Volkswagen Polo 4 fuse and relay

The 4th generation Volkswagen Polo was produced in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 with sedan and hatchback bodies. In 2005, the car was updated and an additional model made in the off-road style of the Cross Polo was introduced. In this publication, we will show you where all the electronic control units are located in the Volkswagen Polo 4. Separately, we will highlight the purpose of fuses and relays with box diagrams in which they are located.

vw polo 4



VW polo 4 general arrangement


1Air conditioner control unit – in the heater control panel
2A / C / Heater Fan Motor Control Unit (with automatic temperature control) – Fan Unit
3Antenna signal amplifier (audio system) – in the audio system antenna
4Antenna signal amplifier (navigation system) – in the audio system antenna
5Side impact sensor, driver’s side – under the front seat
6Side gift sensor, on the passenger side – under the front seat
7Side impact sensor, rear left (left curtain airbag) – luggage compartment, behind the left trim panel
8Side impact sensor, right rear (right curtain airbag) – luggage compartment, behind the right trim panel
9Anti-theft control unit -in multifunction control unit 2
10Anti-theft alarm sound – behind the rear left wheel arch trim
11Volume change sensor (anti-theft system) – front interior lamp
12Accumulator battery
13Central locking control unit – in multifunction control unit 2
14Diagnostic connector (DLC)
15Diagnostic unit – in multifunction control unit 1
16Door function control unit, front left (central locking / door mirror / power window)
17Door function control unit, front right (central locking / door mirror / power window)
18Door function control unit, rear left (central locking / power window)
19Door function control unit, rear right (central locking / power window)
20Cooling Fan Motor Control Unit – with A / C-AXU
21Fuse / relay box dashboard 1
22Fuse / relay box dashboard 2
23Fuse / Relay Box, Engine Compartment – Above Battery
24Additional fuse (5A / 7.5A / 10A) – at the rear of the audio system / navigation system control unit
25Heater fan motor resistor (manual temperature control) – fan unit
26Heater blower motor resistor (automatic temperature control) – in the air conditioning / heater blower motor control unit
27Heater control unit – in the heater control panel – without air conditioner
28Horn (s) – behind the front bumper
29Immobilizer Control Unit – In Instrument Cluster
30Immobilizer ring antenna – near the ignition switch
31Turn signal / alarm relay – in multifunction control unit 1
32Instrument cluster control unit, digital multifunction display – on instrument cluster – functions: Immobilizer, warning devices and indicators
33Warning buzzer about the lamps left on – in the instrument cluster
34Multifunction control unit 1 – under dashboard fuse / relay box 2 – functions: Cruise control, electric drive / heated door mirrors, start relay (fuel system), rear window defogger, horn, direction indicators, hazard warning lights, lights interior, rear window cleaner, reversing light (automatic transmission), windshield washers, windshield wipers
35Multifunctional control unit 2-functions: Anti-theft system, central locking, electric drive and heated door mirrors, power windows
36Navigation antenna – in the audio system antenna
37Navigation control unit – in navigation system / radio control panel
38Outside temperature sensor – behind the front bumper
39Power steering control unit
40Rain sensor – inside rearview mirror
41Driver’s seat heating control unit – under the front seat
42Seat heating control unit, passenger – under the front seat
43SRS control unit – behind center console
44Sunroof control unit – behind the interior lighting lamp
45Telephone antenna – in the audio system antenna
46Telephone Interface Control Unit – Front Right Space
47Electronic gearbox control unit
48Vehicle speed sensor – except 11/02 -> without ABS – gearbox

On-board electrical boxes

Electricity grid

Fuse box

The fuse box is located in the passenger compartment, at the end of the dashboard on the driver’s side and is covered by a protective cover. Check the current fuse designation and numbers on the inside of the cover.

photo with designationPhoto for example

Cabin fuse box


Passenger compartment fuse box diagram


110A Wiper, rear window washer
25A Rheostat for instrument cluster illumination, license plate illumination lamp
35A Rear fog lamps
45A Brake light switch (brake pedal position sensor), cruise control, engine management system
55A Engine management, exhaust gas circulation
65A Headlight range control
75A Engine management, power steering
85A Heated door mirrors
910A Engine management
105A S-pin
115A Electric door mirror heater
125A Lamps front right side, rear right side
135A Lamps, front left, rear left
1410A Engine management system, intake manifold heater
1510A automatic transmission
1610A Wiper, windshield washer
175A Engine management
185A Air conditioning system, air recirculation system (air conditioning / heater), anti-theft system, interior rearview mirror with auto-dimming, cooling fan motor control unit, instrument cluster, navigation system
1910A Heated windscreen washer nozzles, reversing lights
205A Instrument cluster
2110A RH headlamp-high beam
2210A LH headlamp – high beam
2310A Anti-lock braking system, stability control system
2410A Multifunction control unit 1
2510A Engine management
2610A Stop lights
275A Anti-lock braking system (with ESP), instrument cluster
2810A Interior lamps
295A Air conditioning system, diagnostic connector (DLC), telephone
305A Multifunction control module 1, automatic transmission selector lock system, rain sensor (windshield wiper)
3125A Front left door power window motor
3215A Heated seats
3315A Anti-theft alarm horn
3415A Accessory power connector
3520A Hatch
3625A Air conditioner / heater blower motor
3715А20А Ignition coil (s), ignition system switch (s)
3825A Rear left door power window motor
3925A Front Right Door Window Regulator Motor
4010A / 30A Engine management
4115A Fuel pump, fuel supply pump – petrol / TDI
4220A Engine management – AXU
4315A RH headlamp-low beam, headlight range control
4415A Fog lights
4515A Engine management – AUB
4620A Wiper, windshield washer
4720A Heated rear window (^ 02/04)
4815A Direction indicators, hazard warning lights
4915A Cigarette lighter
5015A Multifunctional control unit 2, anti-theft system, central locking
5115A Audio system, navigation system
5220A Horn, wiper, windshield washer
5325A Rear right door power window motor
5415A Left headlight – low beam, headlight range control

The fuse is responsible for the cigarette lighter 49 at 15A.

