Renault Scenic 2 – fuse and relay

Renault Scenic 2nd generation was produced in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. The 7-seater modification is also known as the Grand Scenic. During this period, the car was updated once, but not significantly. We will show you where the relay and fuse boxes are located in the Renault Scenic 2 generation. We will provide photos of boxes, diagrams and describe the purpose of their elements.

renault scenic 2 pics

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

It is located in the dashboard, on the left.

photo of the block in the salon scenic 2

The fuse diagram will be glued to the protective cover.

block diagram in the cabin 1


Grand stage scheme 2

Circuits protected

  • A – 40A Power window relay or xenon lamp relay
  • B – 40A Brake light relay
C40A Interior blower
D40A Pulsed rear door windows or power window relays (left-hand drive vehicles)
E20A Electric sunroof
F10A ABS and ESP ECU – Angular and Lateral Acceleration Sensor
G15A Audio system, headlight washer pump relay, first seat row cigarette lighter, seat heating elements, windscreen washer pump, diesel heater relay, air conditioning control panel, climate control ECU, electrochromic rearview mirror, burglar alarm, central communication unit
H15A Stop light
K5A Relay for the power supply of the xenon lamp ECU, the power supply unit for the xenon lamp actuator, the glove box illumination lamp
L25A Power window driver’s door
M25A Passenger door window regulator, power window relay (RHD vehicles)
N20A Fuse for disconnecting electricity consumers: audio system, electric outside rear-view mirrors, burglar alarm, instrument panel, center console
O15A Horn, diagnostic connector, headlight washer pump relay
P15A Rear window wiper motor
R20A UCH, A / C ECU, Brake Light Relay (B)
T15A Renault scenic 2 cigarette lighter fuse
S3A Electric fan and interior temperature sensor, rear-view mirror with electrochromic coating, rain and light sensors
U20A Central locking or locking system of internal door handles
VNot used
B7.5A Heating elements for outside rear-view mirrors

The fuse marked with the letter T is responsible for the cigarette lighter, see the diagram.

Box under the passenger seat

Located in the passenger compartment under the front left seat.

location of the unit in the cabin 2

The photo


Block diagram under the seat


125A Fuse automatic parking brake
220A Fuse for heating circuit, driver and passenger seats
310A Not used
410A Fuse for the power socket for auxiliary equipment on the console, for the electric drive for locking the console and for the illumination lamp of the central glove box
510A Fuse for the power socket of the auxiliary equipment of the second row of seats
610A Fuse for accessory power socket, first row of seats
A50A Relay for consumers of electricity, the second power relay for the above fuses 2, 4, 5 and 6

Separate relays

One pair is to the right of the UCH (2 auxiliary heating relays) and a relay on the cross member on the left side of the dashboard (consumer relays on the fuse panel)

Engine compartment

Fuses box

Box 1

Renault megane 2 block access

Diagram 1

block diagram of the stage


325A Pull starter relay
410A Clutch for switching on the air conditioning compressor
5a15A Electric steering column lock
5C10A Reversing lamps
5D5A ECU injection system and electric steering column lock (“+” after ignition)
5e5A Airbag ECU and electric power steering (“+” after ignition)
5F7.5A “+” after ignition (in the passenger compartment): selector lever position indicator, speed control and speed limiter, fuse and relay box in the passenger compartment, auxiliary heater relay, diagnostic connector, rear-view mirror, rain and solar radiation sensor ( depending on modification, ECU, audio system
5H5A Automatic transmission
5G10A Not used (or “+” after ignition on the liquefied gas supply system, if any)
630A Heated rear window
7A7.5A Right side lights, parking control switch, trajectory stabilization switch, selector lever position indicator, parking brake control knob
B77.5A Left side lights, cigarette lighter, central locking and hazard warning switches, headlight range control switch, climate control panel, passenger door power window switch, rear door power window switch, navigation system ECU, driver and passenger seat heating elements
8A10A Right headlight (high beam)
B810A Left headlight (high beam)
8C10A Low beam (right headlight), headlight range control, right headlight range control actuator, xenon lamp ECU
8D10A Left headlight (low beam), left headlight range control actuator
925A Windshield wiper motor
1020A Fog lights
1140A Electric fan of the engine cooling system (low speed)
1325A ABS ECU and ESP
1520A + battery on automatic transmission (or LPG supply system, if any)
1610A Not used

Box 2

2 block under the hood

Diagram 2

power block diagram


170A Additional heating relay 2
260A Mounting block for fuses and relays in the passenger compartment
340A Additional heating relay 1
470A Electric power steering
550A ABS control unit
670A Mounting block for fuses and relays in the passenger compartment
720A Diesel fuel filter heating relay
870A Control unit for preheating
9Not used

Battery fuses

The fuse links are located on the positive terminal of the battery.

photo of the unit on the battery

  1. 30A – Electronic control unit in the cabin
  2. 350 A – for a car with a gasoline engine, 400 A – for a car with a diesel engine – Engine compartment switch box
  3. 30A – Switching unit of the engine compartment

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  • This is the best overview of fuses in my car that I could find so far. I didn’t even know about the fuses under the passenger seat. Thanks!

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  • 2005 scenic renault magne fuse for petrol doesn’t pump up a petrol,I have even replace a new pump but still not pumping

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  • Hi, can somebody inform me about the “fuse” on location SS, marked with ST or something simillar? In my car this “fuse” cuts out radio, central console toroid and electrical mirrors motors.

  • Hi, Please can anyone assist. I was checking the fuses in the fuse box situated in the engine compartment of my 2008 Renault Scenic 2L ,and damaged the CN – 12 track connecter which has left me with 12 different coloured wires to put back into the harness. I have the 12 point layout of the different connection points but am looking for the correct wiring sequence. ie, which wire goes where. I have the connection codes ie 3N, H66P, CPD etc but these make no sense as i am unable to match them to the different coloured wires. PLEASE can anyone help or forward me a picture of the CN harness or the description of the different connection codes.

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