Scania 5 / 6 series – fuse and relay

Scania 5 / 6 series, as many call a group of trucks produced from 2005 to the present in two generations, which includes such series as Scania P, G, R, T and many others. In our material, we will show a designation of Scania 5 6 series fuses and relays with a box diagram and a photo-example of its execution. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Scania 5 series

Fuse and relay box

The main fuse and relay box is located in the instrument panel, on the passenger side, behind the protective cover.

Block in the cabin scania 5

The design of the box and the purpose of the elements may differ from the one presented. Check the assignment against your diagram on the back of the cover.

Fuse diagram

Fuse diagram


15A ECU, ABS / EBS trailer
230A trailer valves
35A PT01, PT02, GMS, BWE, ZTE, start-stop
42A Adjustment of mirrors, alarm when reversing
55A Interior lighting (exclusive), lane departure warning
6/120A Left power window
6/230A Glass lift, left side, double cab
720A Additional air conditioning, double cab
810A Cigarette lighter
95A Cruise Control / AICC
105A ACC / MCC, tachograph
1110A Differential locks, ABS 6-channel
125A Daytime running lights, additional light switch
1310A Additional axle lifting mechanism, EEC
145A Airbag, seat belt pretensioner
15/120A Right power window
15/230A Glass lift, right side, double cab
1610A Breathalyzer (alcolock), voltage from terminal 15
1720A Body
185A Battery “mass” switch
1920A Coordinator
2020A Supply voltage, EMS control unit
2110A Ignition lock
2220A Supply voltage, EMS control unit
2310A Inverter
2420А ABS/ EBS
2510A Power supply, ELC control unit
2620A Cabin fan
275А CT
2820A Sunroof
2910A Instrument panel, tachograph
3030A Body
3110A AWD control unit, interior lighting
3210A SDP3 (diagnostics)
3310A Toll registration preparation kit (for Switzerland), rotating beacon
3420A Voltage converter 24V / 12V, 12V electrical socket
3520A Electrical system of additional equipment
36/120А OPC
36/210А Allisson
3710A Central locking
3815A Additional heater (ATA, WTA)
3910A Reversing light switch panel
4020A Electrical socket 24V
4110A APS control unit, bodywork electrical system
4220A Electric cab tipping mechanism
4310A Refrigerator
4410A Alcolock (Alcolock)
4520A Heated rear-view mirror, heated windshield
4610A Seat heating, oil cooling fan
4710A Engine timer, fuel filter heating, water separating suction filter heating
4810A Body
4930А RES, MGU
505A Yellow and green warning bus
5130A coolant pump
522A Alarm
532A Open sunroof warning
5410A Marker lamp, port side
5510A Marker lamp, starboard
565A Background lighting, side lights
5720A Body
5810A Trailer, left side
5910A Trailer, right side
6020A Working light
612A FMS, Bodywork
622A Voltage converter 24V / 12V, remote immobilizer
6310A Driver warning unit, front video camera
645A SMS
6520A Variable geometry turbocharger
6610A Power supply, TPM control unit
6730A Kitchen module, cabin lift system
6810A TV supply voltage
6920A Trailer axle lock / oil cooling fan
7010A Radar
7120A Fuel heater, fuel cooler system
7210A Electric throttle actuator
7320A Fuel heater, fuel cooler system
7410A Headlight cleaning
7530A coolant pump
765A DC / DC converter, battery pack
775A Battery pack
7815A Coolant pump, gearbox

The fuse number 8, 10A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Relay department diagram

Relay RР1 – RР4 (in the upper diagram)

Relay circuit

Relay assignment

RP1Voltage supply from terminal 15
RP2Voltage supply from terminal 15
RP3operated by VIS
RP4Power supply from terminal 58, controlled by VIS
RP5Interior lighting
RP6Additional axle lifting mechanism
RP7Stop – signals
RP8Reversing light
RP9Resistor block for vehicles with cruise control without buttons of this system on the steering wheel
RP10ECU for FMS preparation
RP11ECU for FMS preparation
RP12AC Relay (Crew Cab)
RP13Safety switch
RP18Additional relay for supplying power from terminal 15 for vehicles of type S
RP19Relay for electronic cab tilt system
RP20Tailgate and kitchen equipment
RP23Additional lantern
RP24Additional lantern
RP25Additional lantern

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