Nissan Cefiro a32 a33 fuse and relay

Nissan Cefiro belongs to business class cars. The first generation A31 was produced in 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993. The second generation A32 was delivered to the markets in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998. This car is also known in the European version under the name  Maxima. The third generation A33 was the last and was produced in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003. We will acquaint you with the description of the fuse boxes and relays for the Nissan Cefiro a32 a33, i.e. 2nd and 3rd generations. We will also show where they are and how they look.

nissan cefiroA32

Passenger compartment

It is located on the right side of the steering rack, behind the cover.


block diagram in the cabin a32


 1 10AAIR BAG airbags
2 15AFan (climate control system)
3 15AFan (climate control system)
A / T Control (Throttle Valve Switching)
5 7.5APARKING LAMP (both)
TAIL size lamps (four) (these lamps are hybrid with stop lamps)
Lamps of dimensions front side MARKER LAMP (two)
Lamps of dimensions rear side MARKER LAMP (two)
License plate lights (two)
Lighting control signal for BSM
6 15ACigarette lighter
7 10AElectric drive of glass of mirrors
Heated mirrors
8 15ATelevision
9 10ASpare
10 15AHybrid brake lights
Additional brake light (under the rear window)
Control signal for the ABS unit
11 10ATurn signal lamps, flashing generator, emergency gang
Multi-Remote Control Relay Power (if equipped)
12 7.5ACruise control
Power supply for rear window heating relay and mirror heating relay
Sunroof activation (sunroof relay switching on) (power supply of Fuse sunroof “f”)
IGNITION control signal for BSM
13 10ACharge indication lamp
Generator control voltage
Alarm and warning lamps on the instrument panel
Cruise control indicator lamp
Indication lamp OD OFF
Power for speedometer and odometer
AIR BAG alarm lamp
Automatic transmission mode switch (INHIBITOR SWITCH)
Reversing warning lamps
Indicator lamp ABS
Indication lamp MALFUNCTION
14 7.5ATurn signal lamps and flashing generator
15 10AABS control unit power supply
16 7.5AClimate control controls
Activating the climate control system
Power supply for compressor relay and climate control solenoid
17 10AСоленоид Evaporative Emission Canister Purge Control
EGRC solenoid (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)
Fuel pump relay power supply
Cooling fan relay power (all three relays)
Manifold pressure solenoid
Power supply of the main relay of blocking of ignition
Cruise Country Activation
Power supply of the ignition block relay from the standard alarm
Oil Sensor Power Power Steering Oil Pressure Switch
Vacuum Cutter Vacuum Cut Valve Bypass
Power supply for the CONSULT connector
Solenoid IACV-FICD
18 7.5AIllumination lamps for door buttons, ashtrays, dimming the clock screen,
music, buttons and dimming of the climate control screen, glove compartment, emergency gang buttons,
CRUISE CONTROL buttons, glass and mirror heating buttons, dashboards
19 7.5AACC control signal for BSM (Electronic products)
20 20APower supply for all wiper assemblies (drive motor, pump and relay)
21 10ATurning on the clock at ACC (power supply of the Fuse 40)
Activation of the head unit at ACC (power supply of the Fuse 62 radio)
Activation of the stock CD player at ACC (power supply to CD Fuse 40)
Auto Antenna Activation on ACC (Fuse 40 Antenna Power)
22 15APower supply of the stock audio amplifier
24 10AOEM phone power
26 7.5ADoor lights (left and right door)
Navigation lamps (overhead) left and right
Center ceiling lamp
Ignition key illumination lamp
Trunk lamp
28 7.5AOEM Phone Activation at ACC (Fuse 24 Phone Power Supply)
29 10AHeated seats
32 15AGasoline pump
33 7.5AIgnition relay power supply (start signal)
34 15aFront left oxygen sensor
Front right oxygen sensor
Rear oxygen sensor
36 7.5AOEM Phone Activation at ACC (Fuse 24 Phone Power Supply)
37 15ATrunk opening electric lock
38 20AHeated rear window
39 20AHeated rear window
40 7.5AClock power (fuse 21 activation)
Power supply of the standard CD player
Remote control power
Transmission Control Module Power
Automatic antenna power supply
Buzzer power
Power supply of the LED indicator of the standard signaling
Climate control system power
Built-in traitor
Power for speedometer and odometer
mirror lamps (left and right)

The fuse number 6 15A is responsible for the cigarette lighter

Engine compartment

Relay and fuse box


photo of the unit under the hood a32

The current diagram will be printed on the cover. Check the description.


