Nissan Cube az10 fuse and relay

The Nissan Cube is a Japanese – built subcompact van. For the entire period, three generations of this series were released. We present the description of fuses for the first generation Nissan cube az10. Nissan cube az10 was produced in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2000 and 2003. After that, it was replaced by the 2nd generation.

Nissan cube z10

For all cars of the Nissan cube family, the placement of two boxes with fuses and relays is characteristic. One in the cabin, next to the steering rack, behind the protective cover, and the other under the hood, next to the battery.

Passenger compartment


Photo of the fuse box


Block diagram in the cabin


the first column
10A is “starter signal”.
15A – “network 100B”
10A – “glass-hatch-lift”
10A – “light in the cabin”
10A – “brake lights”
15A – “heating the brushes”
10A – “sound signal”
15A – “fog lamp”
10A – ” emergency lights ”
10A -” reversing lamps ”
10A -” turn signals ”
10A -” dashboard ”
10A -” ABS “

second column
10A – “gearbox”
10A – “airbags”
10A – “ECU”
15A – “fuel pump”
10A – “injector”
10A – “air conditioner”
empty line
15A – “fans”
10A – “radio tape recorder”
15A – “electric sockets, cigarette lighter ”
20A -” wipers ”
10A -” mirror, rear wiper ”
15A -” heating (glass) “

The fuse number 23, 15A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Engine compartment

the photo

photo of the unit under the hood

  • 30A ABS
  • 10A Engine
  • 10A Generator
  • 15A Headlights (right side)
  • 15A Headlights (left side)
  • 30A Electro fan
  • 30A Electric lifts
  • 30A ABS
  • 10A Audio system
  • 10A injection system
  • 30A injection system
  • 25A Air conditioner fan
  • 45A Power steering

Check the assignment of your fuses with the current description on the box cover.

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  • hi there could any tell what i need to do to get my start light working fuse was good but dashboard lights were not on car cranks but not starting

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