Nissan X-Trail T32 fuse and relay

Nissan X-Trail T32 presents the 3rd generation X Trail. Produced in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 with both gasoline and diesel engines. During this time, the model has been restyled. In this material you will find a designation of fuses and relays Nissan X Trail T32 with box diagrams and their locations. Highlight the cigarette lighter fuse.

nissan x trail t32

The number of elements in the blocks and their decoding may differ from the one presented and depends on the year of manufacture and equipment of your car. Check the description with your diagrams on the box lid.

Passenger compartment

They are located at the end of the instrument panel on both sides.

Left box (main)

The protective cover must be removed for access.

Left side block

Photo for example (inverted image)

photo of the unit in the cabin



block diagram in the cabin ikstrail t32


115A Direction indicators, hazard warning lights (body electronics module (BCM))
25A Four-wheel drive control unit
320A Central locking (body electronics module (BCM))
415A Rear wiper (body electronics module (BCM))
520A Central locking (body electronics module (BCM))
610A Four-wheel drive control unit, diagnostic connector, parking brake
710A Body electronics module (BCM)
85A Clutch switch
95A Nissan Anti-Theft System Antenna (NATS)
1010A Brake light switch
1120A Audio system
1210A Subwoofer (optional jack)
1310A Instrument cluster
145A Body electronics module (BCM), siren control module
1520A Audio system, navigation control unit, all-round view system
1620A Audio system, navigation control unit, all-round view system
1715A Heater motor, air conditioner
1810A Spare fuse
1920A Cigarette lighter
2010A Air conditioning, brake pedal, brake light switch (R9M), mirror control unit
2110A ABS, ABS control unit, Vehicle Dynamic Stability Control (VDC)
2210A Heated mirrors
2315A Heated rear window
2415A Heated rear window
2520A Relay for interior lighting (body electronics module (BCM)), optional connector
265A Navigation control unit, headlight range control, audio system
2715A Heater Motor, Air Conditioning, Bypass Relay
2815A Heated front seats
2910A DC / DC converter
3010A Brake light switch. steering wheel angle sensor, Sonar control unit, ESP control unit, 4WD control unit, diagnostic socket, audio system, navigation control unit, Around View Monitor, parking brake. chassis module, auto dimming mirror, optional connector, combination switch, fuel heater relay. distance sensor, front camera, PTC relay: 1, 2, 3
315A Instrument cluster, diode
3210A Airbags
3315A Glass washer, combined switch

The fuse number 19, 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

The individual relay elements are located on the back of the unit: Ignition, Heater, Heated rear window, Auxiliary relay.

Right box

It is present mainly in cars with a start-stop system.


Block in the cabin on the right


5410A Steering wheel angle sensor
5510A Diode
5610A Audio system, Around View Monitor, distance sensor, front camera
5710A ECM, gearbox control unit, transmission range sensor, under-hood fuse box, neutral position sensor, primary speed sensor, secondary speed sensor, RPM sensor, reverse speed switch
58Not used
5910A Air conditioner
6010A ABS, ABS control unit, Vehicle Dynamic Stability Control (VDC)
61Not used
62Not used
6320A Audio system, navigation control unit, Around View Monitor
64Not used
  • R1 – Auxiliary relay
  • R2 – Ignition

Engine compartment

There are 4 fuse boxes in the engine compartment. 2 boxes are located next to the battery, high power fuses on the battery terminal and behind the bumper on the side under the headlight is another additional one.

mounting blocks under the hood t32
location of mounting blocks under the hood nissan x-trail t32

Block A

Execution for example

1 Mounting block photo


wiring block diagram a

Protected components

8110A Engine control unit
8215A Engine control unit,
8315A Throttle valve, engine control unit, canister valve (EVAP), MAF sensor, ignition coils, main relay, exhaust valve, inlet valve, high pressure fuel pump, injectors, engine compartment fuse box, air-fuel ratio sensor, heater fuel, water-in-fuel sensor, coolant bypass valve
8410A Engine control unit, intake manifold valve, timing valve exhaust, timing valve inlet, timing valve intermediate
8515A Air fuel ratio sensor, heated oxygen sensor, turbocharger valve, engine control unit, glow plug control unit
8615A Injectors, ignition coils, fuse box
8715A A / C compressor relay
88Not used
89Not used
9030A Front wiper relay, front wiper motor
9120A Fuel pump relay
92Not used
9310A ECM, gearbox control unit, transmission range sensor, under-hood fuse box, neutral position sensor, primary speed sensor, secondary speed sensor, rpm sensor, reverse / neutral sensor
94Not used
955A Steering wheel lock block
9610A Relay restart (start-stop)
9710A Front right combination lamp, front left combination lamp, compressor, transmission range sensor, under-hood fuse box, neutral position sensor, reverse speed switch, reverse / neutral sensor

Block B


Block B diagram


4115A Sound signal
4230A R9M: PTC Relay 2
4330A R9M: PTC Relay 3
4430A R9M: PTC Relay 1
4530A Parking brake
4630A Optional connector
4715A Sound signal
4830A Parking brake
50A R9M: Power windows, sunroof, curtain, power seats
30A R9M: Engine cooling fan relay
I30A Starter
50А R9M: ESP
J30A Electric tailgate
50А R9M: ESP
30A R9M: Engine cooling fan relay
L30A Starter, fuse box (E14)
M50A Windows, sunroof, curtain, power seats
40А R9M: ABS

Block behind bumper

all blocks under the hood

Photo example and diagram on the back of the cover

Block behind bumper

HEATED SCREENHeating glass
H/LAMP WASHER RELAYHeadlight washer relay
ANTI THEFT HORN RELAYAnti-theft alarm relay
HEATED FRONT SCREEN RELAYHeated windshield relay

Battery-powered unit

It is located on the positive terminal of the battery, so this unit can be called simply – the terminal is positive and consists of fuses made in the form of a high-power fuse-link.

Positive terminal T32

DiagramBlock on the battery terminal


A450A Alternator, starter (QR, MR), restart relay (start-stop), No. F fuse (ESP)
B100A Alternator, starter, restart relay (start-stop), fuse No. F (ESP)
450A Alternator, starter, restart relay (start-stop), fuse # F (ESP)
C100A Ignition, passenger compartment fuse box
D80A Fuse box in the engine compartment No. 3
100A Fuse box, fuse box (E137 – thermo plunger (R9M engine))
IS100A Passenger compartment fuse box
50A Fuse box in the engine compartment No. 2 (F116)
U100A Fuse box in the engine compartment No. 2 (F116), No. 3, ignition


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