Nissan Juke – fuse and relay

The 1st generation Nissan Juke mini crossover was produced in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. At present, the 2nd generation of the model has arrived for assembly. The 2014 update had a lot to do with the look. In our material, we will show where the Nissan Juke fuse and relay boxes are located, their photos, diagrams and a designation of the purpose of the elements, we separately note the cigarette lighter fuse.

Nissan Juke photo


The Nissan Juke has 4 boxes with fuses and relays. One in the cabin and 3 under the hood. Their location is shown in the diagram.


Block layout

Passenger compartment

This box, number 1 in the diagram, is located at the end of the dashboard, behind the protective cover.

The photo

photo of the unit in the cabin


Block diagram in the cabin Nissan beetle


F120A Socket for connecting additional equipment, cigarette lighter, audio system, electric drive of outside rear-view mirrors
F210A Audio system
F310A Mounting block in the engine compartment
F415A Blower fan relay
F510A Air conditioner
F615A Blower fan relay
F710A Optional equipment
F810A Instrument cluster
F920A Trailer electrical equipment
F1010A Interior lighting plafond
F1115A Heated seats
F1210A Heated exterior mirrors
F1310A Instrument cluster
F1410A Optional equipment
F1510A Optional equipment
F1610A Washers
F1710A Passive Restraint System (SRS)
R1Relay additional equipment of salon
R2Blower fan relay

The fuse number 1, 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Engine compartment


Mounting box

In the diagrams, it is designated as number 2. Located at the very edge of the motor space. To access it is necessary to remove the air filter sleeve.

access to block 2


scheme of block 2 under the hood nissan beetle


F120A Heated rear door glass, heated rear-view mirrors
F2Not used
F320A Engine management system
F4Not used
F530A Windshield wiper, wipers
F610A Right dimensions
F710A Left dimensions
F8Not used
F910A A / C compressor clutch
F1015A Fog lights
F1110A High beam lamps, right headlights
F1210A High beam lamps, left headlights
F1315A Low beam lamps, left headlights
F1415A Low beam lamps, right headlights
F1510A Engine management system
F1610A Reversing lamp
F1710A Anti-lock braking system
F18Not used
F19Not used
F2015A Fuel pump
F2115A Ignition system
F2215A injection system
F23Not used
F2415A Power steering

Relay designation

  • R8 Rear door heater relay
  • R17 Relay for lowering (-) revolutions of the cooling fan
  • R18 Relay for increasing (+) revolutions of the cooling fan
  • R20 Ignition system relay

Fuse box

Indicated by number 3. To gain access to the fuses of the box on the casing of the electronic engine control unit, squeeze the cover latch. On the inner side of which, the current layout of the elements will be applied.

access to block 3


Block diagram 3

Circuits protected

  1. 50A ABS Hydroelectronic Module
  2. 10A Stop signal
  3. 40A Ignition system, Glass lifters, ABS
  4. 10A CVT control
  5. 10A Sound signal generator
  6. 20A Audio system, radio tape recorder
  7. 10A CVT control
  8. 60A Electric power steering, headlight washer (30A), ABS (30A)
  9. 50A Radiator cooling fan
  10. Horn relay

Power fuse box

It is located on the positive terminal of the battery and is a group of fusible links that protect the fuse boxes in the passenger compartment and under the hood. On the diagrams it is marked with number 4. In case of complete absence of voltage, we recommend starting the test with them.

Power fuses

If you have any questions, write in the comments.

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  • Hi, can you help?
    I’m trying to locate the fuel relay for a 2013 nissan juke, its not listed on any diagram I have found so far

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  • We’re is the relay for the window screen wipers

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  • Hello,
    We have a Nissan Juke F16 Feb-20 Engine No. HR 16030015A.
    We have a bad smell coming from the, AC unit , so we assume we have a dead mouse in the fan area, what are the first covers to take off, or where to start ??? Can any help please !

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  • Hi,my son has 2020 juke,the horn sounded constant for 10 minutes,then stopped and now not working.

    Is the a fuse or relay and where are located.

    Any advice please

    many thanks

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