A PHEV: high voltage battery pack
1015A ID Reader, Car Sharing Module (CSM)
10320A Right headlight
10420A Left headlight
10740A 2015-2017: Automatic tailgate release.
40A 2017-2022: Rear door function module
10830A 2020-2022: Rear door function module
1095A Bistable relay
1105A Bistable relay
111Bistable relay
11310A PHEV (2015-2016): Pressurized Fuel Tank Control Module
1155A PHEV: convenient charging electronics
11920A trailer module
12020A trailer module
1217.5A USB charging port #4
1225A PHEV: gas generator with safety battery terminal
1235A PHEV: electric air conditioning compressor, additional electric heater
12410A PHEV: Electrical Machine Electronics
12730A Electronic driver’s seat heater (basic version), driver’s seat module (High version)
12830A Electronically heated front passenger seat
12930A Hi-Fi amplifier
13010A Petrol: Coolant pump 2 in low temperature coolant circuit
13130A Longitudinal torque distribution, transmission oil pump (PHEV)
13220A Socket under armrest, rear socket (2015-2018), socket in trunk

Fuse number 65 at 20A is responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter.

Individual relay elements can be installed outside this box.

Fuse box

Another fuse box is located on the rack, under the instrument panel.




  1. 30A Electric windows (passenger)
  2. 30A Electric windows (driver’s side – rear)
  3. 20A Door lock (front passenger)
  4. 30A Electric windows (driver)
  5. 30A Heated rear window
  6. 30A Power window (passenger side – rear)
  7. 30A Door lock (driver)
  8. 5A Lighting control panel, steering column switch combination, driver assistance system control panel with hazard warning light switch
  9. 7.5A Diagnostic connector
  10. 7.5A Diagnostic Connector (2014-2015), Heating/Air Conditioning System, Rear Door Function Module (2017-2021)
  11. 5A Analysis of the electronics for contactless opening of the rear door, telematic communication unit, electronic module of the external door handle (driver/passenger)
  12. 15A Horn

Check the purpose of the elements with your information located on the brochure in the fuse and relay box or other technical documentation.

Table with purpose from fusecard


Engine compartment

Power fuse box

Next to the battery is a high power fuse box (2), which is attached to its positive terminal.



Diagram 2


400250A Front Junction Box
40160A Fan → 400W: Electrical fan cut-out relay
80A 600W Fan: Electric fan cut-off relay
125A 800W Fan: Electric fan cut-off relay
402125A Electromechanical power steering
40350A →06.18: Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
60A 18.07→: Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
404125A Body Domain Controller
405100A Front Electric Auxiliary Heater
40640A Diesel: fuel filter heating
40A Steptronic Dual Clutch: Dual Clutch Transmission Relay
60A Control electronics for electric auxiliary heater in the engine compartment

Built-in power module

Additional power modules contain fuses and relays. If one of the fuses or one of the relays is faulty, the entire integrated power module must be replaced.



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