Alfa Romeo Mito (2009 – 2018) fuse and relay

The Alfa Romeo MiTo (Series 955) was first introduced in 2008 and underwent a restyling in 2014. Although there were no significant external changes, a new trim for the headlight surround and a chrome grille were added. Internal changes varied depending on the configuration and year of manufacture. This article focuses on the fuse and relay boxes of the Alfa Romeo MiTo from 2009 to 2018, providing diagrams and locations.


Passenger compartment fuse box

It is located under the dashboard on the left. To access it, you need to open the protective cover.

mito fuse box in the passenger compartment


F12(7,5A / 15A) RH headlight
F32(5A) Interior lamps
F53(5A) Instrument panel
F38(15A) Central locking
F36(10A) Stereo, Blue & Me system, Air conditioning control unit, Anti-theft alarm siren Volume alarm control unit, External diagnostic socket EOBD, Electronic control unit for tire pressure monitoring
F43(20A) Electric windscreen and rear window washer pump
F48(20A) Power windows
F13(7,5A / 15A) LH headlight
F50(7.5A) SRS system
F51(5A) Reverse
F37(5A) Third brake light
F49(5A) Parking sensor control unit, Tire pressure control unit, Rain sensor, automatic headlight switch on the interior rearview mirrors, electrochromic (convex) interior rearview mirror, radio navigation (backlight), LED on the display indicating that the seat belts are fastened on the interior rearview mirror, illumination of controls (center dashboard, driver side dashboard, steering wheel controls, Blue & Me controls), front seat heating switches, volumetric alarm control unit, electric sunroof control, PND connector on the dashboard
F31(5A) Under-hood fuse / relay box
F47(20A) Power windows

Engine compartment relay and fuse box

Located next to the battery. To access, unscrew screws A and remove cover B.engine compartment relay box

This is how it looks

Alfa Romeo Mito blok predoxraniteley real

scheme Alfa Romeo Mito


3Heater blower motor relay
4Headlamp high beam relay
5Engine control relay
6Windshield heater relay
7Accessory Power Connector Relay
8Fuel pump relay
9Fog lamp relay
10Horn relay
11Start inhibit relay
12Heated rear window relay
13Air conditioning relay
14Headlight washer relay
F1(7.5A) Air conditioner
F2(15A) Headlights
F3(15A) Sound signals
F4(30A) PTC1 auxiliary heater
F5(5A) Monitoring remote control switch coil, ECM (version 1.4), deflection coil of engine cooling system (300W + 300W
F6(20A) ABS / ESP system
F7(15A) Fog lights
F8(15A) Fuel pump
F9(20A) Headlamp washers
F10(15A) Gearbox pump
F11(30A) Heated rear window
F12(5A) ECM
F13(5A) Eclectic drive control unit (power + key) Brake control unit (power + key) Ying sensor on center tunnel
F14(7.5A) Heaters for defrosting the outside electric mirrors for the driver and passenger, Heaters for defrosting the outside on the front mudguards, Reel of the heated windshield switch
F15(30A / 40A / 50A) Cooling fan motor
F16(70A) Multifunction control module
F17(40A) ABS / ESP system
F18(70A) Electric power steering
F19(20A / 30A / 40A) Cooling fan motor
F20(40A) Heater blower motor
F21(20A) Ignition lock circuits
F23(60A) Glow plugs
F24(40A) Luggage compartment fuse / relay box
F25(10A) Engine management
F26(10A) Engine management
F27(15A / 20A) Engine management
F28(15A) Heated windscreen
F29(15A) Accessory power connectors, cigarette lighter

Luggage compartment fuse box

Located on the left under the casing.

mito trunk fuse box

Description table

Bose HI-FI amplifier control unitF415A
Bassbox subwoofer in the spare wheel compartmentF510A
Heated front left and right seatsF615A
Electric hatch opening systemF120A
Wiring fusesF2
Trunk power socketF315A

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Comments 2

  • I have a 2009 Mito.
    I am trying to locate the fuse board for the 3rd high stop light.
    The passenger fuse board does not exist, the boot space fuse board does not exist.
    Only fuse board located is in the engine compartment.
    Where is the fuse for the 3rd stop light?

  • Fuse box mentioned is in the glove box not behind the little cubby hole wrongly pictured (that’s on the drivers side)

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