Audi A8 D4 / 4H – fuse box diagram

Production of the third generation Audi A8 was launched in 2010. This series was designated as  D4 / 4H. Compared to the previous series, the design of the A8 has remained practically unchanged. Released in 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. Description of fuses Audi A8 D4 will be presented in our material in the form of tables.

Audi - A8 photo


General circuit of fuses a8

  • Electrical splitter  in the plenum chamber. The fuses installed in it supply voltage to the radiator fan control units. The splitter is also the connection point for the conductor.
  • Fuse box on the right side of the front panel. The fuses installed in it are indicated on the wiring diagram “SC”. These fuses can be accessed by the customer by removing the side cover on the front panel.
  • Fuse / relay box and  CAN bus hub  in the luggage compartment on the right. The fuses installed in it are indicated on the wiring diagram “SF”. These fuses can be accessed by the customer by removing the storage compartment in the rear right side of the luggage compartment.
  • Main fuse box  on the positive battery terminal. A battery emergency shutdown device is combined with this fuse box.
  • Fuse and relay  box in the plenum chamber on  the driver’s side (E-Box)  (under the washer reservoir). The cover of this
    fuse box also serves as a bracket for the engine control unit. This fuse box is also called
    E-Box; the fuses in it are indicated on the wiring diagram “SA”.
    real photo of fuse box
  • Junction box and CAN bus node  hub at the  bottom of the left A-pillar.
  • Fuse and relay box  in the area of ​​the onboard supply control unit  (under the dash panel in the driver’s side footwell). The fuses installed in it are indicated on the wiring diagram “SD”.
  • Fuse box on the left side of the front  panel. The fuses installed in it are indicated on the wiring diagram “SB”. These fuses can be accessed by the customer by removing the side cover on the front panel.

This material is intended to give the reader only a general idea of the structure of the electrical system, relays and fuse boxes in the Audi
A8 from 2010, the individual system elements are shown schematically. For the exact location of fuses and electrical wiring, please refer to the current service literature.

Fuse box in the left side of the dashboard

Location left


fuse box in the passenger compartment a8 d4

Circuits protected

 Fuse panel (B)
15Headlight switch
25Emergency start ( identification key )
37.5Control module (rear left door)
515Sound signal
Interior lighting ( ceiling )
810/5Steering column grip, steering wheel heating, multi-steering wheel
105Steering column adjustment
117.5 Control module ( driver’s door )
1210Diagnostic connector , light / rain sensor
1425Steering column adjustment
1520Power steering, air conditioning compressor
1615Brake booster
Fuse panel  (C)
130Heated front seats
330Front exterior lighting
530Driver’s window regulator
615Driver’s seat ( pneumatic )
720Panoramic sunroof
835Dynamic steering
930Front exterior lighting
1035Windshield washer, headlight washer
1130Rear left power window
1240Panoramic sunroof

Fuse box in the right side of the dashboard




block in the cabin a8 on the right


15Anti-theft system
215Transmission control module
340Front climate control fan
435Engine power
65Engine control module
77.5Control module (front right door)
830Front passenger window regulator
910ESC control module
1025ESC control module
1130Rear right power window
1215Front passenger seat ( pneumatic )

Engine compartment fuse box

Engine companent fuse box


diagram eng comp


15A Mass air flow meter
415A Engine control unit
Engine control unit 2
55A Cooling fan control unit
Fuel pump control unit
Gas pump relay
65A brake light switch
710A Glow plug control unit
Electro-hydraulic left engine mounting bracket
Transmission mount solenoids
Transmission oil cooling valve
85A Oil level and temperature sensor
910A Transmission mounting solenoids
Fuel pressure control valve
Fuel dosing valve
1015A Oxygen sensors
1115A Glow plug control unit
Right engine mount electrohydraulic solenoid
Exhaust gas cooler valve
Oil pressure control valve
Cooling system bypass valve
Special connector
Transmission mount solenoids
1215A Exhaust gas recirculation coolant pump
Coolant circulation pump
1380A Glow plug
1450A Glow plug
R8Glow plug control unit
R9Glow plug control unit

Luggage compartment fuse box


Location LC


fuses in the luggage compartment a8 d3

Protected components

Fuse panel (A)
15Button , data logger , diagnostic connector , BCM 1 , adaptive lighting system
25Network gateway
35Adaptive air suspension
Parking system
55Steering column lever
65Suspension control sensor
75Seat belt pretensioners , airbag control unit
85Heated washer nozzle , homelink system ( garage door opener ), night vision control module , sports differential , ionizer
95Electromechanical parking brake control module
105Rear seat heater, refrigerator , rearview mirror
115Dynamic steering
125Gear shift lever , ВСМ 2
135Lane change assistant Audi side assist
145Engine control module
1610/5Left headlight position sensor
 Fuse panel (B)
125Left seat belt pretensioner
225Right seat belt pretensioner
35Starter diagnostics
47.5DC / DC converter
57.5Adaptive cruise control
610Right headlight ( headlight with adaptive light )
75ESC control module
85Sound actuator, AEM control unit
910Adaptive cruise control
105Transmission control module
115Climate control sensors
 Fuse panel  (C)
 Electromechanical parking brake
25Suspension control sensor
37.5Control module (rear right door)
45Smart modul tank
515Front climate control unit
610Rear climate control unit
75Network gateway
95Interface for special functions
105T The telephone adapter , the Bluetooth handset
1115AEM control module
1210Gear shift lever
1310External lighting
1420Rear exterior lighting
1525Fuel pump
1630Electromechanical parking brake
 Fuse panel (D)
320Rear socket
515Adaptive air suspension
730Electromechanical parking brake
825Rear seat heating
920Rear exterior lighting
1020Rear climate control fan
1120Rear sun visor , door closer , trunk lock , keyless go / entry , fuel filler flap
1230Trunk lid control module
 Fuse panel (E)
15Rear seat adjustment unit
37.5Left rear seat ( pneumatic )
520Trailer hitch control module
630Left rear seat
730Right rear seat
820Trailer hitch control module
915Trailer hitch control module
107.5Right rear seat ( pneumatic )
Fuse panel (F)
130Radio receiver / sound amplifier
310RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment) multimedia system, radio / sound amplifier
55Auto dimming rearview mirror
65DVD player
75TV tuner
87.5MMI unit/drives
95Instrument cluster, analog clock
105MMI display
117.5Radio receiver
125Rear view camera ( parking sensors ), top view


Diagram of relays


  • R1 – Adaptive suspension compressor relay
  • R2 – Rear window heating
  • R3 – Automatic anti-glare rear view mirror / Cooling fan relay
  • R4 – Gasoline pump relay
  • R5 – Engine starter relay
  • R6 – Terminal 15, relay supply voltage
  • R7 – Relay power socket

Additional protection elements can be placed nearby: 30A reducer heater, 10A reagent dosing system and reagent dosing system relay.

Additional Information

Video example of the location of the fuse boxes in the Audi A8 D4.

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