Audi A8 D2 (1995 – 2002) Fuse and Relay

The Audi a8 d2 car appeared on the market in 1994. This model was produced in 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002. During this time, she received 2 restyling. We will provide you with diagrams of relay and fuse boxes audi a8 d2 with a description of the purpose of their elements.

Audi - A8 d2 photo


general block diagram

  1. Cruise control system control unit – J213;
  2. Airbag control unit – J234;
  3. Diagnostic connector in the center console under the ashtray;
  4. Relays and fuse boxes in the luggage compartment on the right;
  5. Battery / extra battery;
  6. Anti-theft alarm sound – H8;
  7. Bracket for control units;
  8. Mirror memory control unit – J267, B-pillar, driver’s side;
  9. Steering column / seat belt height control unit – J352 under carpet;
  10. Heated cylinder control unit – J210;
  11. Relay under the shelf on the driver’s side (auxiliary relay on the steering panel on the left);
  12. ABS control unit – J104 and 3rd speed relay radiator fan – J135, under the floor on the driver’s side;
  13. Front passenger footwell electronics unit;
  14. Fuse box, R-pillar, in front passenger’s footwell.

Engine compartment

First fuse and relay box

access scheme in the engine compartment

  • Electronic gearbox control unit
  • Cruise control
  • The engine control unit.

Second fuse and relay box


Scheme 1


1Immobilizer relay
2Relay, electronic engine control unit
F1(15A) Transmission
F2(15A) Transmission
F3(15A) Motronic system
F5(15A) Injectors
F6(15A / 20A) Ignition coils

Luggage compartment fuse box

To access, remove the trim on the right side of the luggage compartment.

real photo


circuit fuses a8 d2


  1. Terminal box 30 (TV2)
  2. Fuse for hydraulic pump ABS (S53) 50 A
  3. Fuse for heated seats (S38) 20 A
  4. Fuse on terminals 30 – Towing a trailer (S77) 20 A
  5. Spare
  6. ABS (S54) 25 A
  7. Fuse (S92) 15/20 A
  8. Second battery fuse (S65) 60 A
  9. Telephone (S119) 15 A
  10. Spare
  11. Spare
  12. Battery protection relay (J7)
  13. Spare
  14. Seat fuse (S45) 20 A
  15. Spare
  16. Spare

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

Passenger footwell fuse box

real photo of the fuse box

Protected components

F2(5A) Front right side marker, rear right side marker
F3(10A) Low beam (right headlight)
F4(10A) LH headlamp – low beam, headlight range control
F5(10A) High beam (headlamp LH)
F6(10A) High beam (right headlight)
F7(15A) Alarm
F8(15A) Horn
F9(5A) Instrument panel, diagnostic socket
F10(25A) Windshield wiper
F12(5A) Selector lever lock relay (“P” range)
F13(5A) Instrument panel, control lights, license plate lights
F14(15A) Cooling fan motor
F15(15A) Fog lamps, fog lamps
F16(25A) Heated rear window, heated door mirrors
F17(10A) Reversing lamps
F18(10A) Alarm
F19(10A) Stop lights
F20(5A) Heated windscreen washer nozzles
F21(15A) ABS, diagnostic socket, lamp health check unit
F22(10A) Telephone
F23(15A) Cigar lighter – front
F24(5A) Air conditioning system
F25(15A) Air conditioning system
F26(5A) Gearbox control, cruise control
F27(15A) Heater coolant regulator valve, coolant pump motor-AC
F28(15A) Auxiliary heater, coolant pump motor
F29(10A) Steering wheel heater
F31(15A) Fuel pump
F32(20A) Heated oxygen sensors, e / m valve of the accumulator of fuel vapor-AAH
F33(20A) Heated oxygen sensors, air flow sensor-ABZ
F34(15A) Heated oxygen sensors – rear
F35(5A) Auxiliary heater
F36(15A) Auxiliary heater
F39(5A) ABS control module
F40(10A) ABS control module
F41(10A) Central locking, anti-theft system, tailgate opener drive, interior lamps, rear window blinds drive
F42(10A) Power window control module, power door mirrors, seat memory
F43(10A) Trunk lamps, vanity mirror lamp, interior lamps
F44(10A) Central locking, rear window sunblind drive
F45(15A) Anti-theft system
F46(20A) Luke
F47(15A) Power windows, cigarette lighter , door lock heaters
F48(10A) Memory for door mirrors, memory for seats
F49(20A) Steering column adjustment actuator
F50(20A) Heated seats
F51(60A) Cooling fan motor

For the cigarette lighter, fuses number 23 and 47 are responsible for 15A.

Relay box

In front passenger footwell


fuse diagram


  1. auxiliary ignition circuit relay
  2. horn relay
  3. headlight washer / washer relay
  4. starter relay
  5. intermittent wiper / washer relay
  6. fuel pump relay

Relay circuit

relay circuit


  • 1 – relay for turning on the side lamp of the door / illumination of the door opening
  • 5 – daytime lighting relay
  • 6 – headlight relay
  • 2 (40A) – heating ventilation system
  • 3 (30A) – electric drive of the right seat
  • 4 (30A) – left seat electric drive


relay diagram


13Rear view mirror control unit
12A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay
11Gearbox selector position illumination relay
10Power steering relay
9Transmission control relay
8Fog lamp relay
7Relay dimensions
6Relay for auxiliary heater
5Windshield / headlight wiper control relay
4Relay for auxiliary heater
3Auxiliary heater fan motor relay
2Auxiliary heater fan motor relay
1Lamp health check system unit

Additional Information

Video about the location of one of the relay boxes in the Audi.

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  • 2001 AUDI A8 L QUATTRO 4.2L V8
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    I am having a problem with my fog lights not working, horn not working, and dashboard keeps going in and out

    I am getting the following codes 00668, 00562

    Please help i really like this car, engine and transmission are good condition

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