Bmw E30 – fuse and relay

BMW E30 is the second generation of the BMW 3 Series. Produced in 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and station wagons even before 1993. We will tell you where the fuses are in the BMW E30. Let’s present a diagram of the main relay and fuse box with a description of the purpose.

red BMW E30

Engine compartment fuse box

The fuse box (junction box) with spare fuses, relays and plastic tweezers is located in the engine compartment on the left, near the windshield.

fuse box location
Remove the fuse box cover and use plastic tweezers to pull out the fuse that is not working. A blown fuse may appear as a melted streak inside the clear plastic cover and must be replaced.

Never try to repair a blown fuse. If the fuse blows repeatedly, then there is a malfunction in the wiring or electrical appliances.

photo block fuses


general circuit of fuses bmw e30


1.7.5 Left high beam headlamp
2. 7.5 Right high beam headlamp
3. 15 Additional fan motor for the engine cooling system (at low speed)
4. 15 Direction indicators
5. 25 (30) Wiper, washer and headlamp wiper motors
6. 7.53 Brake light bulbs. Programmable speed controller (cruise control)
7. 15 Sound signals
8. 25 (30) 2 Rear window heating element
9. 7.5 (15) Electric equipment of carburetor engines. or Reversing lamps. (Electrical equipment of carburetor engines. Reverse light lamps. Indicator of the engaged gear of an automatic transmission)
10.7.5 Control devices. On-board computer or Control devices. On-board computer. Reversing lamps
11. 15 Electric fuel pump. Electric motor fuel injection pump
12. 15 Radio. Onboard control system. Control devices
13.7.5 Left dipped beam
14.7.5 Right dipped headlight 15.7.5 Rear lights (fog lamps)
16. 15 Driver’s seat heating element 17.25 (30) 2 Electric sunroof
18.30 Electric motor of the additional fan of the engine cooling system (at operating speed)
19.15 (30) 2 Electric motor and heating element for the outside rear-view mirror
20. 30 Heater fan electric motor. Air conditioning system
21.7.5 Interior lighting lamps. Glove box lighting lamp. Portable lamp. Clock. Radio receiver (station memory device). On-board computer
22. 7.5 Side light bulbs in the left headlight, left rear light 23. 7.5 Side light bulbs in the right headlight, right tail light. Instrument lighting lamps. License plate lights
24. 15 Direction indicators in alarm mode
25. Reserved
26. Reserved
27. 25-30 Locking system. Heating elements for door locks. Anti-theft system Door lock system. Heating elements for door locks. Anti-theft system. On-board computer buzzer 28.25
(30) 2Cigarette lighter . Antenna electric drive. Additional heater motor
29.7.5 Left fog lamp
30.7.5 Right fog lamp


  1. Normal speed relay / standby;
  2. Sound signal;
  3. High beam relay;
  4. Low beam relay;
  5. Unused;
  6. High speed relay / standby;
  7. Reserve;
  8. Fog lamp relay;
  9. Reserve;
  10. Wiper.

Additional Information

Video about replacing the fuse on BMW E30 (3 series).

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  • thank you your website is all i can say ,i have had a BMWE30 for over thirty three years and am in the middle of bringing it back up to A1 standard your information has been priceless to a novice like my self would you be in a position to tell me exactly what new relay will fit in K4 low beam relay and k8 fog light relay and were i can get them ,im also trying to find a seat cover in 0149 piniengrun thank you for all your help

  • Where is the seat heater relay? Is it K5 = called “Unloader Relay”? Is 16 at 15 A the heated seat fuse?

    • Hi do u know how many relays r in a bmw e30 325 I fuse box plus in size car and where can I get all of them thanks

  • Hello!
    I have a 1990 BMW 325i, e30. All of my windows stopped working without any warning signs. I was hoping it might be a fuse and not the motor. Would you kindly advise? I could not find a fuse for this.
    Thank you,

    • check the electric override switch next to the gear stick (makes sure its pushed in first, if its pushed out it disconnects them) – mine also stopped working and it turned out the wires had detached from the underside of the switch (remove switch by removing the gear stick gater and then pushing the entire switch out from underneath)

  • hi, we have a 1989 e-30 325 i with inline 6. the engine turns over but does not start. it appears the fuel pump is not working. we replaced the relay, however the fuel pump still does not run.
    i removed the relay and put a wire between the contacts to try and hot wire the fuel pump but no luck. but could the fuse also be shot? Is this fuse #11 in the fuel panel?

    • I have bmw e30 restoration wireing loom is in but can’t get power to fuse 11 for fuel pump

  • the fuse for the windows is located on the dashboard above the radio, it is a button that you push in and out, 3inches long about a inch and a half wide

  • I have a 1990 325i cabrio m20b25, i have an issue with my electrical across the board. I want to replace all the relays fuses grounds and starting and charging systems. How many of each relay type do i need i cant find a list anywhere and am missing casings as well as several of the relays entirely. I need to have this done asap as the car is my daily. Please help

  • Is the k5 relay slot needed to have motor run 1984 318 i
    There are two k5 slots marked on cover

  • Someone could give me the Fuel Pump Relay Map for a E30 323i 1.984 model? Is the relay that goes out of the fuse box to the left covered by a black cap. Help will be highly appreciated.

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