Nissan Serena c23 c24 c25 fuse and relay

The Nissan Serena minivan is produced in Japan and Spain. Therefore, there are models with both left and right steering wheels. The first generation Nissan Serena is designated C23. Years of release: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1998. The second generation is marked as C24, produced in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004. The third generation of C25 was delivered to the markets in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. Further, 4 (c26) and 5 (c27) generations entered production, which are being assembled to the present. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the information on the location of the fuse boxes and relays for the Nissan Serena C23, C24 and C25 models. We will show the blox diagrams, their photographs and the purpose of the elements. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Nissan serena photo

Depending on the region of delivery and vehicle configuration, different designs of the boxes and the decoding of their elements are possible. Be careful, this publication is for informational purposes only and is not a manufacturer’s guide to replacing fuses.


For all generations of Nissan Serena, one common arrangement of the main boxes with fuses and relays is characteristic. They are in two places. One in the passenger compartment, behind the left lower glove compartment or right, depending on the region of delivery, and two (relay box and fuse box) under the hood.

There is no single general diagram describing the purpose of the elements. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most common options.


Passenger compartment

The photo

c23 side under the hood


Largo block in the cabin


  1. 10A – Left tail light
  2. 10A – Right tailgate
  3. 10A – Fan motor
  4. 10A – Stove fan / 20A – Ignition
  5. 10A – ABS
  6. 10A – ECU ICE
  7. 7,5A – Starter
  8. 7,5A – Light in the salon
  9. 15A – Stop signals
  10. 10A – Signal
  11. 15A – Radio tape recorder
  12. 15A – Fog lights
  13. 15A – Alarm
  14. 10A – Dimensions
  15. 10A – Turn signal signals
  16. 15A – Monitoring seat belts
  17. 15A – Heated rear window
  18. 7,5A – Dashboard
  19. 10A – ABS
  20. 10A – Electronic components of the motor
  21. 15A – Fuel pump
  22. 10A – Airbags
  23. 10A – Air conditioner
  24. 15A – Front heater fan
  25. 15A – Front heater fan
  26. 15A – Radio tape recorder
  27. 15A – Cigarette lighter
  28. 10A – Front wipers
  29. 20A – Rear wiper, electric mirrors
  30. 10A – Transmission, gearbox

The fuse number 27, 15A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Engine compartment

There will be additional boxes with relays and fuses under the hood on the right fender near the battery.

Option 1

Box 1 under the hood

Option 2 (left-hand drive models)

photo of the unit under the hood of a nissan largo

The current diagram with the designation in English will be applied to the cover, as well as to the relay unit.

There are 2 15A fuses to protect the headlights. See the second decryption option here .


Passenger compartment

The photo

Photo of the unit in the cabin

DiagramFuse diagram c24


  1. 10A Radio, Audio system
  2. 15A Stop signals
  3. 20A Heated rear window
  4. 10A Rear air conditioner
  5. 15A Alarm
  6. 10A Rear heater
  7. 15A Additional power connector
  8. 10A Suspension control system
  9. 10A Heated mirrors
  10. 10A Rear Power Connector
  11. 10A Automatic transmission control system
  12. 10A Electronic components
  13. 10A Interior lighting
  14. 15A Heater fan (front)
  15. 15A Air conditioner
  16. 15A Heater fan (front)
  17. 10A Engine management system (No. 2)
  18. 10A Airbags
  19. Engine management system (No. 1)
  20. 10A Starter
  21. 15A Cigarette lighter
  22. 15A Blinds
  23. 15A Mirrors
  24. 20A Front wiper
  25. 10A Direction indicators
  26. 15A Fuel pump
  27. 10A Rear wiper
  28. 10A Dashboard
  29. 10A ABS system

The fuse number 22, 15A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Engine compartment

Circuit breakers

photo of the block under the hood c24


Serena c24 block with relay

The current description of the circuit will be printed on the cover.


Passenger compartment

Type 1

Block in saloon variant 1 c25

The figure shows the cigarette lighter fuse.


Left row:

  • 15A stove fan
  • 15A stove fan
  • 15A Cigarette lighter
  • 10A Electric drive of mirrors, Audio system
  • 10A Additional devices
  • 10A Heated rear window
  • 10A Climate control panel

Right row:

  • 10A Additional devices
  • 10A Interior lighting
  • 10A Stop signals
  • 10A Turn signals
  • 15A Additional electrical appliances
  • 10A
  • 10A Ignition
  • 10A Power steering
  • 10A Dashboard
  • 10A Airbags
  • 10A Window lifters

Type 2

photo of the fuse box nissan vanette 25


Block diagram c25


  1. Clock, climate control, remote control of door locks
  2. Airbags
  3. Dashboard
  4. Combination switch
  5. Absent
  6. Heated mirrors
  7. Absent
  8. Rain sensor, seat belts, glass lifters, diagnostic connector, block of time intervals
  9. Instrument cluster
  10. Corner lights, interior lighting
  11. Brake lights, brake light for ESP, ABS
  12. 4WD unit control
  13. Additional headlights
  14. Smart key (missing)
  15. Air conditioner control
  16. Stove motor
  17. Absent
  18. Cigarette lighter
  19. Electrical outlets
  20. Mirror control, audio power supply (pluggable power supply)

The fuse number 18 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Engine compartment

IPDM box

Access to the block under the hood c25

It is located under the duct and contains all the main relays.

photo block 25 IP


Scheme c25


  • 41 None
  • 42 None
  • 43 Right high headlight
  • 44 Left high beam
  • 45 Rear dimensions, license plate lighting
  • 46 Front dimensions
  • 47 None
  • 48 Windshield wiper
  • 49 Left dipped headlight
  • 50 Right dipped headlight
  • 51 Air conditioner
  • 52 None
  • 53 None
  • 54 Missing
  • 55 Heated rear window and mirrors
  • 56 Parallel to 55
  • 57 Fuel pump
  • 58 Engine starter
  • 59 4WD control
  • 60 Reversing lights
  • 61 Throttle valve supply
  • 62 ECM power supply
  • 63 Power supply of oxygen sensors
  • 64 Power injectors
  • 65 Fog lights

Fuse box

The photo

Photo of the block under the hood c25 2


Scheme 3

Circuits protected

31. Heated seats
32. Turbine (diesel) – absent
33. Light relay during daytime
34. Horn (generator excitation winding)
35. Audio power supply (constant)
36. RTS (diesel) – absent
37. RTS (diesel) – absent
38. Automatic transmission control – absent

G. Headlamp washer
M, Right fan
L. Ignition switch
K. Fan left
J. Power windows, central locking, sunroof

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  • I have a Nissan serena 2007, I tried resetting the ecu but two wires in the obd touched and sparked and the dashboard light went out. Also the gear stick i have to put a little more force to select the gears. what anyone think is the problem?

  • does anyone know where i could get a proper wiring diagram for an 08 nissan serena 1.6 petrol automatic. having issue with no side lights /number plate lights on back everything else is working .it blows the fuse immediately under bonnet no 45 10a as soon as sidelights turn on.everything else is working fine .thanks in advance

  • Having the same problem with the side lights as john. Was ok until I had trailer plug fitted , could be wired wrong or earthing just guessing . HELP ?

  • I have a 2008 Serena import from Japan and need to change the fuse for the cigarette lighter. I pulled the fuse but it does not look like the 15 fuses I can purchase around me. Where can I get the same fuses that are being used in the vehicle?

  • Hi I need help I have my Nissan Serena c24 2008 model just cranking can’t start but the plugs are firing, only the cylinder number one is dry but cylinder number 2 3 and 4 are always wet what could be the challenge

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