Toyota Avensis 1G fuse and relay

The 1st generation Toyota Avensis was produced in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 with various body options – sedan, liftback and station wagon and was marked T 210 / 220. During this time, the model was restyled. In this article you will find information describing the locations of all electronic control units, a detailed assignment of fuses and relays Toyota Avensis 1 with box diagrams and photo examples of execution. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.

toyota avensis 1

The arrangement of the boxes and the number of elements in them may differ from the one shown and depend on the year of manufacture, the level of electrical equipment and the region of delivery of your car.

Passenger compartment


General block layout




  1. Fuse box
  2. Seat heating relay
  3. Additional fuse box
  4. Front fog light relay
  5. Relay box
  6. Heated rear window relay
  7. Daytime running light relay
  8. Distribution block
  9. Engine and automatic transmission control unit (A / T)
    Engine control unit (M / T)
  10. Additional relay box
  11. Air conditioner amplifier (automatic air conditioner)
  12. Fuel Pump Relay (Circuit Opening)
  13. Air conditioner amplifier (mechanical air conditioner)
  14. Central airbag unit
  15. Central locking control unit
  16. Key transponder control unit
  17. Integrated relay




  1. Central locking control unit
  2. Key transponder control unit
  3. Fuse box
  4. Integrated relay
  5. Relay box
  6. Heated rear window relay
  7. Central airbag unit
  8. Anti-theft control unit
  9. Air conditioner amplifier (mechanical air conditioner)
  10. Fuel Pump Relay (Circuit Opening)
  11. Additional fuse box
  12. Air conditioner amplifier (automatic air conditioner)
  13. Additional relay box
  14. Engine and automatic transmission control unit (A / T)
    Engine control unit (M / T)
  15. Distribution block
  16. Front fog light relay


Fuse box

It is located at the bottom of the dashboard behind a protective cover.



diagram 1


115A FR FOG – Front Fog Light, Front Fog Light Relay, Front Fog Light Indicator
215A SEAT HTR – Heated Seats, Heated Seat Relay, Heated Seat Switch
320A FR DEF – Heated rear window relay, heated wiper zone, idle diode
410A GAUGE – Instrument cluster, air conditioning compressor clutch, alternator, 3-position pressure sensor, ABS control unit, air conditioning amplifier, reversing lamp switch, low brake fluid sensor, brake vacuum sensor, heater switch, ABS indicator, daytime running relay lights, rear window heating relay, wiper zone heating switch, power window diode, engine control unit, gearbox control unit, speed sensor, reversing lamps, rear window heating switch, seat heating relay, anti-theft system control unit, central locking, manual switch brakes, heated rear window relay, air conditioning compressor clutch relay, heater relay, power relay (power windows), integrated relay, oil pressure sensor, overdrive switch, neutral switch, residual fuel level sensor
520А WIPER – Front wiper and washer, rear wiper and washer, headlight washer
610A IGN – ABS control unit, alternator, low brake fluid sensor, brake vacuum sensor, central airbag unit, ABS indicator, battery charge indicator, instrument cluster, engine control unit, gearbox control unit, engine control unit diode, coil ignition, ignition suppression filter, IIA, key transponder control unit, EFI relay, overdrive switch, oil pressure switch, hand brake switch
730A DOOR – Integrated relay (central locking)
810A TAIL – Side light, ashtray light, instrument cluster light, light switch, air conditioner, heater, front fog light switch, daytime running light relay, wiper zone heating switch, engine control unit, gearbox control unit, glove box lighting, headlights, headlight range control, hazard warning switch, headlight washer, license plate light, audio system, overdrive switch, heated rear window switch, heated seats, integrated relay, rear fog light relay
95A ST – Starter relay, engine control unit, transmission control unit
107.5A TURN – Direction indicators, direction indicator indicator, alarm switch, direction indicator relay
1115A CIG & RAD – Cigarette lighter, cigarette lighter lighting, integrated relay, central airbag unit, audio system, power mirrors
125A EGU-IG – Cooling fan relay (FAN NO.1, FAN NO.2, FAN NO.3), anti-theft alarm, air conditioning, engine control unit, gearbox control unit, ABS control unit, coolant temperature sensor
1310A STOP – Stop lamps, stop lamp switch, additional stop lamp, engine control unit, gearbox control unit, ABS control unit
145A RR DEF I / UP – Idling diode, engine control unit, gearbox control unit
1530A POWER – Power relay, sunroof, power windows
1640А AM1 – Ignition switch (fuses: “CIG & RAD”, “GAUGE”, “WIPER”, “TURN”, “EGU-IG”)
1740A RR DEF – Heated rear window
R1Integrated relay

The fuse number 11 at 15A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Some relays can be mounted on the back of the unit.



