Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 fuse and relay

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 is a mid-size SUV that has been produced in 4 generations to the present. In this article we will show a description of fuses and relays Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 with box diagrams and their locations for cars produced in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 year.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150

This model has been restyled several times, so the purpose of the elements in the blocks may differ from the one presented. Check the purpose of the elements with your diagrams on the box cover.

Passenger compartment

The main fuse box in the passenger compartment is located under the dashboard.

Location in prado 150

Photo example of execution


Diagram from the block cover

Covery 1




115A P / OUTLET – Electrical outlet
27,5A ACC – Outside rearview mirror motor. BODY ECU, Air Conditioning System, Audio System, Navigation System, Parking Assist System, Sequential Switch, Backup Turnip, DSS # 2 ECU, AT EFI ECU Indicator, Gear Shift Lock ECU
310A BKUP LP – Reversing lights, audio system, multifunction display, DSS # 2 ECU, parking aid sensor
410A TOWING BKLP – Towing
520A AVS – Air suspension system
720A 4WD – 4WD system. rear differential lock
830A P / SEAT FL – Front Power Seat (Left)
925A – Door lock motor, glass sunroof opener, BODY ECU
1115A TI & TE – Adjusting the tilt and departure of the steering wheel
1215A FOG FR – Fog lights
137,5A OBD – Diagnostic connector
147,5A A / C – Air conditioning system
157,5A AM1 – Starting system
1625A DOOR RL – Power windows for rear window (left)
1710A ECU-IG NO.1 – Gearshift Lock ECU, VSC ECU, Steering Sensor, Yaw Rate Sensor, Sequential Switch, Auto Wiper ECU, Backup Relay, Heated Outside Rearview Mirror, Steering Column Tilt & Length Adjustment, PSB ECU , DSS # 1 ECU, front radar sensor, power steering ECU, AFS ECU
187,5A IG1 – Front turn signal, rear turn signal, side turn signal, turn signal, trailer light, ALT, VSC, C / C switch
1910A ECU-IG NO.2 – Heated Rear Window, Heated Seat Switch, Inverter Relay, Air Conditioning System, EU Mirror, BODY ECU, Auxiliary Heater Switch, Navigation System, DSS # 2 ECU, Sunroof ECU, Instrument Switch, Assist Sensor when parking, assistive devices, folding seat ECU, O / H IG, de-icing device, AFS ECU, D-module, rain sensor, air suspension P / SEAT IND
2020A S / HTR FR – Heated seat
2130A P / SEAT FR – Front Power Seat (Right)
2230A DOOR P – Power window regulator of the front window (from the passenger side)
2310A DOOR – Power windows
2425A DOOR D – Power window regulator front window (driver’s side)
2525A DOOR RR – Power windows for rear window (right)
2625A S / ROOF – Roof hatch
2730A WIP – Windscreen wipers and washer
2820A WASHER – Wipers and washer of a windshield, windshield wipers and washer of a rear window
2910A COOLING – Cooled compartment
3010A IGN – EFI ECU, C / OPN RLV, VSC ECU, airbag ECU, smart entry and start system, steering lock ECU. CAN gateway ECU
317,5A GAUGE – Instruments
327,5A PANEL – Switch illumination, glove box lighting, navigation system, audio system, air conditioning system, outside rearview mirror switch, seat folding switch, multifunction display. P / SEAT IND, SHIFT, COOL BOX
3310A TAIL – Front Marker Lights, Tail Lights, License Plate Lights, EFI ECU, Rear Fog Lights, Towing, Front Fog Lights

Fuse number 1, 15A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Some relays can be mounted next to these units, for example, a direction indicator relay (turn signal).

Turn relay

Engine compartment

The main fuse and relay box is located next to the battery.

