Toyota Noah Voxy Esquire – fuse and relay

Toyota Noah 80 body represents the 3rd generation of Toyota Noah which was produced in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 on a common base with Toyota Esquire and Toyota Voxy. During this time, the model has undergone updates. In this material, we will present a description of fuses and relays Toyota Noah Voxy Esquire with schematics of blocks and their locations. We will separately note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Toyota Esquire

The design of the units and the assignment of the elements in them may differ from that shown.

Passenger compartment

In the passenger compartment, the fuse box is located in the lower part of the instrument panel on the left side behind the glove compartment.


The protective cover must be removed for access. The unit itself will look like this.

Photo of fuse box

Check fuse and relay assignments against your diagram on the back of the box cover.




5A PANELInstrument panel illumination and switches
10A TAILParking light, license plate light
15A P/OUTLETSocket (cigarette lighter)
5A ECU-ACCElectrical equipment
5А SFT LOCK-ACCGearbox selector lock
10A A/BAG-IG2Airbag system SRS, seatbelt warning system
5A IG3 NO.2Instrument cluster
5A METER/BBC-IG2Instrument cluster
15A WIPER RRRear windshield wiper
20A P/W F/LFront left windshield wiper
20A P/W F/RFront right front window lifter
7,5А ODBDiagnostic connector
20A P/W R/RRear right window elevator
5A AM1Starting system
20A P/W R/LRear left window elevator
10A DOOR BACKRear door
10А A/CAir conditioning and ventilation
7,5A IG1 NO.4Instrument cluster
7,5A IG1 NO.5Instrument cluster
7,5A IG1 NO.3Instrument cluster
5A IG1 NO.2Instrument cluster
5A EPS-IG1/BBC-IG1Instrument cluster
10A IG1 NO.1Instrument cluster
10A BKUP LPBack lamp
10A WASHERWasher
10A S-HTR F/RHeated front right seat
10A S-HTR F/LHeated front left seat
7,5A FOG FRFog lights
7,5A AM2Engine control unit
5A MPX-B NO.3Trip computer, trunk door opener, intelligent entry and start system, immobilizer, ignition system, steering wheel lock, wireless control system
15A HAZEmergency alarm and turn signals
15A STRG LOCKSteering wheel lock
10A DOMEInterior lighting, trunk door opener system, intelligent entry and start system, immobilizer, wireless control system
20A D/LCentral locking system

There may also be a relay box located in the passenger compartment under the panel on the steering side.

Engine compartment

Under the hood, on the left side of the engine compartment, there is a fuse and relay box.

location 3


100A J/B-ALTGenerator, Fuses: “ECU-IG NO.2”, “HTR-IG”, “WIPER”, “RR WIPER”, “WASHER”, “ECU-IG NO.1”, “ECU-IG NO.3 “, “SEAT HTR”, “AM1”, “DOOR”, “STOP”, “FR DOOR”, “POWER”, “RR DOOR”, “RL DOOR”, “OBD”, “ACC-B”, “RR FOG”, “FR FOG”, “DEF”, “TAIL”, “SUNROOF”, “DRL”
50A HTR FRFront heater (air conditioner)
20A ABS NO1Abs
50A AIR SUSAir suspension
40A DEFGlass heating
30A RDI FANCooling fan
30A CDS FANCooling fan
40A CLR RRRear air conditioner
100A R/B RH-ALTGenerator, Fuses: “ECU-IG NO.2”, “HTR-IG”, “WIPER”, “RR WIPER”, “WASHER”, “ECU-IG NO.1”, “ECU-IG NO.3 “, “SEAT HTR”, “AM1”, “DOOR”, “STOP”, “FR DOOR”, “POWER”, “RR DOOR”, “RL DOOR”, “OBD”, “ACC-B”, “RR FOG”, “FR FOG”, “DEF”, “TAIL”, “SUNROOF”, “DRL”
40A STStarter and starting system
80A EPSElectric power steering
10A NOISE FILTRENoise filter
5A STOPStop Signals
15A MIR HTRMirror heating
10A EFI NO.2Distributed fuel injection system/sequential distributed fuel injection system
10A FUEL PUMPFuel pump
7,5A INJ NO.2Injection system
10А HORNHorn, horn
10A ETCSEngine management
10A A/F HTROxygen/fuel ratio sensor
15А RADIOAudio system, radio
10А H-LP LH HILeft headlights, high beam
15А H-LP LH LOLeft headlights, low beam
10А H-LP RH HIRight headlights, high beam
15А H-LP RH LORight headlights, dipped beam
RR DEFRear heater relay
STStarter relay
FANHeating fan relay


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