Toyota Hiace 4G – fuse and relay

Toyota Hiace 4 generations was produced in 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 in various versions and with various body options 106, 120, etc. In some countries it is known as H100 Hiace, Grand Hiace, Granvia, HiAce Regius. In this publication you can find a description of Toyota Hayes fuses and relays with boxes diagrams, their locations and photo examples of execution. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Toyota Hiace 4

The design of the boxes and the purpose of the elements in them may differ from the one presented and depends on the year of manufacture, the configuration option and the region of delivery. Check the assignment with your diagrams on the box cover.

This model usually has 2 main fuse boxes.

location 1

  1. the main center mounting box is located in the middle of the center console.location 2
  2. fuse box located on the positive terminal of the battery.location

Mounting box

Type 1

LHD models up to 1993

Photo example

photo up to 1993




27,5A DOME (interior light)
315A ECU-B
415A RR A.C (alternator relay-regulator)
515A STOP (brake lights Toyota highs)
610 / 15A TAIL * 1 (dimensions) TAIL (RH) * 2
710A TAIL (LH) * 2 (dimensions)
810 / 15A HEAD (RH) * 3 HEAD LO (RH) * 4 (headlights)
910 / 15A HEAD (LH) * 3 HEAD LO (LH) * 4
1015A HAZ-HORN (alarm and sound signal)
1115A RADIO-CIG (radio and cigarette lighter)
1215A DEFOG (rear window defogger)
1315A SEAT-HTR (heated seats)
1415A A.S. (air conditioning)
1520A WIPER (wiper)
1610A TURN-GAUGE (direction indicators)
177,5A ENGINE (engine)
187.5A IGN (ignition)
197.5A CHARGE (charging)
207.5A ST (starter)
2210A HEAD HI (RH) * 4 (headlights)
2310A HEAD HI (LH) * 4 (headlights)
ARear light relay
ВWiper relay * 5
DHeadlight switch relay
ERear fog lamp relay
FRear door glass heater relay
HHeater thermal fuse
IThermal fuse (electric drive circuit)
JHorn relay
КEngine oil level indicator relay
LFront heater relay
MRear heater relay
NHeadlight switch relay * 4

* 1 – Except for German models.
* 2 – German models.
* 3 – Models without daylight system and German models.
* 4 – Models with daytime lighting and German models.

Type 2

RHD models up to 1993

Photo – diagram

photo 2


Diagram 2

Protected components

115A RR A.S (alternator relay-regulator)
215A HAZ-HORN (alarm and buzzer) * 1 10A HEAD UPP (RH) (right, high beam) * 2
3ECU-! G
415A TAIL (dimensions)
515A STOP (brake lights)
610A HEAD UPP (LH) (left, high beam) * 2
715A A.S. (air conditioning)
815A RADIO-CIG (radio and cigarette lighter)
1010 / 15A HEAD (LH) * 1 HEAD LWR (LH) * 2 (headlights)
1215A HAZ-HORN * 2 (alarm, signal)
1410 / 15A HEAD (RH) * 1 HEAD (LWR, RH) * 2 (headlights)
1515A DEFOG (rear window defogger)
177,5А DOME (interior lighting)
187.5A ST (starter)
197,5A ENGINE (engine)
2010A TURN-GAUGE (direction indicators)
217.5A IGN (ignition)
227.5A CHARGE (charging)
2420A WIPER (wiper)
АHeadlamp switching relay
ВWiper relay * 6
СEngine oil level indicator relay
DHeater thermal fuse
ЕRear light relay
FHorn relay
GFront heater relay * 4 Lamp failure monitor relay * 3
НFront heater relay * 3 Rear fog lamp relay * 5
IPower window circuit breaker
JRear heater relay
КRear door glass heater relay
LHeadlamp switching relay
МRelay No. 2 for switching headlights (flashing mode) * 2 Relay for front heater * 7
NOverdrive Relay * 8
ОHeadlamp Switching Relay # 3 (Flashing Mode) * 2 Engine Main Relay

* 1 – Models without a lighting system with a headlamp switch for flashing light.
* 2 – Models with a lighting system with a headlamp switch for flashing light.
* 3 – Australian models.
* 4 – Except for Australian models.
* 5 – Models for Europe.
* 6 – Models with an intermittent wiper system (without a timer).
* 7 – Models without rear window wiper system.
* 8 – Models with automatic transmission (excluding models supplied to Europe).

Type 3

models since 1993

The photo


Example of a diagram from the block cover



Diagram 3


17,5A Spare W / PUMP (from 7.99)
310A TURN – direction indicators
420A WIPER – glass cleaner
515А H-LP (RH) – headlight right
615А H-LP (LH) – left headlight
75 / 10А IGN (up to 8.98) IGN (from 8.98) – ignition
815A FOG – fog lights
910A RADIO – radio, audio system
105A ST – starter
1120А DEF – rear window heater
1210А GAUGE – devices
1315A A.C. – air conditioning
1415A EFI: ECD
1515A CIG – cigarette lighter
1620A RR HTR – rear heater
1715А RADIO №2 – radio, audio system
1810A Spare OBD II (from 7.99)
1915A Spare AC 100V
2020A AM2
2110A DOME – interior lighting
2215A ECU-B
2315A TAIL – dimensions
2415А STOP – brake lights
2515А HAZ – alarm
2630А PWR – Electric windows drive
AHeadlight relay
ВHeater relay
СMain power relay
DRear heater relay

Fuse block

models up to 1993


Diagram 5


  1. 40A MAIN – Chief
  2. 80А GLOW – Candles
  3. 60A AM1 (LHD)
  4. 80A AMI (RHD)

Relay and fuse box

models since 1993

photo fuse and relay box


Diagram 4


Relay box №1
АFront heater relay
140A FR HTR (front heater)
230A CDS FAN (condenser fan)
330A HEAD (headlights)
430A А / С No. 2 (air conditioner)
660A ABS
760A AM1 (AM1 circuit of the ignition lock)
Relay box  №2
Relay for ABS solenoid valves
ABS modulator relay
Relay box  №3
АAir Conditioner Fan Main Relay
115A Thermal fuse PWR RR DOOR (rear door closing system)
Relay box  №6
АFog lamp relay
ВVoltage converter relay (AC100V)
Relay box  №7
АMain motor relay
ВRelay Solenoid Bypass Valve

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