Mitsubishi Canter 8 fuse and relay

The 8th generation Mitsubishi Canter officially went on sale in 2012 and presents a range of medium-duty trucks with a variety of body styles. Years of production: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. In 2020, the model was updated and is still being produced. In this publication, we will take a closer look at the description of the 8th generation Mitsubishi Canter fuses and relays with box diagrams and their locations. show the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Mitsubishi Kanter 8

Due to the huge variety of modifications produced by Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 8, there is no one general description of fuses and relays. There may be differences in the presented diagrams and your performance. Check the designations with your diagrams.

Passenger compartment fuse box

The fuse and relay box is located inside the lower panel in front of the passenger seat. Remove the protective cover for access.

Block access

For example

Block in the cabin


Block diagram in the cabin


F0110A Starter
F0210A Reserve
F0310A Airbag SRS ECU
F0410A Auxiliary Power Supply
F0530A Electric glass lift
F0610A Tail light of the LH trailer
F0730A Electric glass lift
(driver’s assistant)
F0820A Trailer headlight (rear fog lights, reversing lights
F0910A Instrument panel, combination switch, diagnostic connector
F1030А ISS (ECU)
F1130A air conditioner fan
F1215A Audio system, inner dome
F1310A Ignition Switch, ISS (ECU)
F1410A Signal
F1510A Audio system
F1620A Cigarette lighter
F1720A Fuel heater
F1915A engine ECU
F2110A Reserve
F2215A Instrument panel, air
conditioner, rear air conditioner relay
F2310A Tail light, trailer RH
F2510A Auxiliary Power Supply
F2610A Auxiliary Power Supply
F2720A Trailer stop signal lamp
F2815A engine ECU
F2920А SCR
F3020А SCR
F3120A engine ECU
F3210A Air Conditioning Compressor
F3415A Fuel pump
F3710A Rear blower fan
F3815A Rear Condenser Fan
F4020A Condenser fan
F4130A Hydraulic unit
F4210A Alternator (only vehicles with a
battery equalizer )

The fuse number F16 for 20A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Box near the battery

An additional unit is installed outside the car, next to the battery.

Block near the battery

The photo

Block near the battery - photo


Block diagram near the battery

See table above for fuse description.


  • HF01 – 140А SAM
  • HF02 – Reserve
  • HF03 – 80A SAM
  • HF04 – Reserve
  • HF05 – 60A ECU Backlight
  • HF06 – 40A Ignition relay
  • HF07 – Reserve
  • HF08 – 50A Hydraulic unit
  • HF21 – Reserve
  • HF22 – 40A SAM

Close the lid tightly so that no water gets inside!

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  • Mitsubishi is good

  • What happens to the canter if the control box has some of it’s transistors blown out

  • hello what is the difference between ACC & IGN ? thank you

    • I think the difference is in the position of the key.
      ACC – the first position when some consumers turn on but the ignition is off
      IGN – second position – ignition, when all consumers are turned on and the ignition is on
      IGN2 – intermediate. This is when the starter key is turned, some consumers are turned off, but the ignition remains

  • Hi, I am after the location of the relay of the A/C of Fuso, 515, 2020, thanks.

  • Hello
    Can anyone assist of the fuso relay of headlight with location

    Thanks regards

  • In my truck the rivers light are not working,revres switch is good & signlans are coming out bt light are not indicated.. so where is a revrse relay located in fude box

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