Audi 100 C3 (Audi 5000) – fuse and relay

Audi 100 C3 is the common name for a whole family of passenger cars. In the United States, they were sold under the name Audi 5000. And the Audi 200 is a more expensive version of the Audi 100, with a higher level of equipment. But in essence, they are all the same model. Audi 100 C3 (44 body) was produced in 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1990. This material provides information on the location of fuse and relay boxes with their diagrams and locations.

Audi 100 C3


The main box is located in the engine compartment, near the wipers. 

main unit real photo

The rest are in the car. More details on the diagram.

general fuse layout

general arrangement of fuses 2

fuses in the trunk

1 – ignition switch (possible position); 2 – additional relay box; 3 – control unit for the cruise control system; 4 – direction indicator relay; 5 – diagnostic unit; 6 – air conditioner control unit; 7 – altitude sensor; 8 – control unit for the KE-Jetronic fuel injection system; 9 – front seat control unit with electric adjustment; 10 – control unit for anti-blocking system of brakes; 11 – battery (for cars with air conditioning); 12 – engine fuel pump relay; 13 – control unit for lamps in the rear lights.

Main box

To access, remove the protective cover by unfastening the clips. Your fuse locations are indicated on the back of the guard and may differ from this material.


Block diagram


1Fog lights
2Direction indicators (in alarm mode)
3Sound signal. Cigarette lighter. Card lighting lamp. Interior lighting plafond. Passenger mirror lamp. Lower passenger compartment lamp
4Stop lamp. Luggage compartment lamp
6Right headlight (side light). Right tail light (side light)
7Left headlight (side light). Left tail light (side light)
8Right headlight (high beam). Control lamp of inclusion of a high beam of headlights
9Left headlight (high beam)
10Right headlight (low beam)
11Left headlight (low beam)
12Instrument cluster lighting lamps. Reversing lamps. On-board control system unit
13Fuel electric pump
14Instrument lighting lamps. License plate lighting lamps. Glove box lighting lamp. Engine compartment lamp
15Windshield wiper motor. Direction indicators (in direction indication mode)
16Heated rear window
17Heater fan motor. Air conditioner fan motor
18Sunroof motor
19Centralized locking system for door locks. Outside rear-view mirrors drive motor
20Front seat heating elements
21Rear cigarette lighter
22Diesel engine heater
B*Memory device of the electric drive of adjustment of position of the front seats
E*Window regulator motors
FTowing device
ISpare fuses

Additional relay box


additional block in the cabin


Decoding of the additional relay unit
N relayNameCatalogue number
IBrake pad wear warning lamp relay431 951 253 A
IISeat heating relay431 951 253 A
IIIImpulse relay813 906 064
Additional starting relay for the automatic vehicle activation system431 951 253 A
IVDelay Relay433 919 577
Relay for turning on and off the heated rear window of the automatic vehicle activation system431 951 253 A
VRelay for warning lamp of emergency oil pressure on the car:
  – with 4-cylinder petrol engines433 919 082
  – with 5-cylinder petrol engines433 919 082
  – with 5-cylinder diesels433 919 082 A
Seat belt warning lamp relay443 919 469
VIRelay for turning on the buzzer of the unfastened seat belts857 919 439
Fog light relay431 951 253 F
Relay for switching on outdoor lighting when driving in the daytime431 951 253 D
Anti-theft relay437 927 827
VIIOvervoltage relay437 927 825
VIIITime delay relay431 951 253 B
IXSafety relay431 951 253 B
air conditioner
XCooling fan motor turn-on relay431 951 253 B
XICooling fan motor turn-on relay431 951 254 B
XI – XIICooling fan electronic control unit443 907 393
XIVRelay for switching on the rear window wiper171 955 529
XVRelay for cooling injectors431 951 253 A
XVIHeadlamp low beam relay431 951 253 C
Turn signal relay431 951 253 A
Electronic control unit55 906 086
XVIIHeadlamp high beam relay431 951 253 A
High Power Horn Relay431 951 253 A
Fuel enrichment relay431 951 253 C
XVIIIIgnition relay431 951 253 A
Oxygen conditioner sensor relay431 951 253 A


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