Toyota Camry Vista Sv40 fuse and relay

Toyota Camry Vista Sv40 represents the 4th generation of the model which was produced in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998. In this material, we will show a description of fuses and relays Toyota Vista sv40 with box diagrams and their locations. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.

Toyota Camry Vista Sv40

Passenger compartment

Fuse box is located under the panel, behind a protective cover.





  1. GAUGE Instruments 10A
  2. WIPER Wipers and washers 25A
  3. CIG Cigarette lighter 15A
  4. IDLE UP Boost XX 5A
  5. STARTER Starter 7,5A
  6. IGN Ignition 5A
  7. FOG Fog lights 15A
  8. STOP Stop signals 15A
  9. AM1 Ignition switch 1 circuit 40A
  10. POWER Windows, hatches 30A
  11. DOOR Central locking 30A
  12. TAIL Dimensions 7.5A
  13. DEF Heated rear window 30A
  14. PANEL Instrument Cluster 5A
  15. RADIO №2 Radio 15A
  16. TURN Direction indicators 10A
  17. HTR Heater 10A
  18. ELECTONIC IG Ignition 15A

The fuse number 3, 15A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Some relays are attached to the back of the unit.

Photo – example



Relay box diagram


  1. Integrated relay
  2. Tailgate relay
  3. Heated rear window relay
  4. RFI filter
  5. RFI filter
  6. Main power relay

Engine compartment

Fuse and relay box

Located on the left side of the engine compartment.

Photo 2


Diagram 1

Protected components

  1. CDS FAN Condenser fan (4S-FE, 3S-FE) 30A
  2. DOME Interior lighting 10A
  3. EFI Injection system 15A
  4. RADIO №1 Radio tape recorder 15A
  5. ECU-B Mirror Control, 5A Remote Lock
  6. HAZARD Alarm 10A
  7. HEAD RH Right headlight 10A
  8. HEAD LH Left headlight 10A
  9. TRC Traction control 7.5A
  10. DEICER De-icer 20A
  11. AM # 2 Ignition lock circuit # 2 20A
  12. 4WS No. 2 System 4WS 30A
  13. ALT-S 5A generator circuit
  14. 4WS No. 1 System 4WS 30A
  15. HORN Buzzer 10A
  16. MAIN Main fuse-link 40A
  17. HTR Heater 40A
  18. RAD FAN Radiator Fan 30A
  19. ABS – 60A
  20. ALT Generator 100A
  • A HEAD LAMP Headlight Relay
  • B EFI Fuel pump relay (4S-FE, 3S-FE)
  • C STARTER Starter relay
  • D HORN Signal relay
  • E HEATER Heater relay
  • F MAG.CLUTCH Compressor electromagnetic clutch relay
  • G MAIN ENGINE Engine Main Relay (4S-FE, 3S-FE)

Relay boxes

Box 1 (Right side of the engine compartment)

Box 1

Box 2 (Left side of the engine compartment)

Box 2


  1. Turn signal interrupter relay
  2. Anti-icer relay
  3. Fog lamp relay
  4. Turning light relay
  5. Diode of the relay of lighting lamps when turning
  6. Fuel pump relay
  7. Relay for idle speed increase when the heater is turned on

Box 3 (Left side of the engine compartment)

Box 5

ABS Box (Rigth side of the engine compartment)

Relay Box


  1. Radiator fan relay
  2. Radiator fan relay
  3. Radiator fan relay
  4. Relay for ABS solenoid valves
  5. ABS drive relay


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  • May provide with wiring diagram to more under stand to solve problem

    • did you find the wiring diagram/color code for this car? I’m trying to install a keyless entry and i keep getting incorrect information

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