Toyota Vitz / Platz – fuse and relay

The 1st generation Toyota Vitz was produced in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 with the p10 – p12 marking. During this time, the model was updated several times. Toyota Platz presents a sedan made on a common base with Vitz. In our material you can find information describing the locations of electronic control units, the purpose of fuses and relays Toyota Vitz 1 with box diagrams and their photos with examples of execution. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.

Toyota Vitz 1G

The locations of the units and their design may differ from those shown and depend on the year of manufacture and the level of electrical equipment.

Boxes arrangement

General layout of electronic control units

Diagram 1 Diagram 2


  1. oil pump relay (“START / STOP” system)
  2. fuse blox (models with “START / STOP” system)
  3. relay box No. 2 in the engine compartment
  4. fuse box
  5. ABS relay box
  6. starter control relay (“START / STOP” system)
  7. ABS modulatorright
  8. front airbag sensor
  9. mounting box in the engine compartment
  10. front left airbag sensor
  11. “START / STOP” control unit
  12. central lock control relay
  13. remote control receiver for central locking
  14. stability control unit
  15. electric power steering control unit (2SZ-FE)
  16. fuse box
  17. mounting box under the dashboard
  18. fog lamp relay (RS)
  19. SRS control unit
  20. electronic engine control unit
  21. automatic transmission selector lock control unit
  22. deceleration sensor (ABS, 4WD)
  23. fuel pump control relay
  24. transformer (“START / STOP” system)
  25. storage battery (“START / STOP” system).

Passenger compartment

Fuse and relay box

It is located under the panel, behind the protective cover, in the general diagram it is indicated at number 17.




location LHD

Photo – an example of execution


Check your diagram on the box cover

Covery 1


diagram fuse box toyota p10

Protected components

110A GAUGE – Instruments, ABS, air conditioning, reversing lamps, charging system, instrument cluster, dual lock, door lock control unit, engine control unit, gearbox control unit, daytime running lights, warning buzzer, sunroof, power windows, transmission selector lock gear, direction indicators, alarm, heater
210А DEF RLY – Heated rear window, heated mirrors
20А DEF – Heated rear window, heated mirrors
325A D / L – Double lock, door lock control unit
47.5A TAIL – Front fog light, headlights, headlight range control, warning buzzer, rear fog light, side light
620A WIPER – Front wiper and washer, rear wiper and washer, door lock
77.5А ECU − B – Headlights, rear fog light
815A FOG – Front fog light
915A ACC – Cigarette lighter, clock, instrument cluster, warning buzzer, multi-information display, socket, audio system, power mirrors
107.5A ECU-IG – ABS, interior lighting, multi-information display, auxiliary heater (PTC), cooling fan, SRS airbag system, heater
117.5А OBD – Diagnostic connector
1210А HAZ – Direction indicators, alarm
137,5A A.C – Air conditioning, heater
1410A S-HTR – Heated seats
1610A STOP – Engine control unit, gearbox control unit, gearbox selector lock, brake light
1750А AM1 – Fuses: “ACC”, “GAUGE”, “DEF” (“DEF RLY”,), “S-HTR”, “WIPER”, “ECU − IG”
1830A POWER – Windows, sunroof
1940А HTR – Air conditioning, heater
2030A DEF – Heated rear window, heated mirrors
R2Hazard warning lights (turn signals)
R3Power relay (windows, sunroof)
R4Fuel Pump (Circuit Opening (C / OPN))

The fuse number 9, 15A, is responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter, another fuse is located in the block under the hood.

Engine compartment

Fuse and relay box

This unit is located on the left side of the engine compartment, next to the battery.


photo 2

Check your diagram on the box cover

Covery 2


Diagram 3


115A DOME – Clock, instrument cluster, dual lock, headlights, interior lighting, warning buzzer, multi-information display, audio system, door lock control unit
215A EFI – Engine control unit, immobilizer, transmission control unit
315A HORN – Sound signal
415A AM2 – Charging system, instrument cluster, engine control unit, immobilizer, gearbox control unit, multi-information display, SRS airbag system, ignition system
530A ST – Starting system
710A H − LP LH – Left headlight, headlight range control
810A H − LP RH – Left headlight, headlight range control
915A P / POINT – Socket
10Spare fuse
11Spare fuse
12Spare fuse
1530A RDI – Cooling fan
1650A HTR SUB1 – Auxiliary heater (PTC)
17 –
R1Cooling fan
R2Cooling fan
R5Power socket
R6Auxiliary heater (PTC)
R8A / C Compressor Clutch
R9Sound signal

Additional box


additional box


110А H-LP HI RH – Headlights (daytime running lights)
210А H-LP HI LH – Instrument cluster, headlights (daytime running lights)
R2Dimmer (DIM)
R3 –

ABS box


ABS box


  • 1 – ABS fuse # 3 (models without VSC); no (models with VSC)
  • A – no (models without VSC); ABS MTR relay (models with VSC)
  • B – ABS MTR relay (models without VSC); ABS CUT relay (models with VSC)
  • C – ABS SOL relay (models without VSC); no (models with VSC).

Power fuse box

It is located on the positive terminal of the storage battery and is made in the form of high-power fuse-links.


Diagram 4


  1. 60А MAIN – Fuses: “EFI”, “DOME”, “HORN”, “ST”, “AM2”, “H − LP LH”, “H − LP RH”, “H − LP LH (HI)”, ” H − LP RH (HI) ”,“ H − LP LH (LO) ”,“ H − LP RH (LO) ”
  2. 80A – “START / STOP” system
  3. ALT 100 / 120A – Fuses: “ECU-B”, “TAIL”, “D / L”, “OBD”, “RDI”, “AM1”, “HAZ”, “HTR”, “HTR-SUB1″, ” POWER ”,“ STOP ”,“ DEF ”, Charging system
  4. 60A ABS – ABS


If you have any questions, ask in the comments. Together we will try to answer them.

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  • Hi There,
    wonderful post, the fuel pump control relay shown as item 23 in your diagram, is difficult to realize it’s position, is it on the center console, or is it on the inside of the right chassis rail, shown from a left side quartering tail shot it’s tough to figure out a no start condition and in trying to isolate the fuel pump fuses/relays which is imperative.


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    What is the function of a circuit board under the driver seat of toyota vitz 2000 right hand drive Japanese model.

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    There is an issue with the gear shift of toyota platz 2001 while the car is on acceleration it happen to have long fuel racing and later the gear will engage and later there will be like gear jump to the next one

  • Hi there, I have a a Toyota Vitz engine 1SZ , frame 1SCP-10, when I depress the over drive switch nothing is responding, the light doesn’t show on the dashboard and the transmission is not responding, can it be a fuse problem? Please advise, thanks

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    Could any please help me identify what is the problem and solution to resolve same?

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