Hyundai i30 2G – fuse and relay

The 2nd generation Hyundai i30 was produced in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. In this material you will find a designation of the second generation Hyundai i30 fuses and relays with box diagrams and photo examples of execution. Highlight the cigarette lighter fuse.

hyundai i30 - 2G

The purpose of the fuses and relays may differ from that shown. Check the designations with your diagrams on the back of the protective cover. This arrangement of boxes is typical for the 3rd generation Hyundai i30.

Wrong generation? Here is the description for the 1st generation .

Passenger compartment fuse box

Located under the dashboard on the driver’s side.

Block in the cabin


Block diagram in the salon Hyundai i30


CIGAR LIGHT20A Cigarette lighter on console, rear power outlet
MODULE 17.5A Sport Mode Switch, Power Outside Mirror Switch
MODULE 47.5A Gear lever indicator, multi-functional diagnostic socket, electrochrome rearview mirror, air conditioning ECU, headlight range control drive (left / right side), fuel filter water sensor (D4FD)
MODULE 37.5А Instrument cluster, BCM unit, tire pressure monitoring unit, audio system, driver / passenger seat belt not fastened warning unit
POWER OUTLET15A Front Power Outlet
HTD MIRR10A Outside mirror with electric drive, driver / passenger side, air conditioning ECU, ECU
WIPER FRT25A ICM relay box (rain sensor relay), multi-function switch, under-hood fuse / relay box (relay 7), windshield wiper motor
A / CON7.5A A / C ECU, engine compartment fuse and relay box (relay 4)
P / WDW LH25A El. glass panes. Left
TAIL GATE10A Trunk lid, drive for opening the rear view camera
P/SEAT DRV30A Driver side manual switch
MODULE27.5A Lane Keeping Assist Module, ICM Relay Box (AC Relay), Electric Parking Brake Module, Rear View Camera Module
WIPER RR15A Rear wiper relay, rear wiper motor, multi function switch
STOP LAMP15A Brake Light Switch, ICM Relay Box (HAC Relay)
P/WDW RH25A El. glass panes. Right
PDM 27.5A Electronic key control unit, start and stop button
MODULE 57.5A EMS unit (headlight washer relay), ionizer unit, panoramic sunroof, DC / DC converter, DSL unit (PTC relay), engine compartment fuse and relay box (relay), driver / passenger seat heating module
IG120A Fuse and relay box in the engine compartment (fuse F)
MODULE 610A Electric Outside Mirror Switch, Audio System, AV Head Unit with Navigation, Digital Clock, DC / DC Converter
DR LOCK20A Door Lock / Unlock Relay, ICM Relay Box (Deadlock Relay), Passenger / Driver Side Door Lock Actuator, Fuel Filler Cap Actuator, Left / Right Door Lock Actuator
INTERIOR LAMP10A Glove box lamp, left / right lamp, ceiling console lamp assembly, interior lamp, trunk lamp, door sensor
MULTI MEDIA15A Audio system, audio-visual head unit with navigation, DC / DC converter (audio system)
MEMORY 17.5A Ultrasonic Burglar Alarm Sensor
A/BAG IND7.5A Instrument cluster
PDM 37.5A Electronic Key ECU, Ultrasonic Burglar Alarm Sensor
MEMORY 210A Outside mirror switch with electric drive, tire pressure monitoring module, BCM, automatic lighting switch, instrument cluster, on-board self-diagnosis system, digital clock, air conditioning ECU
PDM 125A electronic key ECU
START7.5A Without start button: fuse and relay box in the engine compartment (relay), ignition switch, transmission range switch with start button: ECM / PCM, transmission range switch
SUNROOF20A Panoramic roof hatch
BCM7.5А ВСМ, electronic key ECU
AFLS10A ECU adaptive headlight range control
MODULE 77.5А ВСМ, electronic key ECU
FOG LAMP RR10A Rear fog lamp
PUDDLE LAMP10A Outside mirror, electric, driver / passenger side

The cigarette lighter fuse is designated as a cigarette or CIGAR, POWER OUTLET – additional sockets.

Engine compartment

Main fuse box

Located next to the battery.

Block under the hood


Block diagram under the hood

Protected components

i30- 2

Additional box

Installed on models with a diesel engine.

Additional block


Additional block diagram


  • 80A – glow plugs
  • PTS – additional heater / heater

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  • I own a 2014 hyundai i30 diesel. The indicator sound has become almost inaudible resulting on occasions that the indicator remains on. My problem is trying to locate the indicator relay.


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