Mitsubishi Delica 4 (Mitsubishi L400) – fuse and relay

The 4th generation Mitsubishi Delica minivan was produced in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006. During this time, the Delica underwent restyling. Delivered all over the world. In some countries it is known as Mitsubishi L400, Mitsubishi Space Gear. The cargo model is called Delica Cargo. On the territory of the CIS, cars are sold that were supplied both to Europe (left hand drive) and Japan (right hand drive). In this publication you will find a description of the 4th generation Mitsubishi Delica fuses and relays with box diagrams and locations. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

mitsubisi delicacy

Depending on the region of delivery and the level of equipment, there may be a difference in the design of the boxes and the purpose of their elements.

Passenger compartment fuses and relay boxes

Fuse and relay box

Located at the bottom of the instrument panel on the left side.

For example

Passenger compartment fuse box


Passenger compartment fuse box diagram


110A Sound signal
210A Heater
315A Cigarette lighter
410A Automatic transmission control system
520A Electric blinds (right-hand drive models)
620A Heated rear window
715A Heated seats (except for models from 2000)
810A Instrumentation 
920A Windshield washer and wiper
1015A ETACS system and central locking (RHD models from 1998)
1125A Electric fan, front heater
1220A Rear heater fan
1310A ECS and ABS systems
1410A Rear code lights
1510A Direction indicators and hazard warning lights
1620A Socket for connecting an additional
17Heated rear window
19Spare fuse
20Spare fuse
21Spare fuse
22Spare fuse

The fuse number 3, 15A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

  • R1 – Rear window defogger relay
  • R2 – Front heater fan motor relay

Relay box

Mounts close to the fuse box.


Passenger compartment relay box


  • C-60X – Central locking relay
  • C-61X – Relay – direction indicator and alarm interrupter
  • C-62X – Rear heater fan motor relay
  • C-62X – Rear Heater Fan Motor Hi Mode Relay
  • C-63X – Relay for connection socket for additional heater
  • C-64X – Tailgate relay
  • C-65X – Relay for electric drive glass lifters

Engine compartment fuse box

Located on the right side of the engine compartment.

Block under the hood

The photo

Photo of the unit in the cabin


Block diagram under the hood


110A High beam headlights
210 / 15A Air Conditioning Compressor
310A Dimensions (left) (LHD models)
315A Fog lights (right-hand drive models)
410A Dimensions (right for left-hand drive models)
510A Interior lighting
615A Radio tape recorder, Socket for connecting additional equipment
710A Stop – signals
820 / 30A Electro fan of the front condenser
910 / 15A Electro side condenser fan
1015A Fuel wire heater (LHD models)
1015A Heated wiper blades (right-hand drive models)
1110A Alarm
1220A Intercooler of charge air
1330A Power windows, Central locking
1450A ABS system
1540A Outdoor lighting
1630A Electric sunroof and roof blinds
17100A Generator
1880A Accumulator, battery


  • ALTERNATOR – Generator
  • AIR CON COMPRESSOR – Air conditioning compressor
  • CONDENSOR FAN FRONT – Front fan condenser
  • CONDENSOR RAER FRONT – Rear fan condenser
  • HEAD LIGHT – Headlight relay
  • HORN – Signal relay
  • INTERCOOLER FAN – Intercooler fan relay
  • FRONT FOG LIGHT – Front fog lamp relay
  • WIPER DE-ICER – Relay for cleaner and heater

On the positive terminal of the storage battery, fuses made in the form of a high-power fuse can also be installed.

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