Renault Megane 2 fuse and relay

Renault Megane 2nd generation was produced in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 with hatchback, sedan, station wagon bodies. The sedan was assembled at a plant in Turkey, and the rest of the modifications in France. In some countries, the Megane 2 station wagons were sold under a different name – Megane Grand Tour. We will show where the fuse and relay boxes are located in the 2nd generation Renault Megane and how to get to them. Also, photos of boxes and diagrams with a description of the purpose of the elements, we separately note the cigarette lighter fuse.

Renault Megan 2

The design of the boxes and the number of elements may differ from those shown and depend on the year of manufacture and the level of equipment The current diagrams must be marked on the back of the protective cover of the unit.

Engine compartment

Under the hood of the 2nd generation Renault Megan there are 3 fuse boxes.

Battery fuses

This unit is located on the positive terminal of the battery.

photo of the unit on the battery


Block diagram on the battery


  1. 30A – Electronic control unit in the cabin
  2. 350 A – for a car with a gasoline engine, a generator, 400 A – for a car with a diesel engine – Engine compartment switching unit
  3. 30A – Switching unit of the engine compartment

Fuse box

Installed on the left side of the engine compartment. Closed with a protective cover.

Block under the hood

In one version, by removing the cover, you will get access to the box where it is possible to replace the fuse in another, the box will be placed in another housing and access to it will be difficult.

How to get to the fuse box under the hood Renault Megan 2

First you need to remove the battery and unscrew the fasteners from its stand to get to the ECU.

Access to block 0

Then we unscrew its fastening and move it to the side. We remove the air duct, near the radiator, and lift up the ECU holder.

Access to block 2

In the box itself, wean off the bolt. And now we can push the box. Remember to unplug the power chips.

Block access

Type 1


Renault Megane 2 block diagram


Scheme with designation


17.5А Side light lamp of the left headlamp, cigarette lighter, central locking and alarm switch, headlight range control, heating (air conditioning) and ventilation control unit
210A High beam lamp, left headlamp
310A High beam lamp, right headlamp
410A Low beam lamp for the right headlamp, front and rear body height sensors, headlight range control, right headlight range control motor
510A Low beam lamp, left headlamp, left headlight corrector motor
620A Fog lamps
77.5A Low beam lamp for the right headlamp, right-hand side, indicator of the position of the selector of an automatic transmission, control unit for glass lifters of all doors
815A Electric locking mechanism of the steering column anti-theft device
95A Driver’s airbag module, electric power steering
107.5A Automatic transmission selector position indicator, diagnostic socket
115A Electro anti-theft mechanism of the steering column
125A Automatic transmission
1310A Control unit for the liquefied gas supply system
1410A Reversing lamps
1520A Relay solenoid valve LPG
1610A A / C Compressor Electromagnetic Clutch
1710A Reserve
1840A Electro engine cooling fan
1925A ABS control unit
2030A Heated tailgate glass
2125A Starter relay
2225A Windshield wiper motor
2325A Reserve

Type 2

For example

Option 2 block under the hood


Scheme option 2

Circuits protected

110A Fuse for right side light lamps (172-226) – switch for speed control (1081) – switch for stabilization of the path of travel (1106) – indicator of position of the selector lever of the automatic transmission (1129) – switch for heating the left seat (1514) – heating switch right seat (1513) – hard convertible top switch
210A Fuse for left lamps of the central electronic communication unit side light (173-227) – cigarette lighter (101) – switches for electric door locks and alarm (1391) – headlight range control switch (1390) – climate control panel (319) – audio systems (281 ) – multifunction display (653) – central electronic communication unit
310A Fuse for right headlight (low light) (226) – rear height sensor (1372) – front height sensor (1373) – headlight range control switch (1360) – right headlight range control motor (538)
410A Fuse left headlight (low beam) (227) – left headlight corrector motor (537)
520A Fuse right and left fog lights (176-177)
610A Fuse left headlight (high beam)
710A Fuse for the right headlight (high beam)
825A Fuse for ABS ECU (113) or ESP (1094)
925A Windshield wiper motor
105A Fuse circuit “+” after ignition on airbags and electric power steering (756-1232)
1115A Fuse for electric steering column lock
1415A Injection system, Protection relay
1510A Reserve
165A AKP
177.5A Fuse ‘+ “after ignition in the passenger compartment: selector lever position indicator (1128) – automatic gearbox shift mode switch (129) – speed limiter switch (1081) – instructor’s controls on a training car (459) – passenger compartment fuse and relay box (260) – auxiliary heating relay 1 (1067) – auxiliary heating relay 2 (1088) – diagnostic socket (225) – headset microphone ‘free
185A Electro steering column lock
1910A Reversing lamps
2020A Fuel heating relay
2115A Fuel washer pump
2210A A / C compressor clutch
2330A Rear window heating elements

