Volkswagen Caddy fuse and relay

Volkswagen Caddy is a light commercial vehicle produced with two body options: a van and a minivan, in 4 generations since 1980. In our material you will find a designation of fuses and relays for the third generation Volkswagen Caddy (Caddy Typ 2K) produced in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. We will also show you where the boxes are, their photos and diagrams. Separately, we highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

vw caddy

Due to the fact that the Volkswagen Caddy was produced with various body options, equipment levels and electrical equipment, and also underwent a facelift in 2010, there is no one general designation for all units. We will present the most common ones for your reference.


Arrangement of boxes

Arrangement of blocks in caddy

  1. Fuse links in the fuse holder (A -SA-), additional relay box under the electrical box
  2. Fuses and relays in the switching unit (B -SB-)
  3. Fuse and relay box under dash panel, left (C -SC-)
  4. Footwell relay

Engine compartment

Fuse and relay box

Located next to the battery. Consists of high power fuse-links connected to the battery and a compartment with fuses and relays.

The location of the unit under the hood

Type 1

The photo

photo block under the hood


Scheme under the hood, option 1


Protected components

230A DSG gearbox mechatronic unit
35A Control unit for battery monitoring
Onboard supply control unit
420A ABS control unit ABS
hydraulic unit
515A block mechatronics KP DSG
65A Instrument Cluster
Control Unit Steering Column Control Unit
40A Power supply relay terminal 15
Fuse holder C -SC-
815A Control unit with display of radio navigation system
Head unit

Voltage regulator
Control unit with display for radio navigation system
Head device
Fuse 57, 58 on fuse holder C -SC-
95A Mobile phone control electronics control unit
105A Main relay
Engine control unit
Relay for power supply of electronic components of the engine
1130A Additional heater control unit
125A Data bus diagnostic interface
1315A Engine control unit (petrol)

30A Engine control unit (diesel)

1415A Fuel pressure regulator (diesel)

20A Ignition coil

155A Heating
relay Fuel pump
relay Electric fuel pump relay 2
Glow plug control unit 10A Lambda probe heater, gas supply valve 15A High pressure valve, Gas supply valve
30A Onboard power supply control unit battery, ABS, headlights and turn signals
1715A Horn relay
1830A Control unit for special vehicles
1930A wiper motor control unit
2010A Fuel tank shut-off valve
Coolant circulation pump
2110A Lambda probe heating element (diesel)

15A Fuel pump control unit, Lambda probe heater

225A Clutch pedal position sensor
Brake light switch
235A Relay for additional coolant pump

10A Air mass meter (diesel)
Solenoid valve for boost pressure control (diesel)
Exhaust gas recirculation cooler changeover valve (diesel)
Control unit for gas operation
Shut-off valve relay
High pressure valve for gas operation

15A Fuel pressure regulator

2410A Radiator fan control unit
Secondary air pump
relay Relay for additional cooling system pump
Solenoid valve 1 of the adsorber
Coolant control
valve Intake manifold changeover valve Coolant
circulation pump 2
Cylinder injectors
2540A ABS Hydraulic Pump ABS
Control Unit
30A Onboard supply control unit, headlights and turn signals
2740A Secondary air pump motor

50A Glow plug control unit

2930 / 50A Fuses in fuse holder C -SC-
3050A Fuse holder C -SC-


  • A1 – Main relay, Relay for power supply of electronic components of the engine
  • A2 – Secondary Air Pump Relay, Auxiliary Cooling Pump Relay, Gas Shutoff Valve Relay, Jumper

Type 2

The photo

Photo of the fuse box option 2


Scheme under the hood, option 2


130A ABS control unit
230A ABS control unit
3not used
45A onboard supply control unit
520A signal, horn relay
620A ignition coil
75A brake pedal switch, engine control units, clutch pedal position sensor
810A exhaust gas recirculation valve, absorber solenoid valve 1, radiator fan control unit, air intake flap motor
910A fuel pump relay (BDJ, BJB)
1010A EGR valve, boost pressure limiting solenoid valve, EGR cooler changeover valve
1125 / 30A Motronik control unit (BCA, 8GU), diesel injection system control unit (BDJ. BJB)
1210A lambda probe (BCA), lambda probe after catalyst (BCA)
13not used
14not used
1540A starter (power circuit 50)
1615A steering column control unit
1710A instrument cluster control unit
18not used
1915A R radio, control unit with display for radio navigation system
2010A mobile phone control electronics control unit
21not used
22not used
23not used
2410A data bus diagnostic interface
2525A reserve, 10A Motronik control unit
265A power supply relay terminal 30
2710A crankcase ventilation heating resistor
3240A glow plug 1, 2, 3
3315A glow plug 4, fuel pump
34not used
35not used
35not used
37not used
3810A headlight range control actuator
395A oil level and temperature sensor, instrument cluster control unit
4020A Power supply for fuses in the passenger compartment
415A fuel pump relay
4210A glow plug relay, air flow meter
43not used
44not used
4515A lambda probe
46not used
4740A onboard supply control unit, left headlight (vehicles with central locking)
4840A onboard supply control unit, right headlight (vehicles with central locking)
49not used
5050A glow plug
5140A Glow Plugs, Secondary Air Pump Relay, Secondary Air Pump Motor
52not used
5325A driver’s door control unit, front passenger door control unit
5450A radiator fan control unit

Separately under the block itself is the glow plug control unit.

High Power Fuse Links



fuse-link diagram


  1. 150 / 200А – Generator
  2. 50 / 80A – Power steering control unit
  3. 50A – Radiator fan control unit
  4. 80A – Relay for unloading contact X or Fuse holder C -SC-
  5. 80A – Not used either Fuse box C -SC-
  6. 100A – Fuse box C -SC- or 40A – Low power heating relay
  7. 80A – High power heating relay or Fuse holder C -SC-

Passenger compartment

The main fuse and relay box is located under the dash on the driver’s side.

