BMW 2 F44 (2020 – 2024) fuse and relay

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe F44 was produced in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024. In our material we will present a description of the fuses and relays of the BMW 2 F44 with fuse box diagrams, their locations and photographs. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

BMW 2 F44

The purpose of the fuses and relays may differ from those shown and depends on the year of manufacture and the level of electrical equipment of your car.

Fuse box

The fuse compartment is installed in the BDC (Body Domain Controller) electronic control unit, which is mounted on the right pillar, under the passenger compartment trim on the right side of the passenger.

Location bmw 1


Photo 2


Diagram 3


  1. 5A Steering column switch box, front center air vent, audio control panel, lighting control unit, head unit
  2. 7.5A Diagnostic socket, electronic ride height control, vertical dynamics platform
  3. 7.5A Heating/air conditioning system, tailgate function module, rain/light/ sun/condensation sensor
  4. 5A Passenger Side Outer Door Handle Electronic Module, Driver Side Rear Door Outer Handle Electronic Module, Rear Passenger Side Outer Door Handle Electronic Module, Power Control Unit, Telematics Unit
  5. 20A Lock Relay, Unlock Relay (Doors, Fuel Cap)
  6. 20A Driver’s Door Lock Relay, Lockout Relay (Driver’s Door Lock, Front Passenger’s Door Lock, Driver’s Side Rear Door Lock, Rear Passenger’s Side Door Lock, Fuel Door Central Lock Actuator)

Fuse and relay box

Inside the car, behind the back cover of the glove compartment, is the main fuse and relay box.

Location of fuse box bmw 1 f40




Check the assignment of the fuses and relays with your diagram, which is located on the fuse card or other technical documentation.

fuse card


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