ChargeCharging the battery from the generator
FusePower supply to fuses b, d, e, f, 60.61, 62.63.64, 65.66
Blower Motor RelayAir conditioner fan relay
Fuse 2,3Powering up the Fuse 2,3
Accessory RelayAccessory Relay
Fuse 6,7,19,20,36Power supply to Fuse 6,7,19,20,36 (accessory power supply)
COOL/FCooling fans (both), high speed
CIRCUIT BREAKER 1Fuse Power Supply – Automatic
IGNITION SWITCHStarter Solenoid Relay
Ignition signal to ECM (engine control module)
Injectors (nozzles) 6 pieces
Ignition coils 6 pieces
Activation of all accessories with ACC
NEXT FUSEPower supply to Fuse 10,11,22, 24,26,37, 38,39,40
NEXT FUSEPower supply to Fuse 12,13,14,15,16,28,29
H/LAMPLow beam / high beam lamp, left
F / FOGFog lamp relay power
H/LAMPLow / high beam lamp, right
High beam indicator lamp
MAINPower supply to the engine control unit ECU
MAFSAir flow meter sensor power supply
POSTCrankshaft Position Sensor Power
AAC/VEngine Idle Idle Air Control
PGC / VEvaporative Emission Canister Purge Motor
MAINPower supply to the engine control unit ECU
EMNTFront Engine Mounting Control Power Supply
CHARGEGenerator voltage regulator power supply
A/C,MCompressor (climate control system)
FICDSolenoid (climate control system)
AUDIOOEM music power supply
F / FOGFog lamps (left and right)
HORNHorn and horn relay
ASCDCruise control power supply
THEFTBuzzer relay power supply
THEFTFactory alarm beep
Buzzer relay power supply
LIGHTING SWITCHPower supply for the switch of the lamps of dimensions (common fuse for the entire backlight)
Fuse 5,18Power supply to fuses 5 and 18


Passenger compartment

This unit is located in the dashboard at the bottom right, where it was with the previous generation.

 The photoblock in saloon a33 photo


Fuses A33 block diagram in the cabinDesignation

  1. 10A B / COMP Computer power supply
    AUDIO Power supply for radio, etc.
    W / ANT Antenna power.
    H / PHONE Power supply of the original telephone.
  2. 15A NONDTS Non-detectable components
    SHIFT Gearshift interlock system, automatic transmission
    ABS Indication lamp ABS
    STOP / L Stop lamps supply.
    ASCD Cruise control
  3. 15A T & FLID Liquid Temperature
  4. 15A TURN Alarm and its relay
  5. 15A F / FOG Front fog lights
  6. 20A LOAD Charging.
    DEF Heated rear window.
  7. 15A O2S B1-2 Lambda probe
    O2H B1-2 Catalyst heating sensor
    FUELRH Power supply for rear injectors
    FUELLH Power supply for front injectors
    FRO2RH Front right oxygen sensor
    FRO2LH Front left oxygen sensor
  8. 10A HSEAT Heated Seat
  9. 10A LOAD Charging.
    MIL / DL Remote door opening
    NONDTS Undetectable components / positions
    DTRL Headlamp switching on from darkness.
    H / AIM Headlight corrector
    TAIL / L Reversing lamps
    ILL Instrument lighting , buttons, glove compartment and doors
    INT / L Navigation lamps (overhead)
    CHINE Alarm power supply
    HLC Headlight washer power supply
    DEF Rear window heating
    SROOF Roof hatch
    I / MIRR mirrors
    NAVI Navigation power supply
    ASCD Cruise control power supply
    WINDOW Power supply for window regulators
    S / LOCK Locking starter
    MULTI Multifunctional remote control system
    THEFT Power supply for ignition lock relay from pcs. alarm.
  10. 10А MAIN Power supply for engine control unit
    VSSA / T Speed ​​sensor with automatic transmission
    BA / FTS Automatic transmission fluid temperature sensor and TCM power supply
    NONDTC Components / items not detected
  11. 10A MIL / DL Malfunction indicator
    MAIN Power supply to the engine control unit
    BA / FTS Automatic transmission fluid temperature sensor
    A / C. A Power supply for climate control
    INT / L Navigation lamps
    METER Power supply for speedometer
    B / COMP Power supply for computer
    CHNE Sound alarm power supply
    CLOCK Power supply for clock
    NAVI Power supply for navigation
    DEF Heated rear window
    ASCD Power supply for cruise control
    S / CLOCK power supply for clock
    NATS Anti-theft system Nissan
  12. 10A INT / L Interior light (Note that the TCM module that controls the “polite light” function is powered by 10, 12, and “I” fuses, description and diagram in the EL-111 manual)
    Interior spotlights
    Illumination of mirrors of both visors
    Door lamps
    Trunk lamp
    DEF Power supply for rear window defogger
  13. 10A METER Power supply for speedometer
    CLOCK Power supply for clock
    NAVI Power supply for navigation
    MIROR Power supply for door mirrors
  14. 15A CIGAR Cigarette Lighter
  15. 10A MAIN Main power supply and grounding circuit
    INJECT Power supply for injectors
    F / PUMP petrol pump
  16. 10A SRS Airbag Power Supply
  17. 10A A / C, M Activation of the climate control system, climate control
  18. 15A PGC / V Charcoal purge valve control supply.
    SWL / V Window regulator lights
    COOL / F Cooling fans
    VIAS / V power supply VIAS
    system power PRGVLV Power supply for the charcoal filter purge solenoid valve
    SWL / C Window regulator lights
    START Power supply for ignition blocking relay
    NATS Power supply for climate control.
  19. 10A S / SIG DTRL Cigarette lighter
    lighting Headlight supply AUTO
  20. 15A CIGAR Cigarette lighter power supply
  21. 20A WIPER Wiper power supply
  22. 10A TURN Turn Signal Power Supply
  23. 15A F / PUMP Gasoline Pump Power Supply
  24. 10А VSS Speed
    sensor power supply VSSEN Signal from speed sensor
    MIL / DL Malfunction indicator, tester connector.
    VSSMTR Vehicle speed sensor meter NONDTC Non-
    detectable components
    PNP / SW Parking-neutral position switch
    SHIFT Ignition blocking relay power supply pcs. alarm system
    ABS Power ABC
    SRS Airbag system power supply
    CHARGE Power supply voltage regulator relay
    DTRL AUTO headlights
    BACK / L Reversing lights power
    INT / L Navigation lamps
    METER Power supply for speedometer
    B / COMP Power supply for computer
    WARN Signal lamps power supply
    AT / IND Indicator of automatic transmission
    NAVI Navigation boxes food
    ASCD Cruise food control
  25. 10A ABS system

