Volkswagen Polo 5G (6R 6C 61) fuse and relay

Volkswagen Polo produced in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 as Mk5 with body 6R 6C 61. In some countries it is known as Volkswagen Polo Vento or Volkswagen Polo Sedan. In our material, we will show a designation of the fuses and relays of the Volkswagen Polo Mk5 with boxes diagrams and their photographs, as well as the places where they are located. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

polo sedan

The purpose of the fuses in the boxes may differ from the material presented, and depends on the year of manufacture and the level of equipment (trendline, comfortline, etc.) of your car. In case of difficulty, contact your nearest dealer.

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

It is located under the steering column, behind the protective cover.

the location of the unit in the cabin


block diagram in the cabin

On the right-hand drive vehicle this panel is mirrored.

Protected components

15A Control unit in dash panel insert, ABS control unit, Mobile telephone operating electronics control unit
210 / 15A Steering column switches, windshield washer pump, rear window wiper motor
35 / 7.5A Fuel pump relay, engine control unit
47,5A Steering column switches (2A) Combination switch 
65A Instrument cluster control unit
75 / 15A Headlight beam direction controller, Number plate light
810A Injectors or reserve
95 / 7.5A ABS control unit, ASR / ESP switch, Data bus diagnostic interface
105 / 7.5A Head unit, Vehicle speed sensor, automatic transmission selector, power package control unit, ignition switch
115A Headlight beam direction regulator, geared motors in headlamp units, Cruise control system switch
125A Door mirror adjustment switch
1315A Automatic transmission control unit, automatic transmission multifunction switch, automatic transmission selector
145 / 10A Airbag control unit (SRS)
155A Heated windscreen waterjets
165 / 10A Parktronic control unit
1710 / 15A Warming up of lambda probes and clan of the fuel vapor recovery system
185 / 7.5A Control unit in dash panel insert, fog lamp in the left rear lamp
195 / 7.5A Parking light relay, audio head unit, electrical accessories control unit, ignition and starter switch
205 / 10A Control unit in dash panel insert, steering column switches, Terminal 30 voltage supply relay, heat output relay
2110 / 15A Power package control unit, directional lamps, interior lighting with a delayed switch-off, trunk lighting
225 / 10A Diagnostic connection, air conditioning control unit, climate control unit, key lock solenoid in the ignition switch
237.5 / 10A Electrical control unit, engine control unit, automatic transmission control unit, automatic transmission switch (manual mode) 5A Selector lever Rain sensor
245A Power package control unit, heating elements for outside mirrors
255 / 7.5A Refrigerant pressure sensor, air conditioning compressor relay, cooling fan control unit, air conditioning control unit, diagnostic socket, heating and ventilation control unit, diagnostic socket
267.5A Air mass meter / 10A Power steering control unit
275 / 15A Reversing lamp switch in the right rear lamp
2810A Lambda Sensor
2920A Ignition coils
3015A Canister solenoid valve, coolant pump,
EGR cooler changeover valve
3110A Injector cylinder
3210A Fuel pump, 30A Engine control unit
335A Clutch pedal position sensor, brake light switch 10A Radiator fan control unit
347.5A Right block – headlamp (high beam) 15A Control unit in dash panel insert 20A High beam
3515/20A Engine management system
3610 / 15A Fuel pump or injectors 20A Relay for fuel supply in the pressure line 7.5A Right main beam bulb
3725A Driver’s seat heating regulator, front passenger seat heating regulator, front seat heating control unit
387.5А Left block – headlight (high beam), control unit of instrument cluster 30A Control unit for automatic gearbox
3910 / 15A Right headlamp (low beam)
4030A Heater fan switch, heater fan control unit
4115A Rear window wiper motor
4215 / 20A Cigarette lighter fuse
4315 / 20A Electrical package control unit, direction indicator lamps, brake signal lamps
4415A Ultrasonic burglar alarm sensor, burglar alarm siren
4515 / 30A Navigation control unit, audio head unit, multimedia control unit
4620 / 30A Head lamp washers / Power package control unit (sound signal)
4720 / 30A Electrical control unit (wiper motor)
4825A / 30A Central locking, Luggage compartment door lock actuator, Fuel filler flap electric actuator
495 / 15A Reversing lamp / Fuel pump relay
5025 / 30A Driver’s door control unit
5125 / 30A Front passenger door control unit
5230A Rear left door control unit, rear right door control unit
5330A Heated rear window
5415A Fog lights
5515A Ignition coils
5640A Heated windshield relay
575 / 7.5A Side light bulbs in the left headlamp and left tail lamp
585 / 7.5A Side light bulbs in the right headlamp and right tail lamp
5910 / 15А Left block – headlight (low beam)
6015A DRL / Audio

The fuse number 42, 15 or 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Example of a table with designation


Polo sedan fuse assignment table


Diagram vento

Relay box

Most electrical circuits in the vehicle are protected by fuses. Powerful current consumers are connected via relays. The main relay box is located under the dash on the left side (driver’s side).

Relay access


Polo sedan relay block diagram


  • R1 – reserve;
  • R2 – windscreen heating relay (depending on configuration);
  • R3 – starter blocking relay;
  • R4 – fuel supply relay on the pressure line;
  • R5 – power supply relay;
  • R6 – reserve;
  • R7 – front parking light relay;
  • R8 – fuel pump relay;
  • R9 – air conditioning relay;
  • R10 – relay contact “X”;
  • R11 – R15 – reserve.

Engine compartment

The fuse box is located on a plastic holder above the battery in the engine compartment.


Block under the hood


125A ABS control unit
230A Cooling fan motor control unit, cooling fan motor
35A Cooling fan motor control unit
410A ABS control unit
55A Power package control unit
SA1150 / 175A Generator
SA3110A Ignition switch, light switch, steering column switches, relay for unloading contacts of the ignition switch, fuel pump relay, fuel supply relay when opening the driver’s door, low beam relay, fuse circuits 4, 20, 56, parking light relay, terminal 30 power supply relay
SA450A Power steering control unit
SA540A ABS control unit
SA640A Cooling fan control unit


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