Toyota Prius 40 / 41 fuse and relay

Toyota Prius V and Toyota Prius + (Plus) station wagon built on the Toyota Prius platform produced in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 with markings ZVW40 / ZVW41. In this article, we will show the location of the electronic control units, a description of the fuses and relays of the Toyota Prius 40 41 with box diagrams and their locations. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

toyota prius 40

The Toyota Prius V + has three fuse boxes. The first is located under the panel in the passenger compartment, the second in the engine compartment, and the third in the luggage compartment. Check the purpose of the elements with your diagrams on the box cover.

Passenger compartment


General layout of electronic control units in the cabin


LHD - location


RHD - location


  1. Fuse Box / Main Body ECU
  2. Rear Fog Light Relay
  3. Dome Light Cut Relay
  4. Power Steering ECU
  5. Windshield Wiper Relay
  6. Junction Connector (CAN)
  7. Network Gateway ECU
  8. Seat Belt Control ECU
  9. Driving Support ECU
  10. LHD: Vehicle Approaching Speaker Controller
  11. Fuse Block
  12. Headlight Leveling ECU
  13. Parking Assist ECU
  14. Transmission Control ECU
  15. Power Management Control ECU
  16. LHD: Extension Module
  17. HV Battery Junction Block
  18. Stereo Component Amplifier
  19. Battery Voltage Sensor
  20. Airbag ECU
  21. A/C Amplifier
  22. Stop Light Control ECU
  23. RHD: Double Lock Door Control Relay
  24. RHD: Security Horn Relay

Fuse box

It is located under the instrument panel itself on the left side. To access, remove the protective cover.




RHDaccess RHD

Photo example of execution

photo fuse box prius 30

Example of a diagram from the box cover

photo covery box


Diagram fuse box prius 30

Protected components

1CIG 15 A – Socket (cigarette lighter)
2ECU-ACC 10 A – Multiplex data transmission system, outside rearview mirrors, driver assistance system, audio system, navigation system
3PWR OUTLET 15 A – Socket
5SEAT HTR FR 10 A – Seat heater
7SEAT HTR FL 10 A – Seat heater
8DOOR NO.1 25 A – Door lock system
10PSB 30 A – Safety belt with pre-crash system
11PWR SEAT FR 30 A – Electric seat, lumbar support
12DBL LOCK 25 A – RHD: Double locking system
13FR FOG 15 A – Before December 2011: Fog lights
FR FOG 7.5 A – From December 2011: Fog lights
14PWR SEAT FL 30 A – Electric seat, lumbar support
15OBD 7.5 А – Diagnostic connector
17RR FOG 7.5 А – Rear fog lamp
19STOP 10 A – Stop lights, high stop light, brake system, power windows, driver assistance system, emergency stop signal
21P FR DOOR 25 A – Window regulator
22D FR DOOR 25 А – Window regulator
24DOOR RR 25 A – Window regulator
25DOOR RL 25 A – Window regulator
26S / ROOF 30 А – Luke
27ECU-IG NO.1 10 A – Electric cooling fans, multiplex data transmission system
28ECU-IG NO.2 10 A – Driver support system, seat belt with pre-crash system, interior rearview mirror, yaw rate and overload sensor, brake system, electric power steering, navigation system, electric sunroof, seat belt pretensioners, audio system, hazard warning lights, indicators turning, windshield wipers, headlight cleaner
30GAUGE 10 A – Headlamp leveling system, front passenger seat belt reminder indicator, gauges and indicators
31A / C 10 A – Air Conditioning System, Solar Powered Ventilation System, Remote Controlled Air Conditioning System
32WASHER 15 A – Glass washer
33RR WIP 20 A – Rear window wiper and washer
34WIP 30 A – Windscreen wiper
36MET 7.5 A – Instruments and indicators
37IGN 10 A – Brakes, Driver Assistance System, Multiport Fuel Injection System / Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection System, SRS Airbag System, Passenger Occupancy Sensor, Power Windows, Intelligent Entry and Start System
38PANEL 10 A – Air conditioning, hazard warning lights, heated seats, transmission, P switch, navigation system, solar ventilation system, air conditioning with remote control, intelligent parking aid, headlight cleaner, indicator front passenger seat belt reminder, headlight leveling system, glove box lighting, clock, audio system
39TAIL 10 A – Headlamp leveling system, side lights, rear lights, license plate light, rear fog light, fog lights

The fuse number 1 at 15A is responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter.

Additional fuse box

additional fuse box prius 30

  1. 10A WIP N4 – RHD Cruise control, dynamic radar cruise control, engine control
  2. 10A WIP N4 – LHD Cruise control, dynamic radar cruise control, engine control

Additional elements


additional elements


  1. Sliding Roof Control ECU
  2. Door Control Receiver
  3. Fusible Link Block
  4. HV Battery Junction Block Assembly

Fusible link box

Located on the positive terminal of the battery.