In this version, several fuses are responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter – 22, 16.

Engine compartments


the location of the blocks under the hood a33

Fuse box


Fuses A33 circuit


  • 51 – 15A
    A / CA Climate control
    A / CM Air conditioning control
  • 52 – 15A
    A / CA heater
    climate control
    A / CM Air conditioning control
  • 53 –
  • 54 – 20A
    LOAD Load signal
    H / LAMP Headlight supply
    DTRL Headlamp control AUTO
  • 55 – 20A
    LOAD Load signal
    H / LAMP Headlamp lamps
    DTRL Headlamp control AUTO
  • 56 – 15A
    AUDIO radio tape recorder
    NAVI navigation
    H / FONE phone
  • 57 – 10A
    B / COMP computer
    HORN sound signal
    REMOTE module for central
    lock remote control ASCD Cruise control
  • 58 – 15
    MAIN Main power supply (ECM relay)
    AACVLV Regulator xx
    EGVC / V Egr solenoid valve
    IGN / SG Power supply for ignition coils
    IGNSIS Power supply for ignition system relay
  • 59 – 15A
    MAIN Main power supply (main relay)
    MAFS Power supply for air flow sensor
    POS Power supply for crankshaft position sensor
    EGVC / V Power supply for valve Egr
    AAC / V Power supply for regulator xx
    TR / SW Steering sensor.
    CKPS Crankshaft angle sensor
    AACVLV Pxx power supply IGNSYS
    Ignition system power
    TPS Throttle position sensor
    NONDTC Non-detectable components
    NATS Nissan anti-theft
  • 60 – 10A
    COMBINATION Combination
    SWITCH Instruments
    H / AIM Headlight
    range adjustment TAIL / L Dimensions power supply
    F / FOG Front fog lights
    R / FOG Rear fog lights
    ILL backlight
    CHIME.NAVI Signaling, Navigation
    HLS Headlight washer
  • 61 –
  • 62 –
  • 63 –
  • 64 –
  • 65 – 10A R / FOG Rear fog lamps
  • 66 – 10A A / C. M Air conditioning, climate control
  • 67 –
  • 68 – 15A
    LOAD Load signal
    H / LAMP Headlight supply
    DTRL Headlamp control AUTO
  • 69 – 15A
    LOAD Load signal
    H / LAMP Headlight supply
    DTRL Headlamp control
  • 70 – 10A CHARGE Charging system
  • 71 –
  • 72 –
  • A – 120A All power supplies.
  • B – 80A 12 + 13 + 22 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11 + 14 + 15 Numbers of fuses powered by this fuse
  • C – 40A IGNITION LOCK + 1 +21
  • D – 40A ABS system
  • E – 40A ABS system
  • F – 30A HLC washer
  • G – 40A COOL / F Radiator fan relay
  • H – 40A COOL / F Radiator fan relay
  • I – 40A CIPCUIT BREACEP breaker
  • J – 80A 2 + 3 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 25 + 26 + 29 + 30 + 31 Numbers of fuses powered by this fuse

Relay box


Relay box under the hood a33


  1. Electric fan relay
  2. Brakes
  3. Motor fan relay
  4. ABS
  5. Engine system relay
  6. Electric fan relay
  7. ABS
  8. Electric fan relay

Be sure to check the actual description on your unit cover. Discrepancies are possible even in Japanese and Singaporean versions.

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