Audi A1 8X – fuse and relay

Audi A1 (body code – 8X) – subcompact car, went on sale went in September 2010. Years of issue 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. There is also an electric car Audi A1 e-tron on sale. Our material provides information about the locations of the boxes and the description of the fuses and relays of the Audi A1. The placement of the boxes is also relevant for the 5-door car and the Audi S1 ​​(Sportback) version.

Audi A1 photo



A1 general arrangement of blocks

  1. Fuse holder D -SD-;
  2. Fuse holder A -SA-;
  3. Fuse box C -SC-;
  4. Relay / fuse holder F -SF-;
  5. Fuse holder B -SB-, fuse holder H -SH-;
  6. Fuse holder B -SB-.

We draw your attention to the fact that changes in the scheme are possible depending on the configuration and year of manufacture of the car! Check the description on the back of the protective cover.

Fuse box – No. 1


Fuse holder D DS A1

Description of the circuit

ST1 panel (black)

17.5Control unit el. steering column lock -J764-
220Trailer detection control unit -J345-
320Trailer detection control unit -J345-
unit for dual clutch gearbox -J743-, up to October 2014 Electronic damping control unit -J250-, from January 2014
530Headlamp washer relay -J39- Headlight washer
pump -V11-
65Vehicle location system interface control unit -J843-
77.5Entry and start monitoring system control unit -J518-
815Mechatronic unit for dual clutch gearbox -J743-, up to October 2014
920Sliding sunroof motor -V1-
107.5Selector lever sensor control unit -J587-
1115Relay for voltage supply for engine electronics -J757-, up to October 2014
Fuel pressure regulating valve -N276-, up to October 2014
12Not used

ST2 panel (brown)

15Reversing light switch -F4-
Selector lever sender control unit -J587-
Mechatronics for dual clutch gearbox -J743-
210High pressure sender -G65-
Engine oil level and temperature sender -G266- Air conditioner
control unit -J301- Socket
relay -J807- Auto dimming
interior rearview mirror -Y7-
16-pin connector -T16-, diagnostic connector
35Data bus diagnostic interface -J533-
control unit -J65- Structure-borne noise control unit -J869-
57.5Light switch -E1-
Starter relay 1 -J906-
Voltage stabilizer -J532-
Starter relay 2 -J907-
Automatic dimming interior mirror relay -J910-
Left front headlight -MX1- Right
front headlight -MX2-
65Light switch -E1-
75ABS control unit -J104-, up to October 2014
Voltage stabilizer 2 -J570-, up to October 2014
Electronic damping control unit -J250-, from January 2014
85Heated driver’s seat
control -E94- Heated front passenger seat control -E95- Hazard
warning lamp -E229-
Heated rear window switch -E230-
button -E256- Parking aid
button -E266- Tire pressure indicator button -E492 –
Button for start / stop mode -E693-
Trailer detection control unit -J345-
Heating resistor for left injector -Z20-
Heating resistor for right injector -Z21-
95Power steering control unit -J500-
Air mass meter -G70-
Fuel pump control unit -J538-
Heating resistor for crankcase ventilation -N79-
control unit -J234- Front passenger airbag warning lamp off -K145-
125Parking aid control unit -J446-
135Headlight range control unit -J431-
1430Seat heating control unit -J882-
1515Rear wiper motor -V12-
165Engine control unit -J623-
Air mass meter -G70-

ST3 panel (red)

  1. Not used
  2. Not used
  3. 5-10A – Four-wheel drive control unit -J492-, gradual withdrawal
  4. Not used
  5. Not used
  6. Not used
  7. Not used
  8. Not used
  9. Not used
  10. 5-10A-Special vehicle control unit -J608-
  11. Not used
  12. Not used

Box photo

A1 fuses photo

Fuse box – No. 2

The box is located on the positive pole of the battery (only for vehicles with a battery in the luggage compartment) .

Fuse box for battery A1


  1. Not used;
  2. Onboard power supply / Power supply of engine components;
  3. Not used;
  4. Battery cut-off igniter -N253-.