Access to the unit in the salon


Blocks in the salon

Photo for example

photo example of block arrangement photo example of block arrangement

Fuse box

Photo of the fuse box in the passenger compartment


Caddy block diagram box

Protected components

115A engine start key
2 5A Trailer Recognition Control Unit
35A heater switch and operating mode selection, high pressure sensor
45A mobile phone control electronics control unit
515A air flow meter
65A airbag control unit
7driver and passenger seat heating regulator, air conditioning control unit
85A heating resistor for left and right windscreen washer nozzles
95A airbag control unit, power steering unit
105A mobile phone control electronics control unit, 10A reversing light switch
1110A power steering control unit
12not used
13not used
145A ASR switch, ASR and ESP off button, ABS control unit with EDS
1510A reversing light switch, relay for auxiliary heater operation (from May 2004)
165A data bus diagnostic interface
177.5A lamp for left side light and rear fog lamp (vehicles without central locking)
18not used
19not used
20not used
215A selector
225A device for receiving radio signal of an additional liquid heater
2310A brake light switch, left brake light, right brake light, high stop light, ABS control unit
2410A light switch, air conditioning control unit, diagnostic connector (T16 / 16)
2530A driver’s seat heating control unit, front passenger seat heating control unit
2610A engine control units, injectors
2715A rear window wiper motor (from May 2004)
285A light switch (vehicles with central locking)
3020A fog lamp switch, light switch
3125A relay for operation in auxiliary heater mode (until April 2004), after – onboard supply control unit
3215A washer pump
3340A heater switch and operating mode selection, air conditioning control unit
34not used
3540A supply fan, relay for auxiliary heater operation
36not used
3715A lamp of the right headlight dipped beam (vehicles without central locking)
3815A lamp of the left headlight dipped beam (only vehicles without central locking)
39not used
4020A Trailer Recognition Control Unit
4120A socket TSU
4215 / 30A 12 V socket (next to the parking brake lever), 12 V socket on the left in the luggage compartment
4315A relay for electric fuel pump 2 (BCA, BGU), fuel pump
445A interior sensor, vehicle tilt sensor
455A antenna selection control unit
467.5A onboard supply control unit
4725A cigarette lighter
4820A headlamp cleaning relay, headlight washer pump
4910A driver’s door control unit, front passenger door control unit
5025A central control unit for comfort system
5130A seat heating control unit
5225A fresh air blower relay, onboard supply control unit
5325A central control unit for convenience system / 30A lamps
54not used
55not used
56not used
5730A emergency data logger
58not used

The fuse number 47, 25A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter. Please note that fuses for additional sockets are located separately.

Relay box


Relay diagram number 1


  • B1 J681 Terminal 15 Power Supply Relay 2 (460)
  • B2 – not used
  • B3 – not used
  • B4 J689 Terminal 30 Power Supply Relay 2 (449)
  • B5 – J9 – heated rear window relay (53)
  • B6 – J413 – horn relay (449)
  • B7 – J729 – relay 1 double washer pump (395/404)
  • B8 – J730 – double washer pump relay 2 (395/404)
  • B9 – J59 – Relay for unloading contact X (460)


relay block diagram 2


1Headlamp cleaning relay (646)
2Fuel pump relay (646), headlamp cleaning relay (53)
3Terminal 50 Power Relay (645), Starter Relay 1 (645) (from November 2011), Fuel Pump Relay (449)
4Relay for auxiliary heater operation (645) (until October 2011), Relay for unloading contact X (644) (from November 2011), Heated rear window relay (645) (from May 2012)
5Fuel injection relay (646), Fuel pump cutout relay (404)
6Starter relay 2 -J907- (507) (from November 2011)
7High power heating relay (644) (until October 2011), Terminal 15 power supply relay (645) (from November 2011), Relay for auxiliary heater operation (53)
8Electric Fuel Pump Relay 2 (646), Fuel Pump Shutdown Relay (646)
9Relay for low heating power (645) (until October 2011), Relay for heated rear window (645) (from November 2011), Relay for unloading contact X (from May 2012)

Individual relays can be located in the driver’s footwell, such as the remote control unit for the anti-theft alarm in a taxi or the changeover relay 1 for the roof fan.

separate relays

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We hope this material helped you. And if you want to add something – write in the comments.

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  • The viper washer in vw caddy reg. 2017. Where in the fuse box is it?
    Regards Aki

  • My left back light unit is complete dead.No light working,not even the emergencylights.Where can I start.Caddy maxi crewbus 2018

  • This is a very good site to check your fuse locations.When you look at the above fuse locations dont forget that you will not have all the listed locations with fuses fitted in the coloured photo of the fuse box is upside down.My problem was that the heater fan in my Caddy was not working at all so I found the location from the numbered fuse drawing (it was number 33 showing as 40A heater switch and operating mode selection, air conditioning control unit).I now know that it has a 40amp fuse so now I know to look for a 40amp fuse on the coloured photo of the fuses above and also the location on my Caddy van fuse box.Next I checked the voltage over my 40 amp fuse in my van and all was well 12 volts.Then looking at the coloured photo of the fuse box above I counted the location from left to rite and the 40 amp fuse was located in the 9th fuse holder (40 amp).Now I looked at where my own 40amp fuse was located by again counting the number of slot locations and mine was in the 8th slot not the 9th as it should be.I moved my 40amp fuse to the 9th fuse holder and the heater works fine.

  • Can i turn off my cigarette socket when i turn off the ignition

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