Ауди А3 (8l) – fuse and relay

Audi A3 8l is the first generation of the A3 series, produced in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003. Our material provides information about the locations of the fuse and relay boxes for the Audi A3 8L with box diagrams and the purpose of the elements. Highlight the cigarette lighter fuse.

Audi-A3 8L photo


general diagram of fuse blocks

  1. 3-pin relay and fuse holder;
  2. Central relay box (13-pin);
  3. Fuse box;
  4. Main fuse box (on battery).

The location of the relays and fuses may vary depending on the vehicle equipment and year of manufacture.

Cars of this brand are equipped with a 12V electrical system with negative grounding. All lighting fixtures and electrical assemblies are powered by a lead-acid battery, rechargeable from an alternator.

3-pin relay and fuse holder

This box is located in the plenum chamber junction box in the engine compartment.

1 block a3


  1. Discharge air pump relay;
  2. Engine control system relay;
  3. Brake booster vacuum pump (20 A);
  4. Exhaust air pump (40 A).

Central relay box

The relays are located on the board, behind the left cover in the leg area, under the dashboard. On vehicles with a large amount of equipment, there is an additional relay box behind the relay board.

relay board A3 8L


Relay board -R- (highlighted in black)

Relay no.Consumer
Ihorn relay
IIX-contact unloading relay
IIIrelay for automatic wiper intervals
IVfuel pump relay or glow plug relay
Vdiesel injection relay
VIfog lamp relay
Afuse for electric seat heating
Cpower window fuse

Additional relay box -Z13- above relay board

1Horn relay
2Rear lamp tester relay
3Rear lamp tester relay
4Mirror cover control device
5Mirror cover control device
6Telephone isolation relay
11Relay for blocking starter and reversing light
12Headlamp wiper relay
13Radiator fan freewheel relay (air conditioner)

Fuse box

Located on the left side of the instrument panel.

fuses in the passenger compartment of the Audi A3 8l

Check the location of the fuses as described on the back of the fuse box cover.

fuse box


110Heated washer nozzles, heated exterior mirrors
210Direction indicators
35Glove lighting
45License plate lighting
57.5Electrical comfort equipment, speed control, seat heating, air conditioning
65Single castle
710Reversing lights
95ABS control unit
1010Engine control: gasoline engine
115Instrument panel block, selector lever lock electromagnet for AT
127.5Self-diagnosis power supply, telephone, navigation system
1310Stop lights
1410Interior lighting, single lock
5Salon lamp
155Instrument panel unit, AT, interior auto-dimming mirror
1610Electromagnetic clutch, radiator cooling fan overrun, windscreen washer
177.5Heated door lock
1810High beam right
1910Main beam left
2010Dipped beam right, adjustable beam range
2110Low beam left
225Side and side light, right
235Position and parking light, left
2420Windshield wiper, water pump
2525Fresh air fan, recirculation ventilation, air conditioner
2620Heated rear window, heated mirror
2710Rear window wiper
2815Fuel pump
2915Engine control: gasoline engine
10Engine control: diesel engine
3020Sliding roof panel (sunroof)
3120Automatic transmission
3210Engine control: gasoline engine
Engine control: diesel engine
3320Headlight cleaner
3410Engine management
3530Trailer socket (positive long-term plus)
3615Fog lamp and fog lamp
3710S-pin, terminal 86 (radio)
3815Trunk lighting, single lock, power windows
4020Sound signal
4115Cigarette lighter
4310Engine management
4415Seat heating

The fuse 41 for 15A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Main fuse box

Located in the engine compartment on the battery.

Audi A3-8L main unit

main block diagram
main box diagram
  1. Description of elements
  2. Glow plug heating (diesel engine)
  3. Engine management system
  4. Coolant fan 2
  5. Salon
  6. Generator
  • 1a – (hydraulic pump)
  • 2a – ABS (valves)
  • 3a – Coolant fan


Additional Information

Video example of the location of the fuse boxes in the Audi A3 8L.

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  • Hello can any tell me where is located the fan module on Audi A3 2004 , can´t found it , not on the fan itself or around engine compartment

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