Relay box

The relay box is located behind the instrument panel trim on the driver’s side. The Polo has a single relay box with the same type of sockets.


Polo relay circuit 4


2Relay in the power supply circuit of the Motronic system
3(100) Glow plug relay
4(53) Relay, fuel supply pump (TDI)
5(449) Relay for door marker lamp, door opening lamp
6(53) Headlight washer pump relay
7(126) Starter interlock relay
8(53) Relay 1 auxiliary heater, low power
9(100) Auxiliary heater relay 2, high power (diesel)
10(53/429) Engine management system relay (petrol, except AXU)
11(18) Ignition auxiliary circuits relay, X terminal unload relay
12(404) Start relay (fuel system) (petrol, except AXU)
13(167) Fuel pump relay (petrol engine, except AXU)
14Auxiliary heater fuse box
15(109) Engine management system relay (diesel)

Some fuses can also be attached to this unit, for example, an additional 40A heater.

Main fuse box

It is located on the battery cover. The number of fuses included in it depends on the specific configuration of the vehicle. The block holders can hold a maximum of 6 blade fuses and 10 blade fuses. The connection to the positive terminal is made by means of a wire with a terminal lug and a screw. Fuses protect individual on-board circuits from overloading directly at the battery output.

Block under the hood polo 4

Protected components

1110A Generator
2110 Salon, ignition lock
350A Power steering
450A Engine management system relay (AXU), exhaust air pump
540A Cooling fan motor
640A Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
740A Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
830A Cooling fan motor
105A Multifunction control unit 1
115A Air conditioning system, cooling fan motor control unit
135A automatic transmission


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  • Hi I Have A Vw Polo 2007 Problem With Alarm Horn Keep Going Off Fault Code 01134 Alarm Horn (H12) Can Tell Me Is Situated Under Rear Wheel Arch Liner Passenger Side or Under Windscreen In Middle Under Plastic Scuttle Panel Under Wiper Arms ??? If You Can Let Me No Thanks Jason.

    • Hi, I have cross polo 2007 it got a problem of stalling after 15 minutes, when u try to start immediately after stall it doesn’t start, 5 minutes later it start and stall after that 15 minutes.

  • Hi There, I have a 2008 Polo 1.6i. I recently used my car to boost another car because the battery was dead. The next day I noticed that My Dash Lights are not working, The back light of the radio isnt working. I checked the manual and there is no fuse for this. The back lights for the electronic windows are also off, as well as the number plate lights
    Any suggestions ???

    • Check the fuse numbered 2

      • Hi I have a 2009 polo tdi with starting and running problems. I’ve looked for relay 109 but there’s another relay number 634 in position no 15 and relay 109 doesn’t appear yo be anywhere.

  • Excelente información, por si no es mucha molestia, me podrían proporcionar el diagrama de un polo 1.6 9n 2004

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  • Hi I have 2007 vw polo,I drove from somewhere at night and came and park my car,the following day I realised that I ve lost headlights,rear window wiper Aircon and the blower motor ,please can anyone help what’s wrong with my car I ve tested all the fuses are okay.

  • HI, I’m helping a friend out – he’s got a 2006 polo 1.6 9n motor
    the fan won’t go on even after replacing fan switch/sensor and temp switch/sensor
    could it be the relay?

    The fan only goes on when plug is earthed

  • Hey can you please help me at night my dash light in the car dont work i cant see anything on my dash board all the warning symbols and icons are working on my dash board but not my dash light that light up my dashboard im driving a polo vivo 1.4 2014 model

    • Here are a few things you can try:

      Check the dimmer switch: Some cars have a dimmer switch that allows you to adjust the brightness of the dashboard lights. Make sure the switch is turned up and try adjusting it to see if the lights come on.

      Check the fuses: Your dashboard lights may be controlled by a fuse. Check your owner’s manual or our diagrams to find the location of the fuse box and check the relevant fuse(s) to see if they are blown. If a fuse is blown, replace it with one of the same amperage.

      Check the bulbs: Your dashboard lights may be powered by bulbs that have burned out. You can try replacing them with new ones to see if that fixes the problem.

      Check the wiring: If the above steps don’t work, there may be a problem with the wiring that powers the dashboard lights. In this case, it may be best to take your car to a mechanic to have them diagnose and repair the issue.

  • Hey I have a 03 polo and just resently my dim lights stopped working so I checked the fuses and the bulbs but they are all fine. I think it’s something to do with a switch but I’ve no idea where to start if anyone knows?

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    Also relay as am having trouble getting direction for location of sensor.
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