BMW E46 fuse and relay

In our article you can familiarize yourself with the locations of the relay and fuse boxes of the BMW E46 3 series with a designation of the circuits and their location. The BMW E46 Sedan is the fourth generation of BMW’s third series and was produced in the years 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.

photo bmw 46

The assignment of fuses and relays may differ from that shown, depending on the year of manufacture and the level of electrical equipment.





1A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay – behind the dash, right
2Air conditioner electronic control unit
3Sunlight sensor (air conditioning system)
4Antenna Signal Booster – Rear Pillar
5Aerial amplifier – Luggage compartment LH – Convertible
6Antenna signal amplifier – under the rear spoiler – station wagon
7Side impact sensor – from the driver’s side, under the seat (under the mat)
8Side impact sensor – on the passenger side, under the seat (under the mat)
9Vehicle tilt sensor (anti-theft system) – right side of the luggage compartment
10Anti-theft alarm horn – intake system resonator
11Anti-theft control unit (with volume control) – ceiling panel
12Anti-theft system switch, bonnet – engine compartment, right rear part – in the mounting block
13Audio Output Amplifier – Behind Rear Left Trim Panel – Convertible
14Audio Output Amplifier – Luggage Compartment Left
15Additional heater control unit
16Battery – engine compartment, rear right side – 4 cyl. engines
17Accumulator battery – the right side of the luggage compartment -6cyl. engines / Diesel
18Tailgate / Tailgate Opener Switch – Lower LH Protection Panel
19Convertible roof cover motor relay – behind dashboard, right
20Folding roof control unit – behind the rear left trim panel
21Convertible Roof Actuator Relay – Luggage Compartment LH
22Diagnostic connector (DLC)
23Diagnostic connector (DLC) – behind the dashboard, near the steering column (05/00 ^)
24Rearview mirror control unit, driver’s side
25Rearview mirror control unit, passenger side
26Control unit for folding mirrors – behind the glove compartment
27Fuse / relay box, engine compartment – in mounting block
28Fuse / relay box, instrument panel 1 – in glove compartment
29Fuse / relay box, instrument panel 2-behind glove compartment
30Fuse / relay box, instrument panel 3 behind glove compartment
31Headlight washer control unit – behind the dashboard, right
32Heated Rear Window Relay – Luggage Compartment Right, Front
33Heated Rear Window Relay 1 – Behind Right Rear Trim Panel – Convertible
34Heated Rear Window Relay 2 – Behind Rear Right Trim Panel – Convertible
35Heater Fan Relay – Behind Center Console
36Beep 1
37Beep 2
38Electronic immobilizer control unit – near the steering column
39Immobilizer ring antenna – near the ignition switch
40Instrument cluster control unit – behind the dash
41Lighting control unit – functions: Alarm relay, light switch, indicator relay, instrument cluster illumination rheostat
42Multifunction switch assembly
43Multifunctional control unit – behind the glove compartment – functions: Anti-theft system, rearview mirror with auto-dimming, audio system, central locking, power windows, warning lamps, interior lighting lamps, electronic control unit SRS, rear dimensions, sequential manual transmission, wiper / washer windshield
44Navigation control unit – luggage compartment left
45Navigation aerial – behind the instrument cluster
46Parking system control unit – right side of luggage compartment
47Parking Assist Buzzer – Front Left Legroom
48Rain sensor
49Additional fuses – luggage compartment – on the suspension cup
50Power seat control unit – under the seat, driver’s side
51Power Seat Control Unit – Underseat, Passenger Side
52Exhaust air pump relay – behind the right side of the dashboard
53Control unit for electric sunroof-roof panel
54SRS control unit – under the carpet
55Body height sensor (front), front right wheel arch corrector
56Body height sensor (rear), corrected rfar – rear right wheel arch
57Phone interface control unit – under center console, rear
58Trailer control unit – right side of luggage compartment
59Transmission electronic control unit – engine compartment – in the mounting block
60Tire pressure monitor control unit – behind the glove compartment
61Vehicle speed sensor – right rear wheel speed sensor
62Windshield washer nozzle temperature sensor – under the bottom (front)

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

It is located in the glove box (glove compartment) in front of the front passenger. Unscrew the corresponding screws to access.

