Scania 3 series – Fuse and Relay

The 3rd generation Scania series was produced in 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994. Depending on the region of delivery, Scania 3 was supplied both with a bonneted cab and in a hoodless version. In this publication you will find a designation of Scania 3 fuses and relays with boxes diagrams and their designs. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Scania 3

The main boxes with fuses and relays are located in the passenger compartment, on the right side of the instrument panel, on the passenger side, behind the protective cover. On the reverse side of which the current scheme can be applied.

Main box

Photo - an example of a unit in the cabin Scania 3



General scheme scan 3

Protected components

110A Dipped beam, right side
210A Low beam, left side
310A High beam, left side, spotlight
410A High beam, right
510A Instrument lighting
620A Rear fog lights, license plate lights, work lights
720A Parking light, right side
810A Headlight washers and cleaners
920A Parking light, left side, side lights
1010A Windshield wipers and washers
1110A Automatic mountain brake, brake lights
1210A Bulbs of control devices and indicators
1310A Outside temperature sensor, trip meter, retarder, warning lights, charge air cooler bypass valve, gearbox oil cooling
1410A Direction indicators, axle load limiter
1520A Rear lights, high beam flasher
1610A Gearbox
1710A Hand mountain brake, air suspension, white smoke limiter, rear axle lift, auxiliary heater, differential lock
1810A Cab lighting, beacon, radio memory / code, central locking, auxiliary heater, footrest lighting
1910A Cigarette lighter , clock, tachograph, diagnostics, trip meter, portable lamp socket
2010A Radio
2120A Buzzer, fan, air conditioner

The fuse number 19, 10A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.


APower supply, key ignition position
BPower supply, parking signals
EIntermittent wiper operation
FLow pressure buzzer in the brake system
GFan motor
HReversing lights
KRear fog lights
LCoolant level
MWhite smoke limiter
NStarter lock
RPower supply bus 61, charging from the generator
SAir conditioning system

Additional box

Box 1

  1. 20A Parking heater, high beam
  2. 20A Gearbox cooling, additional heater
  3. 10A Torch ignition, power take-off, automatic transmission
  4. 10A Fog lights
  5. 20A Fog lights
  6. Reserve

Box 2

  1. 20A Dehumidifier, electric heated seats and mirrors
  2. 10A Warnings, battery heater, fuel heater
  3. 10А EDC
  4. 20А EDC
  5. 20A Glass mirror lifters, mirror adjustment
  6. 10A CAG – emergency transfer, speed limiter

Box 3

In the old version Wabco “B” Bosch “Diagnos” Bosch “Gamma” there are ABS fuses, the newer Bosch “Gamma” Wabco “C”:

  1. 30A Trailer control valve supply voltage
  2. 5A Supply voltage of the control unit, trailer
  3. Reserve
  4. 10A Emergency lamp, vehicle
  5. 5A Supply voltage of the control unit
  6. 20А Supply voltage of relay R7, R10


  1. Relay for transmission cooling (relay R5)
  2. Electronic engine control (EDC R34)
  3. EDC, Diode Block (D18)
  4. EDC + CAG (R43)
  5. Horn relay ADR (R41)
  6. Relay for retarder (R78)
  7. Separate trailer brake lights (R33)
  8. High beam relay (R6)
  9. Fog lamp relay (R15)

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