Mercedes w140 fuse and relay

The Mercedes W140 is an S-Class model of the German brand Mercedes Benz, which was produced in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998. During this time, she underwent restyling. In this publication you will find a description of the fuses and relays Mercedes 140 with box diagrams and their locations. Select the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Mercedes 140

The execution of the boxes and the purpose of the elements in them may differ from those presented and depend on the year of manufacture and the level of equipment of your Mercedes 140. Check the information provided with your diagrams.

Example diagram from the box cover


Engine compartment

Fuse and relay box

The main fuse and relay box is located on the left side next to the rack and is covered with a protective cover.



Diagram 1


1Not connected
230A Auxiliary air conditioning fan relay
330A Wiper Motor (09/95)
440A Wiper Motor (08/95)
540A Rear mounting block pre-fuse (in luggage compartment)
640A Heated rear window (except CoupĂ©) – before 1995, from 09/95 AIR air pump, DRL daytime driving light
710A Before 1992 headlight lens cleaners / since 1993 not connected
87.5A Left parking light, Right tail light, Left side light
97.5/15A Right parking light, Right tail light, License plate light, Headlight lens cleaners, Exterior light switch (since 1993), Diode engine boost matrix (since 1996), Instrument panel (since 1994), Cigarette lighter
107.5A Rear fog lamp
117.5A Dipped beam left headlight
127.5A Dipped beam right headlight
137.5A High beam left headlight / high beam warning lamp
147.5A High beam right headlight / high beam warning lamp
1515A SRS Airbag Warning Light, Wiper Relay, Combination Relay, High Beam Switch, Washer Fluid Pump, Heated Rear Window Switch, Rain Sensor (from 09/1995), Seat Belt Adjustment, Vanity Mirrors
1610A Cigarette Lighter, Glove Light, Starter Interlock Relay Module (since 1994)
1720A Ignition cut-off relay, Radio receiver (up to 08/1995), after – steering column angle sensor, Non-proprietary reader connector, DLC diagnostic connector, Diagnostic module (OBD II), Instrument cluster, Vanity mirror light, Turn signal, Hazard switch alarms, interior lighting
1815A A/C, Auxiliary Fan Relay Module
197.5A DRL Daylight, Spark Plugs, Pre-Channel Off Timer Relay Module, Base Module, Seat Belt Warning Lamp (from 09/1995)
2010A A/C Push Button Control Module, A/C Compressor, Kickdown Switch, Purge Control Valve
2120A Windshield washer jets, Heated power mirrors, Transmission oil cooler, A/C control unit
227.5A to 0.8/1995: Ignition/Start Switch, Audio System, Seat Belt Warning Lamp Module, Safety Position Correction, Combination Relay, Heated Front Seats, Heated Rear Seats, From 09/1995: Not Connected
237.5A Injectors, Instrument Cluster, Thermostat Switch, Ignition/Start Switch, Pre-Glow/Start Switch, Stop Lamp Switch, Upper Center Stop Lamp
247.5A Auto day/night mirror, Base unit, Purge control valve, Instrument cluster, Exterior lamp monitoring module, Interior lighting, Electronic air injection control pump clutch (603 engine), Stop light switch switch , Seat belt warning module , DRL daytime running light, Engine control module (HFM-SFI engines)
2515A Turn Signal Interrupter/Alarm Relay, Fan Relay Module, Starter/Reverse Light Circuit Open Switch, Reverse Lights, Shift Solenoid Valves (AT)
2610A Fog lights
27Not connected
287.5A Automatic antenna
2915A Heated front seat control module
3020A Left and right seat position memory, driver’s memory of ergonomic parameters: Steering column adjustment, Rear-view mirror adjustment, Electronic steering column adjustment system
3130A Bench type rear seat power, Rear left power seat, Rear head restraint
327.5/30A Right rear power seat, rear headrest (Coupe)
33Not connected
347.5A Heated front seat control module, Heated rear window, Relay module (Coupe), Seat belt extension
357.5A/15A Rear window sunshade, Comfort system
3610A A/C push button control module
3730A Power seat front left
3830A Power seat front left
39Not connected
4030A Right front seat power
4130A Right front seat power

Fuse number 16 is responsible for the front cigarette lighter. And for the rear one, the fuse is in the box in the trunk.





  • R1 – Combined relay (windshield wipers, heated rear window, warning lights and tow hitch)
  • R2 – Reserve
  • R3 – Starter lock relay
  • R4 – Horn relay (signal)
  • R5 – High pressure switch / return pump
  • R6 – Comfort equipment relay
  • R7 – Headlight cleaner relay

Additional box

It is located on the right side under the hood, also closed with a protective cover.

additional box

There may be additional elements responsible for:

  • ESP/speed-sensitive power steering control module)
  • Traction Control Module (ASR)
  • Front seat heating control module (under the right rear seat, – do not confuse with the rear seat heating control module, – check on the wiring harness)
  • Transmission Control Module (TCM)
  • Engine control module (ECM ME-SFI)

and other elements.

Luggage compartment

In the luggage compartment, on the right, behind the trim, there is another box with fuses and relays.

Photo 2


Diagram 2


115A Rear A/C
27.5A Anti-theft alarm control module ATA, Infrared single lock control module IRCL, Starter lock relay module (1993), Heated rear seat control module
320A Rear Cigarette Lighter, Single Lock, PSE Control Module, Door Closer
47.5A Rear vanity mirror (up to 1994)
530A Power windows
630A Power windows
77.5/20A Rear vanity mirror light (up to 08/1995), Seat belt extender control module (Coupé)
820A Rear cigarette lighter
930A Door Closer
107.5A Cell phone
1120A Power Window Control Module, Luggage Compartment Light, Rear Interior Light, Rear Reading Light, Rear Door Opener Light, Pneumatic Equipment (PSE) Control Module, Internal Central Lock Switch
1220A Heated rear seat control module
1330A Fuel pump relay module
1425A Sunroof panel electric
1525A Anti-theft alarm control module ATA, Infrared single lock control module IRCL, Rear head restraints
1630A Tuner amplifier, Audio system amplifier, Radio receiver
17Rear window heating

Two relays can be installed side by side. The left one is the fuel pump relay and the right one is the heated rear window relay.

Above the fuse box are installed: the comfort equipment control module, and next to it the anti-theft system control module (not to be confused with the driver identification anti-theft control module, which is located under the instrument cluster on the steering column support bracket)).

That’s all. If you know how to make the material better – write in the comments.

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  • Hi,

    Just connected battery and the Hazard lights and wipers won’t turn off.

    Possible relay R1 in above diagram?


  • Tengo problemas con el elevalunas de la parte del conductor no para el motor pueden decirme cual es el relay

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