Nissan Qashqai j10 (Rogue Sport 1G) fuse and relay

Nissan Qashqai j10 is a compact crossover that entered production in 2006. In the USA it is known as Rogue Sport. The first generation is designated as j10 and was produced in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. This material will provide information with a description of fuse boxes and relays Nissan Qashqai j10 of the first generation with diagrams, photographs and designations of elements. Note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Nissan qashqai J10

Please note that the versions of the boxes, the number of their elements, as well as the diagrams may differ from those presented and depend on the country of delivery, year of manufacture and equipment of a particular car. Check the description with yours, it will be printed on the protective cover of the unit.

Passenger compartment

It is located in the dashboard. To access, simply pull on the cover.

where is the fuse box in nissan qashqai


photo of the unit in the cabin


F110A Audio system, electric drive of exterior mirrors
F215A Front socket (cigarette lighter)
F410A Air conditioning, electric cabin heater
F515A Heater motor
F615A Heater motor
F710A Optional equipment
F815A CVT sensors (mechanical gearbox)
F915A Audio system
F1010A Brake lights
F1210A Control unit for electrical equipment of the passenger compartment
F1310A Electrical equipment
F1415A Rear socket (if installed)
F1510A Heated mirrors
F1610A Control unit for electrical equipment of the passenger compartment
F1715A Electrical equipment
F1820A Moto windshield wiper gear
F1910A SRC airbags
F2010A Heated seats
R1Relay additional equipment of salon
R2Heater fan relay

For the front cigarette lighter, there is a 15A fuse number 2. On the diagram in English it is designated as – POWER SOCKET.

Engine compartment

The engine compartment contains 3 fuse and relay boxes.

arrangement of blocks under the hood

Box – A

To access, squeeze the side cover latch and pull on it.

Access to block A


photo block diagram under the hood j10


F115A Glass heater
F215A Glass heater
F315A Fog lights
F430A Windshield wiper
F515A Low beam lamp, right headlight
F615A Low beam lamp, left headlight
F710A High beam lamp, right headlight
F810A Headlamp high beam lamp, left
F910A Side light bulbs
F1115A Transmission control
F1220A Engine control unit
F1310A A / C Compressor
F1410A Reversing lamps
F1510A Gearbox
F1610A Engine management system
F1715A Fuel pump
F1810A Power system (fuel injectors)
F1910A Hydro electronic unit ABS
R6Ignition system relay
R8Tailgate glass heater relay
R16Engine cooling fan low speed relay I
R17Engine cooling fan II high speed relay

Box – B

The second box can be opened in the same way.

access to block B

The photo

photo diagram of block B under the hood of Nissan Qashqai


F120A Air cooler turbine (turbodiesel)
F210A Transmission operating mode switch block (vehicles with four-wheel drive)
F310A Generator
F410A Sound signal
FL560 / 30A Electric power steering, headlight washer pump, ABS system
F640A ABS system, stability control system
F730A Electric cabin heater (for a car with a diesel engine)
F830A Electric heater of salon
F930A Electric heater of salon
FL1150/30 / 40A Engine cooling fan, ignition
F1240A Control unit for electrical equipment of the passenger compartment
R3Horn relay
R4Engine cooling fan relay
R5Headlight washer pump relay

Box – C

It is located on the positive terminal of the battery and consists of high power fuses.

battery pack

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  • the speakers on my j10 tekna bose has no sound any idea where the fuse is for the amp i have tried all fuses thank you

  • My j10 it cranks but don’t start

  • Hi
    My j10 booth won’t open. I have manage a manual opening but I can’t rely on that. Can you help me with the electronic opening system, for I don’t know where is the fuse location is, for that.

  • Hi need help with my alarm on nissan quashqai j10 how to disable alarm as it is continuing to sound the only way I can stop it is by removing battery terminal please help many thanks

  • Hello
    Nissan qasqahi j10 engine was not working. F16 fuse was broken, I changed the fuse, but the engine still does not work, what could it be, thanks ( F16 10A Engine management system)

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