Tesla Model S / X (2012 – 2016) fuse and relay

Tesla Model S is a five-door electric car manufactured by the American company Tesla, which is designed on a common basis with the Tesla Model X. Therefore, these models have similar electrical circuits. In this article, we will present a description of fuses and relays Tesla Model C / X with fuse box diagrams and their locations for models produced in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.

Tesla Model S 1G

There is no one general description of fuses and relays for all Tesla Model C and Tesla Model X models, we will only present the most common option. The purpose of the fuses and relays may differ from the one shown and depends on the year of manufacture, the region of delivery and the level of equipment of your car. Check the information with your technical documentation.

The diagrams is wrong or the wrong year of manufacture? Study this post.

In front of the car, under the hood, there are 3 main boxes with fuses and relays.



Photo example


Box 1

Type 1


Diagram 1


F1Wiper Park
F2Fleadlamp leveling, Vanity Lights
F3Seat Fleater, Second Row Right
F4Seat Fleater, Second Row Middle
F5Seat Fleater, First Row Right
F6not used
F7Electronic Park Brake, Redundant
F8Steering Column Module
F9Base Audio System
F10Panoramic Sunroof
F11not used
F12Seat Fleater, Second Row Left
F13Cabin FIVAC Functions
F14Seat Fleater, First Row Left
F15not used
F16Electronic Park Brake, Primary
F17Coolant Pump 2
F18Premium Audio Amplifier
F19not used
F20not used
F21Park Assist
F22Thermal System Controls
F23not used
F24Coolant Pump 3
F25Drive Inverter
F26Coolant Pump 1
F27Restraints Control Module
K1ACC Power Switch
K2FIVAC Power Switch

Type 2


Diagram 1 2


F15A Accessory sensor, radio, USB hub
F25A Headlight range adjustment system (only for vehicles with EU/China spring suspension)
F35A Vanity lights, rear view mirror
F430A Rear seat heaters (cold weather option)
F515A Seat heating (driver’s seat)
F620A Basic audio amplifier
F715A Seat heating (front passenger seat)
F820A Premium Audio Amplifier
F925A Sunroof
F105A Safety restraints
F115A Steering wheel switches
F125A Drive mode and yaw rate sensor (stabilization/traction control)
F1315A Wiper park
F145A Drive inverter
F1520A Electric parking brake
F165A Parking/blind spot sensors
F1720A Electric parking brake
F185A Not used
F195A Automotive HVAC Sensor
F205A Interior heater logic
F2115A Battery coolant pump 1
F225A Intake actuators
F2315A Powertrain coolant pump
F245A Interior climate control
F2515A Battery coolant pump 2
F26Not used
F2710A Temperature controller

Box 2


Diagram 2


2825A Window lift motor (right rear)
2910A Contactor power
3025A Window lift motor (right front)
31Not used
3210A Door controls (right side)
33Not used
3430A Rear center seat heaters, washer/wiper de-ice (cold weather option)
3515A 12V socket
3610A Air suspension
3725A Window Lift Motor (Left Rear)
3810A Driver seat memory
3925A Window Lift Motor (Left Front)
4010A Rear door handles
4110A Door controls (left side)
4230A Power tailgate
4310A Power sensor, brake switch
4410A Charger (charging port)
4520A Passive Entry (Horns)
4630A Body controls (Group 2)
4710A Glove box light, OBD-II
4810A Body controls (Group 1)
4910A Dashboard
5010A Siren, intrusion/tilt sensor (Europe only)
5120A Touch screen
5230A Heated rear window
5310A Battery management system
5415A Wiper De-Icer
5530A Left front power seat
5630A Right front power seat
5730A Cabin fan
5830A 12V Outlet / Forward Camera Subfeed
5930A HVAC2 power
K312V Outlet Switch
K4Wiper De-Icer
K5Rear Defrost Grid

Box 3

Photo 1


Diagram 3


7140A Condenser Fan (Left)
7240A Condenser Fan (Right)
7340A Vacuum Pump
7420A 2015: 12V Drive Rail (Cabin)
2016: Key On
7510A Front Drive Unit
7610A Ignition Sense
7725A Stability Control
7820A Headlights (High & Low Beam)
7930A Light (Exterior & lnterior)
k11Air Suspension Compressor
K12Vacuum Pump
k13Wiper Fast Function
k14Wiper Park Function
k15Condenser Fan Power
k16Drive Switched Power

Box 4

In some models, next to these boxes, a power fuse box made in the form of high power fuses can also be installed.


Photo 2


Diagram 4


F80Power Steering Condenser
F81Fans Master Fuse Air
F82Suspension Compressor
F83Jump Post
F84 ABS Motor
F85Drive 12V Power Master Fuse
F86ACC 12V Bus Master Fuse
F87Permanent Power Group 1
F88Permanent Power Group 2
F89Permanent Power Group 3
F90HVAC 12V Bus Master Fuse
F92Contactor Power
F93 BDS:  Contactor Power Cutoff
F94Batterv-DCDC Master Fuse

If your vehicle is equipped with the cold weather option, an additional fuse box is installed in the passenger compartment under the trim panel on the driver’s side.


Diagram 5


F10115A Left rear seat heater
F10215A Right rear seat heater
F1035A Middle rear seat heater control
F10415A Middle rear seat heater
F10515A Wiper de-icer
F106Not used


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