Power fuse box

Located under the wiring box.


Power block diagram


170A Additional heating relay 2
260A Passenger compartment fuse and relay mounting block / 70A Glow plugs
340A Additional heating relay 1
470A Electro power steering
550A ABS control unit
670A Mounting block for fuses and relays in the passenger compartment
720A Diesel fuel filter heating relay
870A Control unit for pre-starting heating
970A Auxiliary heater relay 2

Additional elements

Additional components can be installed near the power fuse box.

Additional elements


Additional elements diagram


F9Q engine
AF9Q: 20A Diesel Heater
BF9Q814: 20A Electric coolant pump
983F9Q814: 50A Injection control unit supply relay
K9K engine
F1Not used
F2Not used
F3Not used
F415A + main injector relay power supply (air flow meter power supply protection)
234K9K724: 40A 460W Engine Cooling Fan Relay (With A / C)
234K9K732: 50A 550W Engine Cooling Fan Relay (With A / C)
K4M engine
A20A Fuel pump
B20A LPG fuel pump shutdown
C20A LPG solenoid valve
D20A LPG tank
E20A Gas expansion valve solenoid valve
FNot used

Some elements are mounted outside the above units, for example, a headlight washer pump and others.

Passenger compartment

The main fuse box in the passenger compartment is located in the lower left part of the dashboard, behind the protective cover.

Access to the block in the salon Megan 2

On its reverse side there will be up-to-date information with a decoding of the scheme.

Example circuit

Take from the cover of the block in the cabin


block diagram in the cabin


43A Blower motor and interior temperature sensor, interior rearview mirror, rain and light sensors
520A Heated driver’s and front passenger’s seats
620A Electric locks for all doors
715A Cigarette lighter
87.5A Heated exterior mirrors
910A ABS control unit
1015A Head unit of the audio system, on-board computer, electric motor for headlight washers, windshield and tailgate glass (hatchback, station wagon), fuel heating (K9K engine), control unit for heating (air conditioning) and interior ventilation, alarm control unit
1115A Stop light
1325A Motor glass driver’s door lifter
1425A Motor glass front passenger door lifter
1520A Instrument cluster, electric drive of outside mirrors
1615A Horn, diagnostic connector, electric windshield wiper motor
1715A Rear door wiper motor
1820A Control unit for electrical equipment of the passenger compartment, relay of additional equipment
1930A Electric motor for heating (air conditioning) and interior ventilation
2040A Electric motors glass rear doors
2120А 40А Electric sunroof motor, electric folding roof
R1Relay for electric motors glass lifters of all doors
R2Relay accessories

The fuse number 7 at 15A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Under the panel, individual relays can be installed outside of this box, for example on the accelerator pedal holder # 1524-40A – Brake light controlled by ESP ECU or auxiliary heating relay – on the left side of the passenger compartment blower unit.

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  • Hello i have reanult megane 2 phase 2
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    The 40A fuse that is in the orange socket on the picture with a white circle around
    under “Additional elements” on this page . the one just around the screw hole.
    keeps blowing during start or something . i changed it 4 times now.
    what is the problem??

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  • Hi, I have a Renault Scenic and all the electric windows have stopped working. How can I fix this please? Many thanks

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