Protected components

  • R1 – Heated rear window
  • R2 – Power relay
  • R3 – Side light

Additional fuse box

  1. 10A A / C – A / C amplifier, A / C switch
  2. 30A FUEL HTR – Fuel heating

Relay box


additional relay

Purpose of elements

  • R1 Relay RR FOG – Rear fog light
  • R2 Relay TURN (HAZARD) – Direction indicators (alarm)

Additional relay box

add relay

R1 – Heater relay

Additional elements


additional elements


  1. Sunroof relay
  2. Glass break sensor unit
  3. Rear wiper relay

Engine compartment


General block layout



  1. Fuse and relay box
  2. Headlight washer relay
  3. Additional fuse and relay box
  4. ABS control unit
  5. Glow plug relay (diesel engines)

Fuse and relay box

Installed on the left side of the engine compartment, next to the battery.

Photo – example

photo 2


diagram 2

Circuits protected

150A MAIN – Headlight relay
240А FAN MAIN – Cooling fan, cooling fan relay (FAN NO.1)
330А FAN SUB – Cooling system fan, air conditioner fan, cooling fan relay (FAN NO.2, FAN NO.3)
45А ALT-S – Generator
530A H-LP CLN – Headlight washer relay
615A HAZARD – Direction indicators, alarm switch, direction indicator indicator, direction indicator switch, direction indicator relay, anti-theft system, glass break sensor
715A EFI – Fuel Pump Relay (Circuit Opening), Engine Control Module, Transmission Control Module (A / T), Fuel Pump, Hall Sensor, Heated Oxygen Sensor, Injector, ISC Valve, Lean Mixture Sensor, EFI Relay, EGR Valve, turbine pressure sensor, flow control valve, idle valve, TCV valve
830A AM2 – Ignition lock
910А RAD NO.1 – Audio system
10Short pin
1115A HEAD (LH) – Left headlight, light switch
1210A HORN – Horn, horn relay, horn switch
137.5A DOME – Interior lighting, instrument cluster, open door indicator, luggage compartment lighting diode, DLC3, door lighting, luggage compartment lighting, sunroof, personal lighting, anti-theft alarm, anti-theft system, central locking, integrated relay
1415A HEAD (RH) – Right headlight, high beam indicator, instrument cluster, light switch
1510A ECU-B – Central Airbag Unit, Instrument Cluster, Rear Fog Light Indicator, Airbag Indicator, Daytime Running Light Relay, DLC3, Engine Control Unit, Transmission Control Unit, Rear Fog Light, Key Transponder, Rear Fog Light Relay
1640А HTR – Heater control unit, heater motor, heater resistor, heater relay
17100А ALT – Glow plug relay, alternator, side light relay, fuses: “AM1”, “STOP”, “POWER”, “DOOR”, “SEAT HTR”, “FR FOG”, “FR DEF”, “ABS”, “H-LP CLN”, “FAN MAIN”, “FUN SUB”, “HTR”, “RR DEF”
1860А ABS ECU with Actuator
R1A / C Compressor Clutch (MG CLT)
R2Cooling fan (FAN NO.3)
R3Cooling fan (FAN NO.2)
R4Engine control unit (EFI)
R5Headlights (HEAD)
R6Sound signal
R8Cooling fan (FAN NO.1)

Additional box

Installed on Toyota Avensis with daytime running lights.


additional box


  1. 10A HEAD HI (RH) – Right headlight, light switch, high beam indicator
  2. 10A HEAD HI (LH) – Left headlight
  3. R1 – Dimmer


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