Toyota Carina E (Corona T190) – fuse and relay

Toyota Carina E represents the 6th generation of the Carina lineup, which was produced in 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998 with hatchback (liftback), sedan, and station wagon (wagon) bodies. During this time, she underwent restyling. This model is the European version of the 9th generation left-hand drive Toyota Corona T190. These cars are very similar, the key difference is the steering arrangement. In this publication you can find a description of fuses and relays Toyota Carina E (Corona T190) with box diagrams and their locations. Note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Carina E

The design of the box and the purpose of the elements in them may differ and depends on the region of delivery (Carina E or Corono T190), the level of electrical equipment, the type of engine and the year of manufacture.

Passenger compartment

In the passenger compartment, the main fuse box is located in the instrument panel behind a protective cover.


Fuse box location


а40A AM1 (terminal AM1 of the ignition switch (terminals ACC. IG1. ST1)
b30A POWER (power windows, sunroof and central locking)
с40A DEF (rear window defogger)
115A STOP (brake lights)
210A TAIL (dimensions)
320А TAIL MAIN (dimensions)
415A ECU-IG (transmission electronics. ABS, control system lock (automatic transmission)
520A WIPER (wipers)
67.5A ST (starting system)
/7.5A IGN (ignition)
815А CIG & RAD (cigarette lighter, radio tape recorder, clock, antenna)
910A TURN (turn signals)
1015A ECU-B (ABS, central locking power supply)
117.5A PANEL (instrument lighting, glove box lighting)
1230A FR DEF (rear window defogger)
1310A GAUGE (devices)
1420A SEAT HTR (seat heater)
1510A MIR HTR (mirror heater)
1620A FUEL HTR (fuel heater)
1715A FR DEF IAJP (increase in idle speed when the windshield heater is turned on)
187.5A RR DEF 1 / UP (increase in idle speed when the rear window heater is turned on)
1915A FR FOG (fog lights)

The fuse number 8, 15A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Engine compartment

Several fuse and relay boxes can be located in the engine compartment.

General block layout

e c location


  • 3 – the main box of relays and fuses
  • 4 – relay box
  • 5 – additional box of relays and fuses

Main box of relays and fuses

Several variants of its execution are possible.



Type A



Protected components

а50A HTR (heater)
b40A MAIN (main fuse-link)
с30A CDS (condenser fan)
d30A RDI (air conditioner radiator fan)
e100A ALT (charging)
f50A ABS (ABS)
115A HEAD RH * (right headlight)
215A HEAD LH * (left headlight)
315A EFI (injection system)
710A HORN (beep 🙂
97.5A ALT SENCING (charging)
1020A DOME (electric drive and interior lighting)
1130A AM2 (AM3 circuit of the ignition switch, conclusions IG2 ST2)
АSTARTER – Starter
ВHEATER – Heater
СEFI MAIN – Injection system
DENGINE MAIN – Main relay
ЕHEAD – Headlights
FHORN – Signal
GFAN # 1 – Radiator fan

Type B


Diagram 2


aCDS (condenser fan)
bRDI (air conditioner radiator fan)
cMAIN (main fuse-link)
dHTR (heater)
e100A ALT (charging)
f50A ABS (ABS)
2HEAD LH (left headlight)
5HEAD RH * (right headlight)
6HAZARD (alarm)
77.5A ALT SENCING (charging)
820A DOME (electric drive and interior lighting)
930A AM2 (AM3 circuit of the ignition switch, conclusions IG2 ST2)
AENGINE MAIN – Main relay
ВFAN # 1 – Radiator fan
CHEAD – Headlights
DSTARTER – Starter
EHORN – Sound signal
FHEATER – Heater

Relay box


Relay box


  • A – A / C FAN # 2 – Radiator fan relay
  • B – A / C FAN # 3 – Radiator fan relay
  • C – A / C MG CLT – Air conditioner clutch


That’s all. If you have something to add – write in the comments.

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  • give please about wiring fuse electrical in corona absolute

  • I need to learn more about auto electric I need to know more about Toyota Corona, thanks for the information

  • I need assistance with my Carina CT190 diesel engine and the fan takes short time cooling the water from the radiator while the expansion tank will be overflowing. The other time when l opens up the bonnet and l discovered the out pipe from radiator has collapsed and water overflowing but the fan was not turning and when l disconnected the fan switch it did work.
    I have replaced the fan switch and temperature switch. I have taken out the radiator for flushing or cleaning, but the vehicle still does the same thing.
    What can be the problem.

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