Nissan Largo – fuse and relay

Nissan Largo minivan designed on the Nissan Vanette platform, with a larger base and body. The name comes from the English word – large. For all the time, several generations of this series have been released. We will show the location of the Nissan Largo fuse and relay boxes, the description and purpose of the elements for cars produced in 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997.

nissan largo photos

Due to the fact that the car was produced in various versions of the body and equipment, as well as the regions of delivery, it is not possible to provide one diagram with a description of the purpose. We will show you the most popular ones.

Passenger compartment

This box is located on the side of the steering rack behind a small box, on the back of which there is an up-to-date diagram describing the purpose of the elements.


Largo block in the cabin


  1. 10A – Rear curtain
  2. 15A – Front curtain
  3. 10A – Radiator
  4. 10A – Stove fan
  5. 10A – ECU ICE
  6. 10A – Starter
  7. 7,5A – Light in the salon
  8. 15A – Stop signals
  9. 10A – Socket
  10. 15A / 20A – Cigarette lighter
  11. 15A – Front fog lamps
  12. 15A – Alarm
  13. 10A – Dimensions
  14. 10A – Turn signal signals
  15. 15A – Heated rear window
  16. 15A – Heated rear window
  17. 7,5А – Devices
  18. 10A – Electronic components
  19. 15A – Fuel pump
  20. 10A – Airbags
  21. 10A – Air conditioner
  22. 15A – Front heater fan
  23. 15A – Front heater fan
  24. 15A – Radio tape recorder
  25. 15A – Cigarette lighter
  26. 10A – Front wipers
  27. 20A – Rear wiper, electric mirrors
  28. 10A – Transmission

Engine compartment

There will be additional boxes with relays and fuses under the hood on the right fender near the battery.

Type 1

Box 1 under the hood

Type 2 (left-hand drive models)

photo of the unit under the hood of a nissan largo

The current diagram with the designation in English will be applied to the cover, as well as to the relay unit.


Photo of a block with a relay


  • Signal relay
  • Air conditioner relay
  • Front propeller relay
  • Fog lamp relay
  • Relay dimensions
  • Fuel pump relay
  • Cooling fan relay
  • Cooling fan relay

The description provided does not match. Check out this  and this option.

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