Hyundai Terracan – fuse and relay

Hyundai Terracan – SUV produced in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 with 5 and 7 seater body models. The most popular diesel engines are 2.5 and 2.9 liters, as well as 3.5 gasoline. In our article you will find a description of Hyundai Terrakan fuses and relays with box diagrams and photographs, as well as their locations. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Hyundai Terracan

The number of elements in boxes may differ from the one shown. Check the designation with your diagrams.

Passenger compartment fuse box

Fuse box

It is located on the left pillar under the dashboard behind a protective cover.

The location of the unit in the cabin

Photo for an example of execution

Block in the salon Hyundai Terracan


Block diagram in the cabin


130A Heater relay
210A Alarm relay, emergency switch
315A Brake light switch
420A Control module TOD, EST
510A Reserve
615A Roof sunroof controller
730A Fan relay
820A Electric door locks
910A Rear fog lamp relay
1010A Audio, card lamp
1120A Cigarette lighter, socket relay, ACC socket
1210A Powered External Mirror Switch
1510A Air conditioner switch
1610A Left / right outside mirror and heater
1810A TCM, ECM (COVEC-F), TCCS (TOD, EST), immobilizer
1910A Reversing light switch, interior rearview mirror, transmission range switch
2010A Hazard switch
2110A Instrument cluster, ETACM, vehicle speed sensor, DRL control module
2210A Airbag
2310A Airbag indicator
2510A Fan & A / C, ETACM, Heater Relay
2615A Heated seat
2715A Sunroof, rear window wiper and washer, cruise control switch, fixed rear wiper relay
2810A Start Relay, Burglar Alarm Relay

The fuse number 11, 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter, and the cigarette lighter relay is located in the box under the hood.

Relay box

Nearby, under the panel, a block with a relay is attached.

relay box


Hyundai Terracan relay block diagram


  • M61 – Relay for heating rear window and mirrors
  • M62 – Relay, direction indicators
  • M63 – Relay for electric drive glass lifters
  • M64 – Relay for blocking door locks
  • M65 – Relay for unlocking door locks
  • M66 – Rear fog lamp relay

Engine compartment fuses and relays boxes

There are 2 fuse and relay boxes in the engine compartment. They can be located next to or at different ends of the engine compartment.

Blocks under the hood

Box 1

The photo

Block under the hood number 1


Block under the hood number 1 diagram


1100A Glow relay (COVEC-F / EGR), air heater relay (diesel engine)
2120А (DIESEL) Relay and fuse box in the engine compartment No. 2,
2140A (PETROL) Generator
350A Internal fuse box (fuses 1,2,3,4,5)
350A Relay and fuse box in the engine compartment No. 1 (fuse 8.9)
350A Fuel Heater Control Module (COVEC-F / EGR)
430A Alternator, Ignition Switch
720A Engine control relay (diesel engine), main control relay (gasoline engine)
810A Horn relay
915A Front fog lamp relay
1110A ECM (diesel engine), EGR control unit
1210A ECM (diesel engine)
  • Glow – glow plug relay
  • Horn – signal relay
  • Fr Fog – Front fog lamp relay

Box 2

Block under the hood number 2


Block under the hood number 2 diagram


150A Power connector (A, B), fuse and relay # 2 in the engine compartment (fuse 28,29), internal panel fuse box (fuses 6,7,8,9)
230A Start relay, ignition switch
340A Condenser fan relay, engine compartment fuse and relay box No. 2 (fuses 14,15)
440A ABS control module
530A Relay glass lifter
640A Tail light relay, engine compartment fuse and relay box No. 2 (fuse 11.12)
720A ABS control module
920A Fuel pump relay, ECM, ignition failure sensor
1015A Fuel heater and sensor (diesel engine)
1115A Headlight (low beam)
1215A Headlight (high beam)
1410A A / C compressor relay, triple switch
1510A Fan relay TCI (COVEC-F / EGR)
1815A ECM (diesel engine)
1915A ECM (diesel engine)
2015A ECM (Diesel) Air Heater Relay (Diesel) Exhaust Gas Recirculation Solenoid (Diesel)
2110A Lighting, Combi Lamp
2210A License lamp, combination lamp
2310A ABS control unit, ABS relay, EBD relay
2410A ECM (Diesel), Headlight Relay, Condenser Fan Relay (Petrol / COVEC-F), Exhaust Gas Recirculation Solenoid Valve (COVEC-F)
2510A ABS control module
2610A Cruise control module
2715A Front wiper and washer
2825A Power Seat Switch
2920A Socket relay
3010A A / CON, TCM, ETACM, data link connector, siren, immobilizer control module
3115A Interior lamp, map lamp, audio system, instrument cluster, front door warning lamp
  • Start – starter relay
  • Acc socket – cigarette lighter relay
  • Fr wip – front wiper relay
  • ABS – ABS relay
  • H / lp – headlight relay
  • C / fan – air conditioner fan relay


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  • Hello,,,
    My OBD no longer works for my Diag socket it si no longer powered would like to know the fuse number which correspond to the Diagnostic socket can you help me please my hyundai Terracan is a 2.9 CRDi 4×4 Diesel from 2003
    Thank You


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