Peugeot 207 – fuse and relay

Peugeot 207 was produced in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. In 2009 he was recognized as the best-selling car in Europe in its class and received a restyling, which affected both the interior and the exterior. It was produced with body versions: hatchback, SW (station wagon) and CC (coupe). We propose to get acquainted with the diagrams of the Peugeot 207 fuse boxes and their detailed description, show the locations, and also highlight the cigarette lighter fuse.

peugeot 207 photo

This model has 2 fuse and relay boxes.

Passenger compartment

It is located under the dashboard on the left side. To gain access, you need to remove the cover from the latches by pulling its upper part and only then completely remove it.

photo of the location of the fuse box in the Peugeot 207The fuses themselves are at the bottom. The serial number is indicated on the side.


fuse block diagramDesignation

  1. 15 A Rear window wiper
  2. Free.
  3. 5 A Airbag computer and pyrotechnic tensioners.
  4. 10 A Clutch pedal contactor, diagnostic socket, light-sensitive rearview mirror, air conditioning, steering wheel position sensor, diesel particulate filter additive pump (on diesel engines).
  5. 30 A Power windows, power windows, blind, rear panoramic impulse roofs (on SW).
  6. 30 A Front impulse electric windows, power supply for the drive of the side mirrors.
  7. 5 A Courtesy lights front, lights and rear lights with sun protection, lights for individual visor, glove box lights.
  8. 20 A Car radio display, clock, steering column radiotelephone switches, multifunction, trailer switching unit.
  9. 30 A 12V socket at the front, 12V socket at the rear (SW).
  10. 15 A Free.
  11. 15 A Diagnostic Connector, Ignition Switch Low Current Circuit, Automatic Transmission ECU.
  12. 15 A Rain / light sensor, amplifier, trailer switching unit, training vehicle module.
  13. 5 A Engine switch box, ABS relay, dual-function brake contactor.
  14. 15 A Instrument safety combination, corrector, headlight panel, pilot air conditioner for belt lamps, hands-free system, parking sensors, airbags.
  15. 30 A Locking the locks.
  16. Free
  17. 40 A Heated rear window and exterior mirrors.
  18. SH – Shunt PARC.

The fuse number 9, 30 A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Separately located: G39 – 20 A Free and G40 – 20 A Heated driver and passenger seats.

Engine compartment

Fuse box is located in the engine compartment on the left side near the battery under the protective cover, see the video for more details. There are also relays inside it.



fuse box diagram under the hood


  • F1 20 A Power supply to the engine ECU and the cooling fan motor relay,
    distribution system and adsorber solenoid valves (1.6 l THP 16V), air flow sensor (on diesel engines), high pressure fuel pump (on diesel engines), water sensor in diesel fuel, exhaust gas recirculation solenoid valves, air heating (on diesel engines).
  • F2 15 A Sound signal.
  • F3 10 A Windscreen and rear window washers.
  • F4 20 A Headlight washer.
  • F5 15 A Fuel pump (on petrol engines), turbocharger solenoid valves (1.6L THP 16V).
  • F6 10 A Vehicle speed sensor, automatic transmission.
  • F7 10 A Electric power steering, switch relay with protection system (on diesel engines).
  • F8 25 A Starter switch.
  • F9 10 A ABS / ESP ECU, brake pedal contactor.
  • F10 30 A Engine ECM components (gasoline engine: ignition coils, solenoid valves, oxygen sensors, injectors, heaters, controlled thermostat) (diesel engine: solenoid valves, heaters).
  • F11 40 A Air conditioning fan.
  • F12 30 A Slow / fast speed of the windscreen wiper.
  • F13 40 A Power supply to the intelligent switching unit (+ after ignition feed).
  • F14 30 A Diesel preheater.
  • F15 10 A Left high beam headlamp.
  • F16 10 A Right high beam headlamp.
  • F17 15 A Left low beam headlamp.
  • F18 15 A Right-hand dipped beam headlamp.

At the bottom of the unit are high power fuses (maxi fuses – MF).

full photo of the block under the hood 207
full photo of the box under the hood in a peugeot 207

Circuits protected

MF1 70 A Cooling fan.
MF2 20 A / 30 A ABS / ESP pump.
MF3 20 A / 30 A ABS / ESP electro valves.
MF4 60 A Power supply for the intelligent breakout box.
MF5 60 A Power supply for the intelligent breakout box.
MF6 30 A Additional engine cooling fan (1.6L THP 16V).
MF7 80 A Passenger compartment fuse box.
MF8 30 A Free.
MF9 80 A Heating system unit (on diesel engines).
MF10 80 A Electric power steering.
MF11 40 A Valvetronic electric motor (1.6L THP 16V).

Comments 5

  • On my 2010 Peugeot 207 1.6 VTi Allure, the existing engine compartment fusebox is a 9664997780 / RO7. Can a 9664997880 / RO9 be used in it’s place ?

  • hi need to know 207 peugeot 2006 model petrol engine compartment fuse box all plug in connectors and what they feed and what operation i have problem with start up

  • hi i have 2007 207 1.6 deisel 5 door.

    i had intermittant Abs system failure, brake system failure population system failure up until 3 weeks ago with heavy steering and no speedo. the abs fault is now constant i have had a garage fit a used abs pump unit with same part no but still the same. one quirk is that when pressing the brake pedal the abs failure would disappear and driving would return to normal until brake pedal let go. a diagnostic test said management system not communicating with abs and a U0121 code appeared. where do you think the problem lays. last mot an abs fault showed and they fixed it by replacing the o/s/r wheel sensor. do you think its worth cleaning the 4 wheel sensors and the F13 fuse and F9 fuse multi meter 30Amp fuse,

  • your diagram of the engine bay fuse panel is different from my fuse box
    9664997780 r07
    car is a 2010 peugeot 207

  • check for corrosion in fuse box especially the connectors on the F7 fuse

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