Audi 90 (80) B4 (1991 – 1995) fuse and relay

This material provides information on the locations and diagrams of fuses and relays on the Audi 90 80 B4. This model was presented by Audi in 1991. The main difference from the previous B3 is the updated design of the hood, bumper and headlights. A better material was used in the interior trim and airbags appeared. Newly designed rear axle and gas tank. This model was produced in 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995. Audi 80 - B4

The Audi 90/80 b4 has two main relay and fuse boxes. The main one is located under the soot space of the engine compartment, on the left side, closer to the wipers. The second is under the dashboard in the cabin.

Engine compartment fuse box

audi 80 fuses

  1. relay
  2. diagnostic connector
  3. fuses 1-21. Diesel vehicles have 22 fuses.
  4. additional fuses 23-32
  5. four spare fuses
  6. relay designation on the cover of the distribution panel
  7. clip for removing and installing fuses

photo of the fuse box 80 b4

The data presented is universal. Check the description on the back of the protective cover.

back cover


Audi 80 block diagram


115A Fog lights, rear fog lights
215A Alarm
330A Horn, seat heating
415A Electronic clock, trunk lamp, interior lighting, cosmetic mirror, reading lamp, cigarette lighter, on-board computer, automatic air conditioning, radio, self-diagnosis system
530A 2nd speed of rotation of the radiator blower fan
65A Rear right side and parking lights
75A Rear left side and parking lights
810A Right high beam headlamp, high beam warning light
910A Left high beam headlamp
1010A Right headlamp dipped beam, electric motor for adjusting the position of the right headlight
1110A Left low beam headlamp, left headlamp adjustment motor
1215A Instrument panel, reversing lights, control system, automatic transmission, differential lock, on-board computer, speed control, retarder relay, interior lighting with, electronic thermal switch, relay for turning on the radiator blower
1315A Fuel pump
145A License plate lighting, instrument panel lighting, engine compartment lamp, glove compartment lighting, automatic air conditioning
1525A Direction indicators, wiper, glass washer pump, heated glass washer jets, radiator blower relay, air conditioning
160A Heated rear window, heated mirrors
1730A Interior blower, automatic air conditioning
185A Electric mirrors
1815A Rear window cleaner (Avant)
1910A Central locking, heating of the lock switch cylinder, anti-theft system
2030A Radiator blower fan, 1st speed, passenger compartment fan
2110 Diagnostic socket
22Not used (cars with gasoline engines)
2280A Glow plugs (vehicles with diesel engines)

Additional fuses audi b4 lower row (if any)

23Not used
24Not used
255A Heated lambda probe. Not used for diesel vehicles
2630A Trailer connector
2710A Ignition / fuel injection system
2810A Ignition / fuel injection system. Not used for diesel vehicles
2910A Stop light
305A Speed ​​control (vehicles with automatic transmission), Not used for vehicles with diesel engines.
3115A ABS, differential lock
3210A Ignition / fuel injection system On vehicles with TD diesel engines – fuel cut-off valve

Fuses 27 and 28 can be fitted with a red plastic cap with the word “Motor / Moteur”

The fuse number 4, 15A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.


  1. Relay for fog lamps and taillights. For cars without fog lights, a jumper is installed in this place.
  2. Radiator fan relay (for vehicles without air conditioning), radiator fan relay for switching on the 2nd stage of rotation
  3. Relay for switching on fans
  4. Headlight washer relay
  5. X-contact unload relay
  6. Relay for blower fans (manual air conditioner), air conditioner fan relay for 2nd stage rpm (air conditioner with automatic control)
  7. Horn relay
  8. Anti-theft alarm relay (vehicles with manual transmission). Cars without such a system have a jumper. For cars with automatic transmission, this space is free.
  9. Wiper Interval Relay
  10. Fuel pump relay
  11. Radiator blower relay for switching on the 1st stage of rotation.

Attention! For vehicles with diesel engines pos. 2 and 3 are not occupied and relay 10 is the preheating plug relay.

Passenger compartment relay box

Audi 80 relay box

To access the box, unscrew the 4 screws and remove the protective cover.


Audi 80 relay diagram

On different versions, not all relays may be busy.


  1. ABS system
  2. Seat belt warning light
  3. Interior lighting control unit
  4. A / C clutch relay box
  5. Wiper and glass rear window washer
  6. Oil pressure monitor, front light control unit
  7. Not used
  8. Not used
  9. Automatic gearshift lock (only for vehicles with automatic transmission)
  10. Not used
  11. Not used
  12. Heated passenger seats
  13. Heated driver’s seat
  14. Car sunroof relay
  15. Control unit for sunroof and door windows with electric drive
  16. Control unit for sunroof and door windows with electric drive
  17. Anti-theft warning lamp relay
  18. Power Door Windows, Power Sunroof, Power Seat Circuit Breaker

Changes for diesel vehicles

relay assignment

5 – electric current relay 12 – acoustic signal relay (door not closed, not wearing a belt) 13,14 – exhaust gas recirculation control relay 15 – lighting lamp control relay 18 – relay for the 3rd speed of rotation of the radiator blower fans (usually it is the 2nd speed) K – fuse for radiator blower S – fuse for electric current.

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