Nissan Almera Classic B10 fuse and relay

Some attribute the Nissan  Almera Classic to the third generation of the Almera, others to the restyled 2nd generation model. Both options have their own truth. Since it was created on the platform of the previous generation, it has a modified body with the B10 marking and a modified suspension system. Years of issue: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. We offer you to get acquainted with the description of the fuse boxes and relays Nissan Almera Classic, as well as their photos, diagrams and decoding of elements.

   almera classic photo

Box locations

This model has 3 fuse and relay boxes. The main one is in the cabin, the other two are in the engine compartment.


arrangement of blocks

Passenger compartment

It is located in the dashboard on the left side, behind a small drawer.

photo of the block in the salon almera classic


Block diagram in the classic cabin


115A Heater motor
215A Heater motor
410A Direction indicators
510A Instrument cluster and reversing lights
610A Anti lock brake system
720A Wipers
810A Heated front seats
915A Fuel pump
1010A Additional consumers
1120A Heated rear window
1310A Headlights
1410A Fuel injectors
1510A Instrument cluster, clock
1615A Cigarette lighter
1710A Exterior mirrors
1810A Interior lighting plafond
1915A Door locks
2010A Stop lights
2110A Car radio
2210A Engine management system
2310A Airbags
2410A Air conditioner
2510A Automatic transmission control system
2610A Ignition system

The fuse number 16 at 15A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.


  1. power window relay;
  2. rear fog lamp relay;
  3. central locking relay

Rear side relay

relay 2 on the back side

  1. air conditioning relay;
  2. 1st ignition relay;
  3. 2nd ignition relay;
  4. auxiliary equipment relay.

Engine compartment

Layout of blocks under the hood

Fuse box

It is located on the left-hand side of the battery. The current diagram with the description will be printed on the cover.


fuse block diagram


  1. Reserve
  2. Reserve
  3. Reserve
  4. 15A Sound signal
  5. 15A Throttle valve
  6. 10A Side lights
  7. 10A Engine management system
  8. Reserve
  9. 15A Ignition coils
  10. 30A Ignition lock circuit
  11. 20A Anti-lock braking system
  12. 20A Anti-lock braking system
  13. 20A Anti-lock braking system
  14. 65A 1st main fuse
  15. Reserve
  16. Reserve
  17. 15A Heated windshield
  18. 5A Anti-lock braking system
  19. 10A Rear fog lamp
  20. 20A Instrument cluster
  21. 15A Fog lights
  22. 15A High beam headlights
  23. 15A Low beam headlights
  24. 100A Generator
  25. 30A 1st radiator fan motor
  26. 30A 2nd radiator fan motor
  27. 30A Glass lifter
  28. Reserve
  29. 65A 2nd main fuse

The number of elements and their value may differ from this information and depends on the year of manufacture and the electrical equipment of your Almeria classic.

Relay box

It is located near the right fender of the car, next to a barrel of washer fluid.


relay box under the hood


1Headlamp low beam relay
2Anti-theft alarm relay
3Headlamp high beam relay
42nd radiator fan relay
5Diagnostic connector ABS
61st radiator fan relay
7Horn relay
8Air conditioner relay
9Automatic transmission relay
103rd radiator fan relay


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