Fuse box – No. 3


 Fuse box C A1

ST1 panel (black)

130Digital sound system control unit -J525-
Voltage stabilizer -J532-
Radio -R-
240Heater control unit -J65-
contact relief relay X -J59-
supply fan control unit -J126-
supply air fan -V2-
320Cigarette lighter -U1-
12 V socket -U5-
415Trailer detection control unit -J345-
55Data bus diagnostic interface -J533-
630Front passenger door
control unit -J387- Rear right door control unit -J389-
730Driver door control
unit -J386- Rear left door control unit -J388-
830Heated rear window relay -J9-
Heated rear window -Z1-
925ABS control unit -J104-
1020Onboard supply control unit -J519-
1115High-frequency horn -H2-
Low-frequency horn -H7- Horn
relay -J413-
1230Onboard supply control unit -J519-

The fuse number 3 for 20A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

ST2 panel (brown)

15Anti-theft alarm horn -H12- Anti-theft alarm sender
Terminal 30 voltage supply relay -J317- ( 22)
Motronic supply relay -J271- (21)
Engine control unit -J623-
35Onboard supply control unit -J519-


ABS control unit -J104-
Voltage stabilizer 2 -J570- Four
-wheel drive control unit -J492-
5Not used
6fiveRain and light sensor -G397-
Mobile phone amplifier -R86- Telephone
holder -R126-
Front roof module -WX3-
Fuel pump control unit -J538-
Fuel pump relay -J17- ( 22)
810Relay for additional coolant pump -J496-, up to October 2014
95Steering column control unit -J527-
105Light switch -E1-
1110Climatronic control
unit -J255- Air conditioning control unit -J301-
Front passenger door control unit -J387- (up to April 2012)
Rear right door control unit -J389- (up to April 2012)
16-pin connector – T16-, diagnostic connector
1210Driver’s door control unit -J386- (up to April 2012)
Rear left door control unit -J388- (up to April 2012)
1310Onboard supply control unit -J519-
1420Socket relay -J807- only for vehicles without hitch socket
1530Onboard supply control unit -J519-
1620Switching relay 1 for wiper motor -J368-, up to October 2014
Relay for power supply for engine components -J757-
Ignition coils 1 with output stage -N70-

Relay holder – No. 4

relay bracket A1


  1. 40A Voltage stabilizer -J532-
  2. 50A Power supply for fuse holder 1 -ST1- on fuse holder D -SD-
  3. 40A Terminal 15 voltage supply relay -J329-
  4. 40A ABS control unit -J104-
  5. 5A Voltage stabilizer 2 -J570-, gradual output
  6. 5A Onboard supply control unit -J519-, voltage stabilizer -J532-
  7. 16 10A – Brake light switch -F- (from November 2011 to October 2014) / clutch pedal position sender -G476- (from November 2011 to October 2014)
  8. 17 5A – Lambda probe heater -Z19- (from November 2011 to October 2014)

Fuse box – No. 5Fuse box for battery under the hood of the audi a1


  1. 175A – Generator -C-
  2. 40A – Low heat output relay -J359- / Additional air heater -Z35-
  3. 110A – Power supply of the on-board network / Power supply of engine components
  4. 80A – Power steering control unit -J500-
  5. 50A / 40A – Coolant blower thermal switch -F18- / Radiator blower control unit -J293-
  6. 50A – Glow plug control unit -J179-
  7. 60A – High heat output relay -J360- / Battery monitor control unit

Fuse box – No. 6


Fuse box B

Protected components

1110 / 50A Power supply for electrical system, power supply for engine components, radiator fan control unit -J293, radiator fan -V7-
2250A Alternator -C-, Voltage regulator -C1-
3Battery +
480A Power steering control unit -J500-
550A Glow plug control unit -J179-, Glow plug 1 -Q10-, Glow plug 2 -Q11-,
Glow plug 3 -Q12-, Glow plug 4 -Q13-
650A Radiator fan control unit -J293-, Radiator fan -V7-
125A Power supply for on-board network, power supply for engine components


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  • We have a 2015 A1 and the cigarette lighter / 12 V charger is not working. There is no fuse in the number 3 position. Seems like that socket has nothing in to hold a fuse. Can the fuse be in a different position?

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