Main fuse 3

  1. 140A Main – “DC/DC”, “DRL”, “AMP”, “AMP №1”, “AMP №2”, “H-LP HI MAIN”, “EPS”, “ABS MTR 1”, “ABS MTR 2”, “DC/DC-S”, “P/I 2”, “ECU-B2”, “AM2”, “ECU-B3”, “TURN & HAZ”, “P CON MAIN”, “SHORT PIN”, “ABS MAIN №1”, “P-CON MTR”, “MAYDAY”, “ETCS”, “IGCT”, “P/I 1” fuses

Engine compartment


General layout of electronic control units under the hood

location under the hood prius 30


  1. Fuse and Relay Box
  2. ECM
  3. Inverter with Converter
  4. Headlight Cleaner Relay
  5. RHD: Skid Control ECU with Actuator
  6. LHD: Skid Control ECU with Actuator

Fuse and relay box

Located on the left side of the engine compartment under the hood.

photo 2


Diagram 2


Until Oct. 2012


Since Oct. 2012




1ABS MAIN NO.2 7.5 A – Anti lock brake system
2ENG W / P 30 A – Cooling system
3S-HORN 10 A – Alarm
4AMP 30A – Audio system
5ABS MAIN NO.1 20 A – Anti lock brake system
6ETCS 10 A – Multiport fuel injection system / sequential multiport fuel injection system
7TURN & HAZ 10 A – Direction indicators
8ECU-B3 10 A – Air conditioning system
9MAYDAY 10 A – Telematics system
10ECU-B2 7.5 A – Intelligent Entry and Start System
11AM2 7.5 A – Power management system
12P CON MAIN 7.5 A – Gear selector, gearbox control unit
13DC / DC-S 5 A – DC / DC Converter and Converter
14IGCT 30 A – Fuses: “PCU”, “IGCT NO.2”, “IGCT NO.3”
15AMP 30 A – Before Nov. 2014: Audio system
HORN 10 A – From Nov. 2014: Horn
16SHORT PIN – Fuses: “ECU-B”, “RAD NO.1”, “DOME”
17AMP NO.2 30 A – Audio system, navigation system
18DRL 7.5 A – Daytime running lights
19H-LP HI MAIN 20 A – High beam headlights, daytime running lights
20IGCT NO.3 10 A Cooling system
21EFI NO.2 10 A – Multiport fuel injection system / sequential multiport fuel injection system
22H-LP RH HI 10 A – Right headlight (high beam)
23H-LP LH HI 10 A – Left headlight (high beam)
24ECU-B 7.5 A – Intelligent entry and start system, multiplex data transmission system, alarms, personal lighting, instruments and indicators
25DOME 10 A— Door sill lighting, personal lighting, interior lighting, footwell lighting, individual mirror lighting, interior rearview mirror, electric power steering
26RAD NO.1 15 A – Audio system, navigation system
27MIR HTR 10 A – Heated exterior mirrors
28IGCT NO.2 10 A – Hybrid system, parking control system, power windows, power system, DC / DC converter and converter, multiport fuel injection system / sequential multiport fuel injection system
29PCU 10 A – DC / DC Converter and Converter
30IG2 20 A – Multiport fuel injection system / sequential multiport fuel injection system, fuses: “MET”, “IGN”, fuel system
31BATT FAN 10 A – Battery cooling fan
32EFI MAIN 20 A – Multiport fuel injection system / sequential multiport fuel injection system, cooling system, fuse: “EFI NO.2”
34H-LP CLN 30 A – Headlight cleaner
36CDS 30 A – Electric cooling fans
37RDI 30 A – Electric cooling fans
38HTR 50 A – Air conditioning system
39P-CON MTR 30 A – Gearbox selector, gearbox control unit
40EPS 60 Electric power steering
41P / I 1 60 A – Fuses: “IG2”, “EFI MAIN”, “BATT FAN”
42ABS MTR 2 30 A – Anti lock brake system
43ABS MTR 2 30 A – Anti lock brake system
44P / I 2 40 A – Park control system, horn, right headlight (low beam), left headlight (low beam), reversing lights
45H-LP LH LO 15 A From December 2011: LH headlight (low beam)
46H-LP RH LO 15 A – From December 2011: Right headlight (low beam)


R1Cooling system (ENG W / P)
R2Cooling fan (FAN NO.3)
R3Gear selector (P-CON MTR)
R4Cooling fan (FAN NO.1)
R5Anti-theft system (S-HORN)
R6Dimmer / Daytime Running Lights (DIM / DRL)
R7Power Control Unit (IGCT)
R8Cooling fan (FAN NO.2)
R9 Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

Main fuse

  1. 125A DC/DC – Integration relay, “TAIL” relay, “P/POINT relay”, “ACC” relay, “IG1 №1” relay, “IG1 №2” relay, “IG1 №3” relay, “HTR”, “RDI”, “CDS”, “S-HORN”, “ENG W/P”, “ABS MAIN №2”, “H-LP CLN”, “FR FOG”, “PWR SEAT FL”, “OBD”, “STOP”, “RR FOG”, “DBL LOCK”, “PWR SEAT FR”, “DOOR №1”, “PSB”, “D FR DOOR”, “P FR DOOR”, “DOOR RL”, “DOOR RR”, “S/ROOF” fuses

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  • Hello, Great info. CAn’t seem to find my fuse though. I have a 2014 Prius V 5 and can’t locate the fuse for the rear door latch. Any ideas?

  • In the case of accidental reverse polarity which fuse would that blow? I think it’s the 125 fuse/relay? Do you know? I see it at bottom of diagram. But I can’t see where it is in actual fuse box? Is it the big long white fuse/relay? Plz advise. Thank you

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