Audi TT 8N 8J – fuse and relay

The first generation of the Audi TT is designated as the 8N. This series was produced in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005. Then, after restyling, the production of the second generation of the Audi TT – 8J began in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Our article provides general information about relays and fuses audi TT with box diagrams and element assignments.

Audi tt photo

Layout of fuse boxes and relays

general scheme

  • front left junction box in the engine compartment;
  • fuse board, on the instrument panel to the left of the rack;
  • Onboard supply control unit and additional relay board on the left under the dashboard;
  • main fuse box directly at the battery;
  • additional relay board on the right in the luggage compartment under the upholstery.

Passenger compartment fuse box on the instrument panel

Check the exact description of the fuses for your vehicle with the description on the back of the protective cover.

for cars manufactured before 2005 (8N)

Real photo

real photo


fuse box


1.heated windshield washer injectors, side mirror heaters
2. turn signals
3. glove compartment lighting, climate control, fog lamp relay, parking lamps
4. license plate lighting
5. seat heating, bulb monitor (xs), some kind of connection for cruise control , switches and motors for side mirrors, climate control
6. central locking system
7. reversing lamps
8. telephone
9. ABS brakes
10. engine timing
11. control panel
12. on-board computer, telephone
13. brake lamps
14. central locking system
15 .control panel
16.magnetic clutch, electric water pump
17. fluorescent lamps (for Canada only)
18. high beam, right
19. high beam, left
20. low beam, right automatic headlight regulator
21. low beam, left automatic headlight regulator
22. side light bulbs (front and rear) right
23. bulbs side lights (front and rear) left
24. brushes and washers
25. hot air blower (climate control)
26. rear window heating
27. not used
28. fuel pump
29. engine timing
30. not used
31. Haldex clutch (kw only)
32. engine fuel injector
33. headlight washer relay
34. engine timing
35. not used
36. fog lamps
37. S-contact (radio)
38. central locking
system 39. Emergency stop system
40. Signal
41. cigarette lighter
42. Radio, interior anti-theft sensor
43. Engine timing
44. seat heating

The fuse number 41 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

for cars manufactured after 2005 (8J)


block in the cabin


110A engine relay, fuel control unit, engine control unit, airbag-off lamp, light switch (switch illumination), diagnostic socket
25A ABS, ASR, ESP, brake light switch
35A AFS headlights (left)
45A oil level sensor (WIV), tire pressure indication, switch for electronic stability control (ESP), AFS headlights (control unit), air conditioning (pressure sensor), reversing light switch
55 / 10A automatic headlight range control, AFS headlights (right) / manual headlight range control, halogen headlights
65A CAN data transmission control unit (Gateway), electromechanical power steering, automatic transmission shifter
75A parking assist, auto-shielding interior rearview mirror, garage door opener, heated washer jets, washer pump, windscreen relay (Roadster)
85A Haldex coupling
95A Audi magnetic rade control unit
105A airbag control unit
115 / 10A air flow meter, crankcase heating
1210A door control unit (central locking system driver / front passenger)
1310A diagnostic socket
145A rain sensor, automatic transmission shifter
155A ceiling light
1610A air conditioner (control unit)
175A tire monitoring indication (control unit)
2110A valve injectors (petrol engine)
2230A windscreen (Roadster)
2320A beep
2415A transmission (control unit)
2530 / 20A heated rear window for Coupe / Roadster
2630A power window driver’s side
2730A power window front passenger side
2915A windscreen washer pump
3020A cigarette lighter
3140A starter
325A steering column module
335A instrument cluster
3415A radio navigation system, radio
3530A audio amplifier
3610A engine (control unit)
375А CAN (Gateway)
3820A cigarette lighter
475A SDARS tuner, mobile phone connection preparation, TV tuner
485A VDA interface

The fuse number 30 for 20A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Engine compartment left side fuse box (8J)


fuse box (black)
55A burglar alarm (sensor), burglar alarm (beep)
630A headlight cleaner
715 / 10A electric fuel pumps (feed) / fuel flow control valve
830A wiper
925A seat heating (driver and front passenger)
1010A lumbar support (driver and front passenger)
1240A fan
fuse box (brown)
115A fuel pump (6-cyl.)
210A lambda probes (6-cyl.)
35A air flow meter (6-cyl.)
410A lambda probes (6-cyl.)
55A relay coil, fuel control valve relay (4-cyl.)
610A secondary air pump valve (6-cyl.), Lambda probes (4-cyl.)
710A pre-engine wiring installation valves
820 / 30A ignition coils (4-cyl.) / Ignition coils (6-cyl.)
925A engine (control unit)
1010A water return pump
115A power supply (clutch pedal, brake pedal)
1210A activated carbon filter / boost pressure regulation – valve (4-cyl.)

Main battery fuse box

fuses main

Additional Information

Video about replacing the fuse on the main unit to restore the radiator fan.

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  • Hi, Thanks for the info. I have the user guide with all the fuses but WHERE IS THE FUSE FOR THE BOOT LOCK. The user guide does not assign any fuse to the boot. Mine does not open or operate from the key fob or the door switch/. Any help would be appreciated

  • I’m trying to close the soft top on an Audi Tt convertible, I just wanted a diagram specifically for the fuses for the opening and close of the soft top… what is the fuses in the trunk passenger side (that diagram)

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