Lifan MyWay Х70 fuse and relay

Lifan MyWay X70 was produced in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022. In this article you will find a description of the Lifan Mayway fuses and relays with fuse box diagrams, their locations and photographs. Select the cigarette lighter fuse.

Lifan MyWay

The purpose of the fuses and relays may differ from those shown and depends on the year of manufacture and the level of electrical equipment of your car.

Passenger compartment

In the passenger compartment, the fuse and relay box is located at the bottom of the instrument panel behind a protective cover.


Photo – block example

photo of fuse box




1015A Seat heating
1125A Heated rear window
1210A Side light lamps
137.5A Rear fog lights
1410A Front fog lights
1520A Passive keyless entry/engine start system (PEPS)
165A Ignition lock / start button Engine START-STOP
175A Engine Control Module (ECM)
1820A Body electronics module (BCM)
197.5A Central lock power circuit
2010A Instrument Cluster / Diagnostic Connector (OBDII)
2110A Multimedia system MP5
2310A Sunroof
247.5A Stop lamps
255A Interior, trunk, door lamps
2615A In-vehicle emergency call system (GLONASS)
2715A Cigarette lighter
2810A Additional socket 12V 120 W
2910A Multimedia system MP5
305A Power exterior mirrors / body electronics module (BCM)
3125A Windshield wipers and washers
3225A Front power windows
3325A Rear power windows
3415A Air conditioning control unit
3515A Engine Control Module (ECM)
3715A Instrument Cluster / Sunroof / Diagnostic Connector (OBDII)
385A Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
3910A Electric power steering (EPS)
4010A Airbags (SRS)
4110A Daytime running lamps
4210A Body electronics module (BCM)
4310A Automatic gearbox
445A Passive keyless entry/engine start system (PEPS)
SB0830A Power supply IG2/ACC
SB0930A Power supply IG1
SB1030A Main heater fan
K04Daytime Running Lights
K12heater fan
K13Rear window heating
K14Clearance lamps
K15Rear fog lights
K16Front fog lights
K17P/R relay

The fuse number 27 at 15A is responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter.

Engine compartment

Under the hood, in the engine compartment, the fuse and relay box is located on the left side near the battery.

Location 2


photo 2


Diagram 2


FS0130A Anti-lock braking system ABS
FS0230A Anti-lock braking system ABS
FS0325A Main relay
FS0410A Horn
FS0510A Air conditioner compressor
FS0615A Gasoline pump
FS0720A Starter
FS0815A Headlights – high beam
FS0915A Headlights – dipped beam
FS1015A Seat heating
SB0330A Additional air conditioning fan
SB0430A high speed fan
SB0530A Low fan speed
SB0660A Equipment power supply circuit
SB0740A Power steering (EPS)
K01Additional air conditioning fan
K02High fan speed
K03Low fan speed
K05Sound signal
K06Air conditioning compressor
K07Fuel pump relay
K09High beam headlights
K10Dipped headlights
K11Main relay
K18Fan speed control


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