BMW e46 fuses

Below you should find documentation with an accurate description of the location of your fuses. Something like this:

fuse list



5(5A) Horn relay
6(5A) Vanity mirror lamps, convertible roof control module
7(5A) Convertible roof switch, navigation control unit, audio output amplifier, multifunction display, telephone, audio system
8(5A) Sequential manual gearbox – M3
9(5A) Steering wheel controls – cruise control, brake light switch (brake pedal position sensor), multifunction control module, light switch, clutch pedal position sensor
10(5A) Instrument panel
11(5A) SRS electronic control module, power seat, seat belt warning system security
12(7.5A) Multifunction switch assembly
13(7.5A) Roll arc control module
14(5A) Immobilizer control module, automatic transmission shift lock switch
15Rain sensor, rear window wiper / washer
22(5A) Sequential manual gearbox – M3
23(5A) Coolant pump motor – Diesel
24(5A) Auto dimming interior rearview mirror, parking aid control module
25(5A) Power door mirror (passenger side), temperature switch (heated windscreen washer nozzles)
26(5A) Garage door remote control system
27(10A) Reverse lamp (s) relay, gearshift sensor
28(5A) A / C control module, A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay
29(5A) ECM, ignition coil relay
30(7.5A) Alternator, engine oil level sensor, diagnostic connector -16-pin
31(5A) Tire pressure monitor control module
32(5A) Light switch, headlamp control unit – left (xenon headlights), headlamp control unit – right (xenon headlights)
33(5A) Multifunction switch, ABS-with ASC electronic control unit, steering wheel position sensor
34(5A) Instrument panel
35(50A) Retractable roof motor relay
36(50A) Exhaust air pump relay
37(50A) Cooling fan motor
38(10A / 15A) Fog lamp relay
39(5A) Telephone, voice synthesizer
40(5A) Selector lever lamp, steering wheel position sensor – DSC
41(30A) Multifunction display, audio output amplifier, CD changer, audio system, navigation system control unit
42(30A) Multifunction switch assembly
43(5A) Instrument cluster
44(20A) Trailer electrical connector
45(20A) Rear window wiper / washer
46(20A / 30A) Convertible roof control unit, sunroof control unit, convertible roof compartment lid motor relay
47(20A) BMW 3 e46 cigarette lighter fuse – front, bodywork connector
48(30A) Multifunction control module
49(5A) Multifunction control module, audio output amplifier
50(40A) A / C / heater blower motor switch
51(30A) Headlamp washer control module
52(30A) Multifunction control module
53(30A) ABS control module
54(15A / 20A) Fuel pump relay
55(15A) Horn relay
56(30A) ABS control module
57(5A) Control unit for folding mirrors, door mirror control unit (driver’s side), door mirror control unit (passenger side)
58(7.5A) Rear door actuator relay
59(30A) Windshield wiper motor relay
60(25A) Multifunction control module
61(30A) Electronic control unit DBS-DSC system
62(7.5A) Heater coolant regulator valve
63(7.5A) A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay
64(20A) Auxiliary heater control unit
65(30A) Driver’s seat adjustment switch block
67(5A) Electronic immobilizer control unit, interior rearview mirror with auto-dimming, anti-theft control unit (with volume control), vehicle tilt sensor (anti-theft system), anti-theft alarm horn
68(30A) Heated rear window relay
69(5A) Tire pressure monitor control module
70(30A) Passenger seat adjustment switch block
71(10A / 30A) Multifunction control module

The fuse number 47, 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

The following relays are also located behind the glove box:

1 – fuel pump relay, 2 – backup, 3 – fog lamp relay, 4 – horn relay.

Additional fuse

Behind Glovebox.

add fuse

Circuits protected

1015003.1998-09.1998: Electric fan
Fuse carrier, engine electronics (fuse No.5 (30A))
DME relay
Digital motor electronics control unit
SMG control unit
Fuse carrier, engine electronics (fuse No.5 (30A))
DME relay
Digital motor electronics control unit
Transmission control unit
BMS46, MS42: B+ terminal
ME9: B+ potential distributor
103Not used
104100Preheater relay
10550Ignition switch
Diagnosis plug
10650Ignition switch
Light switching centre control unit
10750Trailer module
Light switching centre control unit

Engine compartment fuse box

This box is located in the rear of the engine compartment, near the wipers.

