UAZ – 3163 «Patriot», Bremach Taos, Bremach Brio – fuse and relay

UAZ Patriot (UAZ – 3163) off-road vehicle was produced in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 with various modifications ( Profi Pickup and Cargo Uaz 23632, 23602). In our material, we will show a designation of the fuse boxes and relays of the UAZ Patriot with box diagrams and their locations. In conclusion, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the complete manual for repair and maintenance.

Patriot Oise

The design of the UAZ Patriot fuse and relay boxes and their purpose depends on the year of manufacture and the level of equipment and may differ from the one presented.

Passenger compartment

Located under the dashboard, on the driver’s side, behind the protective cover.

The location of the unit in the cabin of the UAZ patriotType 1

Suitable for cars manufactured from 2005 to 2011.


Scheme in the salon Option 1


F15A Lighting for switches and controls, left side marker lights
F27.5A Low beam of the right headlight
F310A High beam right headlight
F410A Right fog lamp
F530A Electric door window system, electric sunroof
F615A Portable lamp socket
F720A Sound signals, electric mirrors
F820A Heated rear window, exterior mirrors, MUS
F920A Glass cleaners and washers, additional heater of the passenger compartment
F1020A Cigarette lighter
F115A Starboard side lights, license plate lighting
F127.5A Low beam left headlight
F1310A High beam left headlight and high beam warning lamp
F1410A Left fog lamp
F1520A Electric door lock system
F1610A Hazard warning and direction indicators
F177.5A Lights, brake light switch
F1825A Heater, rear window and exterior mirrors heating switch
F1910A Instrument cluster, reverse light switch
F207.5A Rear fog lights
F21Spare fuse
F22Spare fuse
F23Spare fuse
K2Relay – wiper breaker
K3Relay – turn signal interrupter
K4Headlamp low beam relay
K5Headlamp high beam relay
К6Additional (unloading) relay
K7Rear window heating relay
К8Fog light relay

The fuse number 10, 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Type 2

Suitable for vehicles from 2012 to 2014.


Scheme in the salon Option 2


F15A Side light, left
F25A Side light, right
F37.5A Low beam headlights right
F47.5A Low beam headlights, left
F510A High beam headlights right
F610A Main beam headlights left
F77.5A Fog light
F820A door lock
F910A Alarm
F1010A Cl. 5 ХР1 KP, reversing lamp switch, cl. 1 speed sensor, cl. 4 central lamps, cl. 2 alarm switches
F1130A Windows
F1220A Cigarette lighter , seat heating
F1320A Sound signal
F1420A Heated tailgate glass, exterior mirrors, light control module (MUS)
F1520A Cont. 11 X2, wiper switch, wiper, rear heater switch
F1610A Fog lamp, right
F1710A Fog lamp, left
F1825A Heater
F197.5A Brake light switch, lampshades
F205A Mirror Control
F2110A A / C Compressor
F2215A Sockets
К1Fog lights
K2Fog lights
K3High beam
K4Low beam
K5Unloading relay
К6ZMZ 40904, 40905:  Additional heater
К8Direction indicators and hazard warning lights
K9Pause adjustable wiper breaker

The fuse number 12, 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Type 3

Suitable for vehicles from 2014 to present.