Location under the hood

Photo example

Photo 2

Diagram from the box cover

Covery 2


Diagram 2

Protected components

140A A / C RR – Rear air conditioning system
230A PTC HTR NO.3 – Heater PTC
350A AIR SUS – Air suspension system, AIR SUS N0.2
415A NV – Inverter
530A DEF – Heated rear window
67,5A FOG RR – Rear fog lamps
720A DEICER – Anti-icing device for wipers
825A FUEL HTR * 1 – Fuel heater
810A AIR PUMP HTR * 2 – Air blower heater
930A PTC HTR NO 2 – PTC heater
1050A PTC HTR NO 1 – PTC heater
1120A IG2 – Injector, ignition, instruments
1210A HORN – Sound signal
1325A EFI ECU, EDU, ECT, ECU. fuel pump, heating relay A / F, FPC, EFI N0.2
1420A A / F * 3 – A / F SSR
1515A MIR HTR – Heated mirror
1610A VISCUS * 1 – Heater VISC
1730A FOLD SEAT LH – Folding seat (left)
1830A FOLD SEAT RH – Folding seat (right)
1910A A / C COMP – Air Conditioning System
2020A CDS FAN – Condenser fan
2110A STOP – Emergency Stop Light Relay, Brake Lights, High Brake Light, Stop Light Switch, VSC / ABS ECU, Towing, Smart Entry and Start System, ECT ECU
2315A H-LP RH-HI – High beam headlamp (right headlight)
2415A H-LP LH-HI – High beam headlamp (left headlamp)
2550A HTR – Air conditioning system
2630A WIP WSH RR – Wipers and rear window washer
2730A H-LP CLN – Headlight cleaner
2830 / 40A STARTER MTR – Starter
2925A H-LP HI – DIM relay, headlights
307,5A ALT – Charging system
3115A TURN & HAZ – Front turn signal, rear turn signal, side turn signal, instrument turn signal, trailer signal
3225A D / L N0.1 – Door lock motor, glass sunroof opener
3310A ETCS * 3 – EFI ECU
3415A FUEL PMP * 5 – Fuel pump
3530A TOWING – Towing
36140/120 ALT – Air conditioning system, AIR SUS, headlight cleaner, heater RTS, towing, folding seat, STOP, heated rear window, MIR HTR, CDS FAN, RR FOG, DEICER, MG-CLT, J / B, INV, RR WIP, RR WSH
3780A P / l-B – Injector, ignition, instruments. EFI, heating A / F, horn
3880A GLOW * 4 – Glow plug
3915A RAD N0.1 – Audio system, navigation system, rear passenger entertainment system
407,5A AM2 – Starting system
4110A RAD N0.2 – Navigation system
427.5A MAYDAY * 8
4330A AMP – Audio system
4450A ABS, VSC
4530A ABS, VSC
4650A AIR PMP * 3 – Air blower
4710A SECURITY – Security buzzer, self-powered siren, ECU double locking system
487,5A SMART – Intelligent Entry and Start System
4920A STRG LOCK – Steering lock system
5030A TOWING BRK – Towing
5115A WIP RR – Rear wiper
5210A DOME – Interior lighting, personal lighting, individual mirror lighting, door sill lighting, footwell lighting, exterior sill lighting, roof module
5310A ECU-B – BODY ECU. gauges, heater, steering sensor, remote control, seat memory, steering column tilt and length adjustment, multifunction display, smart entry and start system, folding seat, refrigerated compartment, DSS # 2 ECU, steering wheel switch, D switch -module, ceiling module
5415A H-LP RH-LO – Low beam headlamp (right), headlight range control system
5515A H-LP LH-LO – Low beam headlamp (left)
5610A INJ – Solenoid, injector, ignition, ECT ECU, noise suppression filter
587,5A WIP FR NO.2 – DSS # 1 ECU
5915A WSH RR – Rear window washer
60Spare fuse
61Spare fuse
62Spare fuse

Separately, at the end, some fuses can be installed:

  • 20A IG2 – Smart System
  • 10A HORN – Signal
  • 25A EFI – adaptive speed control system, automatic transmission control system, engine management system
  • 20A EFI MAIN – adaptive speed control system, automatic transmission control system, engine management system


WASHER RRrear window washer relay
S-HORNhorn relay
A/C COMPair conditioner compressor relay
VISCUSviscous heater relay
BKUP LPrear headlight relay
H-LP HIheadlight high beam relay
H-LP LOheadlamp low beam relay
MIR HTRmirror heating relay
DEFrear window heater relay
CDS FANcondenser fan motor relay
FOG RRrear fog lamp relay
FUEL PUMPfuel pump relay
PANELdashboard relay
FUEL HTRfuel heating relay
INVinverter relay
DOMEinterior lighting relay
STstarter relay
AIR SUSAHC system relay
GLOWglow plug relay

Additional fuse boxes may be located in another part of the engine compartment.

Location 2

Protection elements responsible for the heater and others can be installed there.

In models from 2018, the box diagram is different.

Covery 3


We will be glad if you share your information about fuses and relays in the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 so that we can improve the article.

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    KDJ 150 R 2013 MODEL

  • Fuse Number 1 as indicated in top fuse diagram

    P/OUTLET 15 amp

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