block in e46


real photo of the e46 fuse box




1Electronic engine control unit
2Electronic gearbox control unit
3Windshield wiper motor relay
4Engine management system relay – petrol
5Engine Control Relay – Diesel
6Reversing light relay
F1(30A) Ignition coils – 320iс MS43 / 325i / 330i
F2(30A) Electronic engine control unit, reverse lamp (s) relay, gearbox electronic control unit – 316i / 318i
F3(20A) Mass air flow sensor, crankshaft position sensor, reverse lamp (s) relay, coolant thermostat, camshaft position sensor 1, camshaft position sensor 2 – 320i / 325i / 330i
F4(30A) Fuel pump relay, exhaust air pump relay, A / C compressor clutch relay – 316i / 318i / 330i
F5(30A) Ignition coil relay – 316i / 318i / 320i / 323i / 328i

Additional relays can be installed outside these boxes

Additional Information

If you have a question about how to get to the fuse box in the passenger compartment, watch this video.

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  • My key won’t start my 2004 325xi
    It just quit working. Key is recognized but no crank no start.
    Is there relays I should replace or a way to check them?

    • most likely your EWS/DME. you should have it reprogrammed. usually comes about with a change of starter or some sensitive parts. have that checked.

  • Actually your problem is the actual black cable that runs to the back of the car underneath it. If you get under your car from the rear and look right on top of Diff Centre bolted to tye underside of the car . You should see the cable running from the front of car to the back and right in that position you will see either a black or a white plastic protective casing around the cable, right on top of the Diff Centre. That supposed to protect the cable feom environmental rain or water being splashed up on to it. This over time wears, and so water finds itself into the protective casing causing the No Crank No Start.

  • @Haitham, what would be the recommended fix for that problem? I’m experiencing the same on my E46 320d.

  • Hi my bmw e46 318i it’s not closing the window on passenger door , but the rest window closed , what can be the problem?

  • Küsimus selles et üks päev lakkas minu e46 320d 2000a mingil mõjuval põhjusel paagisisene kütusepump töö sai ostetud uus aga ikka ei midagi .. Milles võiks asi olla ?

  • Buna ziua,aș avea nevoie de schema de pin data Connect BMW e46 cabrio facelift 318 ci 2.0 valvetronic ,mufa de la calculator motor fiecare pin in parte,ma-ți putea ajuta?🤕

  • 2001 bmw M3 won’t start…acted like it wasn’t getting any gas jus before it died…which n WHERE is the STARTER RELAY switch located???

  • My obd port under bonet have not power, under dashboard works good. Checked all fuses all good, any ideas what’s wrong. BMW318i 1999 e46. Please any help, my head twisted.

  • Hi I also have a no crank no start issue and the black box under the hood in the e box with the 5 fuses is give off abnormal voltage readings. Example:with ignition in position 2the first 30a fuse closest the the driver side panel shows a reading of 12v or what ever the battery voltage is at the time then the next 30a fuse fluctuates from 12v down to about 9v and back up constantly it does not stabilize then to 20a fuse in the middle shows a high reading. For instance if my battery voltage was to be at 11v that fuse would show 12v. Then the next 30a fuse shows a low reading. If battery at 12v this fues shows 10v and the last fuse closest to the passenger side shows a normal reading of what ever the battery level is at. Oh and the beamer I have is a 2004 bmw 330i E46 m54 auto gas. Before all of this I was trying to diagnose a oil leak so I took the air intake manifold off then after deciding I found where the leak was reinstalled everything the reverse of what I took off then tried to start and nothing. No crank no start code p2240 appeared. So took back apart thinking I maybe didn’t connect something. Put back together after finding no apparent problem. Then codes p1504 p1508 p1634. Replaced idle air control valve map sensor and intake manifold flap runner valve. Then tried and still no start no crank. Then learned had to do a relearn but car won’t start so how do I do that and which relearn do I d. Oh and also I have the big 50a fuse in the glove box fuse panel replaced because it had blown after the first initial tear down to find oil leak. So I cleared codes then p0123 p0222 p1625 p2127 p16A0 p1504 p01508 cleared codes now just p16A0 and p1634 are showing please help. My Launch crp123 check engine obd2 scanner abs srs code reader diagnostics scan tool should be in today so I can do proper relearn and better diag of codes .

  • Hi
    I have a 320ci Jan 2001 build and the DSC light and handbrake light are on and I can’t get them off. Checked fuses and relays all okay. Found yaw sensor not sure how to test it. Changed wheel speed sensors front.
    Any ideas please

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