BMW E38 – Fuse and Relay

BMW E38 is a car that provides the 3rd generation of the 7 series of BMW. This model was produced in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001. During this time, the car went through one restyling. We will consider the locations and a detailed description of the fuse boxes and relays Bmw e38 with diagrams.

BMW 7 E38

Engine compartment

This box is located on the right rear of the engine compartment.

 fuse box in the engine compartment e38

In the same place (on the plastic box) you can find up-to-date information on fuses for your model. We provide general information, which may differ and depends on the configuration and year of manufacture.




330A Wipers
430A Headlight cleaner + windshield washer
515A Signal (Horn)
620A Interior + running lights + windshield washer
77.5A Conditioning
830A Adjustable outside mirror + Central locking system + Electric window lifters
920A Auxiliary fan
1025A Automatic stability control
1115A Air conditioning + Auxiliary fan + Heated rear window + Heated windshield + Heated heater
1215A Steering column adjustment
1320A Steering Column Adjustment Control Unit
1530A Driver’s seat + steering column adjustment
1630A Heated passenger seat + sunblind
1710A Fuel Pump Relay №1, Switching Centre, ABS/ASC Control Unit, Steering Angle Sensor, Active Cruise Control (ACC) Control Unit, Charcoal Filter Valve, Fuel Changeover Circuit, Leakage Diagnosis Pump, Secondary Air Pump Relay, Control Unit for Electrically Heated Catalytic Converter
185A Instrument Cluster – Integrated Electronic Control Unit (IKE)
195A Unloader Relay Terminal 15
205A Air conditioning + Auxiliary fan + Heated rear window + Heated windshield + Heated heater
215A Garage Door Opening + Overhead [Jpn]
2210A Engine management
235A Dashboard shield + light module
245A Engine management, Digital Diesel Electronics (DDE) Control Unit, DDE Control Unit Relay
265A Signal + Dashboard + light module
275A Multifunctional Information Display
285A Radio control + Windshield wipers
2930A Central locking system + Window lift
3010A Heating washers + heated windscreen [w / 20]
3130A Adjustable outside mirror + Central locking system + Electric lift for windows
3230A Additional air conditioner fan
3325А ABS
3430A Auxiliary fan
3610A Steering wheel heating
385A Auxiliary fan
3915A Heated seats
405A –
415A Dashboard shield + light module
427.5A Charger socket (cigarette lighter)
435A Airbag
445A Immobilization
455A Airbag
465A Built-in Monitor + Radio + Phone
475A Multifunction steering wheel + multifunction information display
4810A Rear seat adjustment + Sliding curtain

The fuse number 42 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Passenger compartment

Relay box is located behind the glove box. Here are the relays for the fan, compressor and other elements.

Block with relay in saloon e38


Realy diagram


  • R1 – Headlight washer module
  • R2 – Keyless entry control unit
  • R3 – Boot lid/tailgate remote control
  • R4 – Cut-off relay
  • R5 – Heated windscreen relay, Heated washer jets
  • R6 – Not used
  • R7 – Additional cooling fan, stage 2
  • R8 – Additional cooling fan, stage 1
  • R9 – Additional cooling fan, stage 3

On right-hand drive models, a fuse box may be installed.


Luggage compartment

Fuse box is located on the right in the luggage compartment above the battery under the casing.

 photo of the fuse box and relay in the trunk of e38


фото блока предохранителей в багажнике е38


Diagram LC


R2Independent heater relay
R4Relay for main ignition circuits
R5Fuel pump relay
R6Heated rear window relay
49(15A) Independent ventilation system
50(15A) Independent heater
51(20A) Luke (Sunroof)
52(30A) BMW e38 cigarette lighter fuse
53(20A) Power rear seat
54(20A) 1997-2001: Trailer Socket
55(7,5A) Windshield wipers, power steering
56(15A) Anti-theft system
57(15A) Fuel pump
58(5A) Anti-theft system, central locking
59(30A) Heated rear window
61(20A) A / C blower motor – rear
62(5A) Interior rearview mirror
63(15A) Heated rear seat
64(5A) Parking system
65(15A) Suspension control system
66(5A) Cigarette lighter
68(5A) A / C blower motor – rear
69(30A) Navigation system, audio system
70(10A) Telephone
76(30A) Windscreen Defogger Relay №1
77(30A) Windscreen Defogger Relay №2

Fuse number 52 at 30A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

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  • There are relays in the e box! Please label those. I know where the wiper and abs relays are, but the 3 next to the fuses I’m not sure which those are.

  • I need to see 👀 all relay in BMW
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  • Hey i have bmw e38 740i v8 and i cant start cuz me fuse always die

    22 10A Engine management

    Do u have somethink to Help ?

  • are there fuses for the air bag electronics as my tell tale light is on indicating an air bag failure.

  • are there specific fuses for the air bag electronics as my telltale light is on indicating airbag problem

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