Audi A4 B5 1994 – 2000 fuse and relay

The start of production of the Audi A4 B5 is 1994. With minor changes, it was produced until 2001. At first, only the sedan version was available, the station wagon (Avant) appeared a year later. This material provides information on relay circuits and fuses Audi A4 b5 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 with an assignment of their elements and locations.

audi a4 b5 photo

The location of the fuses may differ from the one shown and depend on the vehicle equipment and year of manufacture.

Passenger compartment

Main fuse box

left fuse box

It is located in the passenger compartment on the left side of the side panel. Inside the lining (3) on the left end side of the dashboard, in the clip there are small plastic pliers (2) for removing the fuses and a crank (4) for emergency operation of the sliding roof. The figure below shows the location of the fuses in the box (1).

The relays are located on the central distribution board under the instrument panel behind the left footwell cover.

real photo of the fuse box
photo of the box with fuses and relay


real photo of the fuse box

Protected components

Purpose of fuses Audi A4 B5
15A Heated washer nozzles
210A Direction indicators
35A Headlight washer relay, Lighting: glove box (glove compartment), engine compartment, air conditioner, automatic transmission, instrument panel
45A License plate lighting
510A Instrument panel, heated seats, automatic transmission display. mirror switch, pump Airbag outside temperature indicator, navigation system, parking lights
65A Central locking, reading lamps
710A ABS system
85A Phone
910A Heated mirrors and door locks
105A Headlight range control, CD – changer
115A Cruise control [automatic transmission]
1210A Built-in diagnostics
1310A Stop lights
1410A Interior lighting, reading lamps, anti-theft system, passenger visor mirror
1510A Instrument panel, automatic transmission [4-speed], air conditioning, navigation system
165A ABS system
1710A Heated door locks
1810A Right high beam
1910A Left high beam
2015A Right low beam, headlight corrector
2115A Left low beam, headlight corrector
225A Right side lights
235A Left side lights
2425A Windshield wipers, washer pump. Wiper breaker relay
2530A Heater fan, air conditioner
2630A Heated rear window, heated mirrors, air recirculation
2715A Rear wiper
2815A Fuel pump
2915A Engine management
3020A Electric sunroof
3115A Reversing lights, cruise control, automatic transmission, diagnostic socket
3220A Engine management
3315A Cigarette lighter fuse audi a4 b5
3415A Engine management (ignition / injection)
3530A Trailer socket
3615A Fog lights
3715A Telephone, radio
3815A Trunk lighting, central locking
3915A Emergency lighting (emergency gang)
4025A Signal
4125A ABS system (hydro modulator / pump)
4240A Auxiliary Air Fan
435A S-pin (central locking, radio, navigation system)
4430A Heated seats

Fuse number 33 at 15A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Diagram of an additional box with relays and fuses

Additional block diagram

On an 8-seat additional support

ABS hydraulic pump
50 A
Electric radiator fan
40 A
Radiator fan relay coil
5 A
Rear power window lifter
30 A
Power window, front
30 A
Central locking and anti-theft alarm system
15 A

Relay box

On vehicles with extensive equipment, an additional relay board is located behind the main board. Central distribution board – B. The relays are marked in black.


relay box in saloon audi a4 b5


1Unloading relay for contact X
2Horn relay
3Relay for headlamp cleaning system
4Automatic transmission relay (starter interlock and reversing lights] or, respectively, a jumper for a manual transmission
5Intermittent mode relay for cleaning and flushing system
6Relay for fuel pump or glow plugs

Relay Main Board – A

3Electromagnetic clutch relay (air conditioning)
4Signaling device control unit
5Signaling device control unit
8Daytime running light relay
9Headlight relay
10Fog lamp relay
11Control unit for folding mirror
12Control unit for folding mirror
14Fuse for special signaling system [taxi]
16Fuse for special signaling system [taxi]
17Fuse for taximeter [taxi]
18System hydraulic pump fuse [ABS]

Transmitter Fuse [Taxi]

Engine compartment

Eelectronics relay board

Located in the mounting block

 block access


general scheme


1Heated oxygen sensor relay

Glow plug relay I – coolant

2Glow plug relay II – coolant
3Diesel Direct Injection Relay
6Fuse for the electrical equipment of the engine
7Fuse I for glow plugs – coolant
8Fuse II for glow plugs – coolant
9Glow plug fuse

Additional relay board

1Rear fog lights turnip
2Fan operating mode relay at maximum speed [Lufter voll auf]
3Relay for fan operation in the first stage
4Power window control unit relay
16Seat adjustment fuse
18System hydraulic pump fuse (ABS)
19Radiator fan fuse
21Radiator fan changeover coil relay
22Rear power window relay
23Front power window relay
24Relay for central locking and anti-theft system

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