BMW X3 E83 (2003 – 2010) fuse and relay

The first generation BMW X3 was produced in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. This model was identified as E83. We offer you to get acquainted with the information about all relays and fuses bmw x3 e83 with a detailed description. Separately, we note the cigarette lighter fuse.

X3 E83

Engine compartment

Fuse box is located on the left, at the end of the engine compartment. Protected by a lid. Access fittings are shown in the picture.


relay in the engine compartment


1Electronic engine control unit
2Electronic gearbox control unit
3Ignition coil relay – 2.0 petrol (N46)
4Engine management system relay – petrol
5Reversing light relay
7Engine Control Relay – Diesel
8Windshield wiper motor relay
F1(20A) Engine management components
F2(20A) Engine management
F3(20A) Engine management system components, reverse lamp (s) relay – 2.5 petrol (M54)
F4(10A) Engine management system, ABS system
F5(30A) Ignition coil relay – 2.0 petrol (N46)

On the reverse side, there are also several elements:

F102(80A) Connector (jumper) – 2.0 / 2.5 petrol (M54, N46)
F105(50A) Ignition switch
F106(50A) Ignition switch, lighting control module
F107(50A) Lighting control module, trailer control module

Passenger compartment

Main fuse box

It is located in the glove compartment, or it is also called the glove compartment. To access it, you need to turn the two cover latches.

access to fuses

photo of the fuse box bmw e83
photo of the fuse box bmw x3 e83

In the space that opens, you will see the unit itself and the specification with the current arrangement of the fuses in 2 rows.

General fuse diagram for BMW E83


5(5A) Horn
6(5A) Vanity mirror lamps
7(5A) Audio system / navigation system / telephone, audio system (09/05 ->)
9(5A) Brake light switch (brake pedal position sensor), clutch pedal position sensor, light switch, multi-function control unit, steering column electronics control unit
10(5A) Instrument cluster control module
11(5A) SRS electronic control unit
12(7.5A) Multifunction Switch – Center Console
14(5A) Electronic immobilizer control module
15(5A) Sun sensor, rain sensor, rear window wiper / washer
22(5A) Engine control module (ECM) – Diesel
23(5A) Headlamp leveling control module
24(5A) Interior rearview mirror, parking aid control module
25(5A) Power door mirrors (passenger side), heater and windshield washer nozzles (03/04)
26(5A) Cigarette lighter, transfer case control unit
27(10A) Reverse gear engaged sensor, reverse light relay
28(5A) Air conditioning / heating system, rear defogger relay
29(5A) ECM, ignition coil relay
30(7.5A) Diagnostic connector, engine oil level sensor, fuel heater (Diesel), electronic gearbox control unit
31(5A) ECM, driver’s door
32(5A) Light switch (09/06)
33(5A) Center console multifunction switch
34(5A) Instrument cluster control module, fuel pump control module
35(40A) ABS control module – with DSC
36(60A) Fuel heater, exhaust air pump relay
37(60A) Cooling fan motor
38(15A) Fog lamp relay
39(5A) Telephone control unit, telephone interface control unit, telephone antenna (^ 09/05)
40(5A) Steering wheel position sensor, automatic transmission selector lever lamp
41(30A) Audio system, audio system amplifier
42(10A) Audio / navigation system, CD changer, multifunction display, TV tuner
43(5A) Diagnostic connector (DLC), multifunction control unit
44(20A) Trailer electrical connector
45(20A) Intermittent wiper (rear)
46(20A) Sunroof control module
47(20A) BMW e83 cigarette lighter fuse , bodywork power connector
48(30A) Multifunction control module
49(5A) Antenna unit, multifunction control unit
50(40A) Air conditioner / heater blower motor
51(30A) Headlamp washer pump relay
52(30A) Multifunction control module
53(25A) ABS control module – with DSC
54(20A) Fuel pump control module, fuel pump relay
55(15A) Horn relay
56(5A) Electronic gearbox control unit (^ 03/07)
57(7.5A) Door control unit (driver’s side), rear-view mirror position sensor, lift glass switch
58(7.5A) Headlight range control unit (^ 03/07)
59(30A) Windshield wiper motor relay
60(25A) Multifunction control module
61(30A) Center console multifunction switch
62(7.5 A) Additional heater
63(7.5A) A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay
65(30A) Driver’s seat power control module, driver’s seat lumbar pump switch (03/07)
66(10A) Ignition lock
67(5A) Vehicle tilt sensor (anti-theft system), anti-theft alarm horn, volume change sensor (anti-theft system), immobilizer, interior rearview mirror
68(30A) Heated rear window relay
69(5A) Power steering control unit, tire pressure monitor control unit
70(30A) Passenger seat power control module, passenger lumbar pump switch (^ 03/07)
71(30A) Multi-function control unit

The fuse number 47 – 20A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Relay box

As you can see from the photo, the block itself is very large. Relays are also located on it.

access to the relay


BMW_X3_E83 block with relay


1Horn relay
2Fog lamp relay
3A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay
4Fuel pump relay
6Outlet air pump relay
7Headlight washer pump relay
8Headlight range control unit
9Power steering control unit
10Multifunction control unit 1 – functions: Anti-theft system, headlight washers, interior rearview mirror, rear window wiper / washer, windshield wiper / washer

Luggage compartment

Relays are located in different locations. For example, the rear window heating relay is located under the trim on the right.

heating relay

Others are in the area of ​​the battery to protect the entire circuit.

F108(250A) Dashboard fuse / relay box 1 – F35-F63 / F65-F71 fuses / relay box 2 – F102 / F104-F107 fuses
F109(40A) Luggage compartment fuse / relay box 2- fuse F80- without audio amplifier with stereo speakers
F203(100A) Engine management relay – Diesel
F80(40A) Transfer case control module
F81(30A) Audio system output amplifier


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  • Why can’t u people show more of the engine compartment fuses and relays

  • Hello BMW X3 2005 2.5 ltr as soon as I start the engine the fan starts running. I have changed two temp switches located in lower hose another one under the intake, water pump and thermostat. Also, lower radiator hose is cold and upper turns hot. I cannot find fan regulator to change that might solve the problem. Can anyone help me please.

    • It’s common for the fan to run whenever the ac/defroster is on. Try turning all the heat-a/c controls off.

  • Running lights on driver side losses voltage after being on for a few minutes. Is there a relay for them or am I needing a new harness?

  • Is the fuse for the alternator / a charging relay not in any of those boxes? Is it straight on the alternator in these cars? Or is there a term im not familiar with that will help me find that specific fuse?

  • I’m looking for the alternator fuse as x3 is a “lil beotch”!!

  • Can’t figure out why my sunroof,windows,AC,light indicators ( signals, headlights) heated front seats,mirrors and probably a couple other things won’t work. I changed the general component module and put a new battery in it the reset it . There was two different codes to choose from when it was hooked to the computer has that got anything to do with my hair being pulled out 🤬

  • cual es el fusible del maletero,,, no abre

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