Nissan Almera Tino (V10) – fuse and relay

Nissan Tino Almera compact van which was issued on the basis of the vehicle Nissan Almera in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. You can find both models assembled in Europe and in Japan. They are not 100% identical. They have a difference in structural elements and electronics. In our material, we will show the most common information about Nissan Tino fuse boxes and relays: locations, their photographs and diagrams with the designation of elements. Let’s show which fuse is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Tino screensaver

Passenger compartment

It is located in the dashboard behind a protective cover. On the back of which there is an up-to-date description of the purpose of the fuses.

arrangement of blocks

The photo

block photo
Back and front side




Circuit breakers

  1. 10A Mirrors
  2. 10A Brake lights
  3. 15A Power socket
  4. 7,5А For additional electrics
  5. 15A Alarm and turn signals
  6. 10A For additional electrics
  7. 20A Heated rear window
  8. 10A Oxygen sensor
  9. 10A Additional power accessories
  10. 10A Electrical package
  11. 10A Automatic transmission controller
  12. 10A ECU (i.e. all control of all turn signals, backlight and main power supply of the dashboard, panel backlight where the stove is)
  13. 10A Interior lamp
  14. 15A Interior blower motor (heater / air conditioner)
  15. 10A Air conditioner
  16. 15A Interior blower motor (heater / air conditioner
  17. 10A Fuel injection system
  18. 10A Airbags
  19. 20A Additional power accessories
  20. 10A Engine Controller
  21. 10A Start signal
  22. 15A Cigarette lighter
  23. Not used
  24. 20A Additional power accessories
  25. 20A Windshield wiper
  26. 7,5А For additional electrics
  27. 15A Front and / or rear window washer (on the steering column switch)
  28. 15A Rear window washer
  29. 15A Gasoline pump
  30. 10A Speedometer, tachometer, temperature and fuel level gauges
  31. 10А ABS
  32. 10A Reserve
  33. 15A Reserve
  34. 20A Reserve

The fuse number 22, 15A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Front side relay

  • R1 Headlamp relay
  • R2 Throttle valve control relay
  • R3 Power window relay
  • R4 Rear fog lamp relay

Rear side relay

  • R1 Ignition relay
  • R2 Blower motor relay
  • R3 Relay for additional equipment (electrical accessories)

Engine compartment

Fuse box

Located next to the battery.

Location block under the hood nissan tinoThe lid will contain an up-to-date diagram with a description.

Photo for example (2.2 diesel)

block under the hood

Diagram (gasoline)

scheme 1 block under the hood

Functions (general)

  • A 100A Generator (battery charging)
  • 40A power windows
  • With 40A cooling fan controller
  • D 40A regulator of cooling fans
  • E 30A for diesel engines
  • F 60A for diesel engines
  • G 80A for diesel engines
  • H 80A main power supply, ground circuit
  • I 50A ABS
  • J 30A to battery ignition switch
  • К 30А ABS/ESP
  • L 30A ESP motor
  • M 30A Headlight washer
  • 32 20A Rear window washer
  • 33 15A Fog lights
  • 34 15A Electric actuator and relay for electric throttle valve
  • 35 15A Headlights, daytime running lights
  • 36 15A Headlights, daytime running lights
  • 37 10A Rear fog lamp
  • 38 10A Dimensions, license plate lighting
  • 39 10A Klaxon, battery charging (excitation current to the generator from the battery)
  • 40 15A Audio, navigation, LCD display
  • 41 10A Engine management system
  • 42 10A Ignition coil
  • 43 10A USR
  • 44 20A engine ECU

Relay box

It is located at the right wing, next to a barrel of washer fluid.

The photo

Relay box under the hood


  • R1 3rd radiator fan relay (25221E)
  • R2 Front tumanki PTF (25224QA)
  • R3 Air conditioner relay E6 (25224D)
  • R4 Horn relay (25620)
  • R5 Radiator fan relay (25224J)
  • R6 Headlights, light (25224A)
  • R7 Starter (25224G)

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  • Hiya.

    My rear washer is not working on my nissan almeratino 2005, I’ve checked all the fuses I can find, and all seem to be OK. I’m now at a loss, would anyone be able to advise me please?

    Thanks in advance


  • Nissan almera 2010; refus de blocage des portieres avec la cle

  • Bonjour . Ma nissan Almera Tino essence année 2003 . Les leviers vitre fonctionne pas.
    Je voudrais qu’on me montre le fusible où le relais qui joue cette fonction

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