Photo for example

Block option 3


Scheme in the salon Option 3


F110A РК “Dymos” кл.15
F215A Interior socket
F310A A / C compressor
F430A 2016-2020: Electric package control unit, class 30
5A 2014-2015: Controlling mirrors
F57.5A Brake light switch, interior lights, glove compartment light, luggage compartment light
F640A 2016-2020: Heating and air conditioning system, switch for heated tailgate and mirrors
25A 2014-2015: Heater
F710A Fog lamp, left
F810A Fog lamp right
F920A Wiper switch, wiper, driver switch block, rear passenger switch block, rear body heater, auxiliary heater switch
F1020A Heated tailgate glass, mirrors, light control module (ICC)
F1120A ZMZ-51432: Sound signal (for vehicles with engine)
F1220A Cigarette lighter , luggage compartment socket (2016-2020), seat heating (2014-2015)
F1330A РК “Dymos” кл.30
F1410A 2016-2020: Glass lifters (driver’s door module)
30A 2014-2015: Glass lifters
F155A 2016-2020: Cl. 34 instrument cluster, reverse switch, cl. 1 speed sensor, cl. 2 alarm switches
10A 2014-2015: Cl. 5 ХР1 gearbox, off. light s / course, cl. 1 speed sensor, cl. 4 central lamps, cl. 2 alarm switches
F1615A 2016-2020: Airbag
10A 2014-2015: Hazard warning lights
F1710A 2016-2020: Media system (radio with audio player)
20A 2014-2015: Door lock
F1815A 2016-2020: Differential lock
7.5A 2014-2015: Fog light
F1910A High beam headlights left
F2010A High beam headlights right
F217.5A Low beam headlights left
F227.5A Low beam headlights right
F235A Side light, right
F245A Side light, left
F2560A Heated windshield
К1Fog light relay
K22014-2015: Relay for heating tailgate glass and mirrors
K3Headlamp high beam relay
K4ZMZ-40905: Relay for additional electric pump for heater 2016-2020: Relay for dipped headlights
K52014-2015: Headlight dipped beam relay
2016-2020: Relay for auxiliary heater for passenger compartment
К6A / C compressor relay
K72014-2015: Interrupter for direction indicators and hazard warning lights
2016-2020: Relay for heating tailgate glass and mirrors
К8Pause wiper breaker
K9Additional (unloading) relay
K10Heated windshield relay (unloading)
Fuel tank switching relay (for vehicles with RC “UAZ”)
К11Timer relay for heated windshield
К122016-2020: Rear axle differential lock relay

The fuse number 12, 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Engine compartment

Fuse and relay box

It is located under the hood on the left side, next to the battery and is covered by a protective cover.

Block under the hood


Block diagram under the hood 1

Protected components

F1Sound signal
F2Not installed
F3Electro fan 2
F6Gasoline pump
F8Electro fan
F9Integrated microprocessor engine control system (KMPSUD)
F11Pre-heater pre-starting
F12Pre-heater pre-starting
F13Pre-heater pre-starting
F14Not installed
F15Not installed
F16Not installed
F1760 / 90A Mounting block, Heated windshield
F19Mounting block


R1Starter relay, electric fan relay 1
R2Heater relay, Time relay tailgate washer glass (old-style unit)
R3Heater relay, Horn relay (old-style unit)
R4Horn relay, KMPS UD relay (old-style block)
R5KMPS UD relay, Electric fan relay (old-style unit)
R6Electric fan relay, Electric fuel pump relay (old-style block)
R7Electric fuel pump relay, Electric fan relay (old-style unit)
R8Electric fan relay, Air conditioner relay (old-style unit)
R9Compressor relay (old-style unit), engine control relay
R10Recirculation flap control unit relay (old-style unit), starter relay 2

Additional boxes

Box on battery

On the positive terminal of the battery on vehicles with automatic transmission, there can be an additional fuse block consisting of 2 high-power fuse-links for 100A protecting the fuse boxes.

battery terminal

Air conditioner relay and fuse box

It is located on the right under the hood of the vehicle.


additional block diagram

Glow plug relay and power fuse

The glow plug relay and the glow plug power fuse for vehicles with an “Iveco” engine are located under the bonnet on the left side of the bulkhead.


F17.5A Air conditioning compressor clutch
F230A Fan 1
F330A Fan 2
F460A Power fuse for glow plugs
К1Relay for turning on the heater fan
K2Recirculation flap relay 1
K3Recirculation flap relay 2
K4Compressor clutch relay
K5Fan relay 1
К6Fan relay 2
K7Glow plug relay

UAZ Patriot Manual

You can find out more information about the repair and maintenance of the UAZ Patriot by studying the original complete manual: ” download “.


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  • Goodmorning,

    I’am a owner of a UAZ Patriot pick Up year 2011, I would like to know a thing.

    If I want to replace in the Fuse and Relay box near the battery the R1 Starter Relay where I can buy one ?

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