Volkswagen Taos fuse and relay

Volkswagen Taos was produced in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025. During this time, the model received a facelift. In China it is also known as Volkswagen Tharu. In our material you will find a description of Volkswagen Taos fuses and relays with fuse box diagrams, their locations and photo examples of execution. Let’s show the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.


The purpose of the fuses and relays may differ from the one shown and depends on the year of manufacture, configuration and country of delivery. In case of difficulty, contact your nearest dealer.

Passenger compartment

Fuse box is located at the bottom of the instrument panel, on the driver’s side. You need to remove the glove box to access.







210A Steering Column Electronics Control Module
57.5A Built-in Diagnostic Interface Data Bus
Remote Start Relay
67.5A Selector lever
710A Heater and A/C Controls
Heated rear window relay
A/C clutch relay
87.5A Diagnostic connection
Electromechanical parking brake button
Humidity, rain and light sensor
Rotary light switch
Parking brake button
Instrument panel contour lamp 1
Instrument panel contour illumination lamp 2
Anti-theft alarm sensor
Instrument panel contour illumination lamp 3
Passenger door exterior lamp
Driver’s door exterior lamp
97.5A Steering Column Electronics Control Module
107.5A Front Information Display Control Panel
1140A Vehicle Electrical System Control Module
1220A Information Electronics Control Module 1
Navigation control module
1440A Fresh Air Fan Control Module
167.5/10A Storage compartment with mobile phone interface
USB charging port 1 (from 2023)
USB connection 1
177.5A Instrument panel
Control module for emergency call module and communication unit
187.5A Rear Cover Handle
Rear View Camera
197.5A Access/start system interface
2015A Vacuum pump relay
2115A Four Wheel Drive Control Module
2320A Sunroof control module
2440A Vehicle Electrical System Control Module
2530A Driver Door Control Module
Left rear window lift motor
2630A Vehicle Electrical System Control Module
2730A Vehicle Electrical System Control Module
295A Refrigerant circuit pressure sensor
3010A Remote Start Relay
327.5A Blind Spot Detection Control Module
Blind Spot Detection Control Module 2
Parking assistance control module
Driver assistance systems front camera
Adaptive Cruise Control Module
337.5A Airbag control module
Indicator lamp “Disabled” front passenger airbag
347.5A Rotary light switch
Interior rearview mirror
Relay Sockets
Parking brake button
357.5A Diagnostic connection
3930A Front Passenger Door Control Module
Right rear window lift motor
4020A 12V socket
12V socket 2
Relay Sockets
4240A Vehicle Electrical System Control Module
4330A Digitas Sound System Control Module
4515A Left front seat adjustment control panel
Driver’s seat lumbar adjustment switch
Left front seat cushion fan 1
Left front seat back fan 1
467.5A 2020-2022: USB charging port 1
4715A Rear window wiper motor
497.5A Starter Relay 1
Starter relay 2
Remote Start Relay
5330A Heated rear window relay
R1Vacuum pump relay
R2A/C clutch relay
R4Terminal 15, power supply relay
R5Heated rear window relay
R6Relay Sockets

The fuse number 40, 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Additional fuses and relays may be located near the fuse box.


additional elements VW TAOS


A15A Electric front passenger seat adjustment circuit breaker 1:
Right front seat back fan 1
Right front seat cushion fan 1
C7.5A Seat belt release solenoid fuse:
Passenger Detection Control Module
DRemote Start Relay

Engine compartment

The main fuse box under the hood is located on the left side of the engine compartment, next to the battery.

Location of the block under the hood golf 7

Consists of 2 sections: a communication section with fuses and relays, and a section for high power fuses.

location 2


Photo 2


Diagram 3


SBJ125A Fuse supply on fuse panel C (instrument panel): No. 4, 12, 14, 32, 35, 39, 40, 42, 49, 52, 53.
SBG400A Generator with Voltage Regulator
SBE80A Power Steering Control Module
SBK80A Fuse supply on fuse panel C (instrument panel): No. 2, 15, 19, 21, 23, 27, 30, 43, 45, 51.
SBL50A Radiator Fan
125A ABS control module
240/60A ABS control module
315A Engine/Motor Control Module
410A Ethanol concentration sensor
Secondary air injection pump relay
Radiator fan
Radiator Fan Control Module
Radiator fan
Oil level temperature sensor
Camshaft adjustment valve 1
Intake camshaft adjustment valve 1
Intake manifold control valve
EVAP canister purge control valve 1
Oil pressure control valve
Low thermal power relay
Vacuum pump relay
67.5A Brake light switch
710A 1.5L petrol engine:
Secondary air injection solenoid valve
Charge air cooling pump
Fuel tank leak detection module
Tank shut-off valve
810A Oxygen sensor 1 after catalytic converter
Oxygen sensor 1 heater after catalytic converter
Oxygen sensor after catalyst
Oxygen sensor 1 before catalytic converter
Oxygen sensor heater
Heated oxygen sensor
920A Ignition coil 1~4 with output stage
1015A Fuel pump control module
1140A Secondary air injection pump motor
Secondary air injection pump relay
1330A Additional hydraulic pump 1 transmission fluid
1440A Auxiliary heater heating element
Relay and fuse panel 1
1515A Horn Relay
177.5A ABS control module
Engine/Motor Control Module
Motronic Engine Control Module Power Supply Relay
187.5A Battery Monitoring Control Module
Built-in diagnostic interface data bus
1930A Wiper Motor Relay 1
Wiper motor relay 2
2115/30A Mechatronics dual clutch transmission
Transmission control module
227.5A Engine/Motor Control Module
2330A Starter
2430A Auxiliary heater heating element
3230/40A Auxiliary heater heating element
3615A Left headlight
3815A Right headlight
R1Starter relay 1
R2Starter relay 2
R3Horn relay
R4Secondary air injection pump relay
R5Motronic Engine Control Module Power Supply Relay
R9Wiper motor relay 1
R10Wiper motor relay 2

Some additional relays, for example an additional heater relay, can be installed separately, outside the main fuse box.

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